Read Fiction with B2ST

B2ST is back with “Fiction” and I had mixed feelings.  Actually I hated the song.  I don’t think I started liking this song until after “Beautiful Night” came out.  My very first reaction to this song was definitely “pianos shouldn’t sound like that.”

Lips.  I hope you know my feels for lips, and JunHyung and DuJoon have some delectable lips.

HyunSeung and that red hair is a match made in heaven.  Plus it makes me realize how large his ears are; again, here goes my subconscious big ear bias.

Paused on a “fuck this shit” dance move back there.  Awesome!

Little tiny obsession on KiKwang with his wonderful eyebrows, jawline and guyliner.

The rest is all JunHyung.  Walking like a zombie on a train track – not smart.  Being gorgeous and having bulging pants at the right place – me gusta.    Guyliner – I don’t think I have ever hated guyliner and I don’t think there will ever be a day when I do.

I see you little JunHyung~

As for the dance – we have the foot dance.  Not something I could ever do or even dream of doing, but it’s nice to look at.

Did B2ST give you reality or Fiction?

Hold your Breath B2ST is back

“Breath!”  This song is my jam!!!!  The dirty beat; I just can’t believe the amount of feels I have for this song.  First things first…. Holy crap, that is too much guyliner for my ovaries to handle.

You guys know LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know it” right?  When I see KiKwang and HyunSeung all I can think of is “Ahhhh, girl look at that body.”

HyunSeung is killing me!!! His chest looks gloriously built beneath that tank top; and though I love his guyliner, I don’t care for his hair in this MV.  All in all, HyunSeung is hot.

DuJoon is already a gorgeous man but when you add guyliner he becomes a work of art.  Forgive me as I just gush over this man.

JunHyung’s fluffy hair is adorable!

Love the teeth necklace

Sorry, here I go again with my KiKwang bias.  His arms, his guyliner, his chest, his lips and his neck!!! My bias works all sorts of magic and feels on me.

Here’s some dance gifs.  I love the heavy breathing, it’s so hot, and fun to do in the car, or subtly as you walk down the street so others don’t stare at you oddly.  Either way, happy dancing!

Did B2ST take your Breath away?

B2ST is out to Shock you!

B2ST “Shock” was one of my favorites.  This song was hot and the way the MV started made me think of anime.  I have seen far too much time, and let’s be honest, hentai to not know where this is going – tentacle porn, it’s never been my thing.

DuJoon… Why do you have to be so hot?  You’re killing me here.  The hair, the guyliner… unf.

HyunSeung your hair is pretty awesome here.  Actually that’s an understatement, his hair is perfection.

KiKwang must you do this to me and my ovaries?  Guyliner is usually enough to hit me in the feels, but the scar guyliner, really?  You’re trying to murder me.

BAMF flames in the background.  This is what B2ST is.  BAMF flames in my heart!!! Yes, I went that lame.

The dance is easy.  Kinda looks like the BAP “Power” dance, though this came first, so it’s vice versa, but since that MV review is already done, I mentioned it.  Here’s the gif, it works for car dancers and those who wish to be subtle about it while walking on the road, forget about it.  Either way, happy dancing!

Did B2ST Shock you with their song?

B2ST is looking for a Bad Girl

B2ST debuted with “Bad Girl” and I was all kinds of excited.  This band has been called the “recycled” band but that only made me love them more.  If you don’t know why they’re called the recycle band it’s because HyunSeung was rejected from Big Bang, JunHyung was in Xing (for one song) and KiKwang debuted as a solo artist under the name AJ.




Let’s start with DongWoon.  I hated him in this MV.  I mean, I’ve never been a big fan of him but there are two things in this MV I can’t stand.  First, white, shiny lipstick on anyone is nasty.  Second, that outfit, I don’t even think the fashion terrorist Taecyeon would wear that.

I honestly did not like HyunSeung until TroubleMaker, but looking back on this MV, I have no idea why?  HyunSeung is pretty damn awesome, and hot.


Next is Yoseob.  He is adorbs!!!!  I just want to pinch his cheeks and pick him up and put him in my pocket.  Look at him in the hat!!!  I just want to squish him!!!!

Onto my JunHyung obsession.  I have watched this MV at least 20 times, but until now, I have never noticed the belly flash.  My perving level must have gone up.  Sweet!

JunHyung trying to be all BAMF.  I love this man!

KiKwang is my love.  He was my bias in this first MV, I’m not so sure now, but he’s still my bias here.  Look at his guyliner, his luscious lips, his perfect teeth, his perfect wink, his gorgeous arms… Overload!!!!

Gifs – not doing much for dance, sorry.  I do love KiKwang’s chest bump.  Also, these guys makeme laugh with their “down down we’re gonna get down” because instead of doing some downward dance move, they have their arms up in the air.

Are you willing to be a Bad Girl for B2ST?