VIXX debut as a Super Hero

VIXX just debuted with “Super Hero” and I can already tell that this will be one of my favorite bands; I mean look how adorable N looks with his fluffy hair.  I mean he’s so frickin’ cute!

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Leo!  Really?  Tummy flash, yummy; then look at his face, it’s just flawless.

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HongBin’s long hair, pretty hot.

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Hyuk is adorable.


Ken looks pretty fine in this MV.


Gimme a Bro!  Gimme and Mance!  What does that spell?  Ken and Leo’s BROMANCE!!!  I should get a bromance gif….


Enter the bias and a bias list wrecker: Ravi. Words cannot express how much I bias for this man.  Yes, bias is now a verb, thought you should know.

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Did the VIXX Super Heroes save the day?

BtoB is here to WoW you

BtoB is back with “WOW” and to say that I’m obsessed with this song would be an understatement.  When this song came out, I had it playing on repeat for two days straight.  Let me just start with the butt gif, because it makes me smile.


I have no idea why this girl doing “sexy” things makes the BtoB members disappear, but bitch better stop killing my men.  Somehow maknae SungJae (instead of the others) makes the girl disappear, I never question MV plots….

BtoB member (Hyunshik)

BtoB member (Hyunshik)

Plus woman doing sexy thing

Plus woman doing sexy thing


Equals poof, no more BtoB member

Equals poof, no more BtoB member

But not SungJae.  SungJae > girl

But not SungJae. SungJae > girl

Since I’m talking about SungJae let’s talk about how amazing his hair looks in this MV.  I apparently love foreheads, so that hairstyle is like a hairgasm to me.

Foreheads bishes!!!!

Foreheads bishes!!!!


Last SungJae thing; he looks so much like SungJong.  I mean, I like me some SungJong, so that’s a good thing.





MinHyuk’s “grooving grooving” body wave is really hot.  I’m just going to sit here and watch this on repeat for a little while.



Hyunsik, must you?  You are too hot to handle.  Hat – ovaries curious, Smirk – ovaries engaged, Jawline – ovaries exploded, Lip touch – dead.






I’m just going to enjoy all the gifs this MV can provide, like all the hip work these boys do.  Can I just say how happy I am that they are all legal, minus SungJae of course?

hips leanbackhips

IlHoon is a piece of art in the MV.  He’s simply gorgeous.  Bias wrecker this one is.




IlHoon kissing his hand is an actual sin.  I felt myself ovulate when I saw that.


I’ve shown random dance gifs, pick and choose what you will.  Happy dancing!

Did BtoB WOW you with their new song?




Summary: Born to Beat, or BtoB, debuted on March 22, 2012 with seven members: EunKwang, MinHyuk, ChangSub, HyunSik, Peniel, IlHoon, and SungJae. They first appeared on television in “Amazon (Idol Master Zone).” They were also supposed to have a “Lee MinWoo” in their group, but due to health problems, Cube announced he was not able to debut with them. MinWoo was later confirmed to debut in C-Clown.

I would like to start this band info session with an apology. I’ve been insanely busy with school, and also just got a new job that, by the time I get home, I don’t want to do anything but breathe. o(_ _)o So, I, Redeim, apologize for the delays. Velexa was smart and set up a queue, in order to make me look bad. Ha ha Regardless, I bring you this little gem of one of my favorite rookie groups of the 2012 year! (even though I can’t really name-to-face anyone but SungJae. OTL)

Ugh. What can’t I say about BtoB? I instantly fell in love with them because Insane was so freaking catchy. Not to mention SungJae, who reminded both Velexa and I of Seo InGuk, immediately caught our eyes and even though Velexa claimed him, he was also my original bias. With their second comeback, I fell in love with SungJae all over again, but this time, EunKwang also caught my eye. I love these guys, even when it makes me a pedo-noona to do so. *sigh* These guys have been going, going, going, and I fully support them and wish them luck in their future endeavors!

Member Profiles


Birth Name: Seo EunKwang
Birth Date: November 22, 1990
Family: Parents, Younger brother

  • Leader of BtoB
  • His ideal type is a woman who only looks at him. Also, a girl with thick lips
  • His role model is Kim BumSoo
  • His celebrity friends include A Pink, 4Minute, and Boyfriend’s DongHyun
  • His favorite movie series is Harry Potter
  • His motto is “The higher you go, the lower you become”
  • His hobbies are soccer, billiards, and piano


Birth Name: Lee MinHyuk
Birth Date: November 29, 1990
Family: Parents, older brother

  • His role models are Lee SeungGi and T.O.P.
  • His favorite movies are The Dark Knight and Inception
  • His hobbies include watching movies, exercising, and rapping
  • His ideal girl is a lovely girl with lots of aegyo, and also with a cute smile.
  • His specialties include acrobatics, writing lyrics, and composing music


Birth Name: Lee ChangSub
Birth Date: February 26, 1991
Family: Parents, older brother

  • He is left-handed
  • His role models are Michael Jackson and Bi Rain
  • His favorite movie is Inception
  • His motto is “It’s only tough for now”
  • His hobbies/skills are Drumming, Piano, and drinking coffee.
  • A frequent habit he has is biting his nails


Birth Name: Lim HyunSik
Birth Date: March 7, 1992
Family: Grandmother, Parents, Older brother

  • His favorite type of music is R&B and soul
  • He and EXO-K’s D.O are close; they’re school mates.
  • His favorite type of food is sushi and chicken
  • His specialties include singing, playing guitar and piano, writing lyrics, composing, and speaking Chinese


Velexa’s been bugging me for forever to work on the website, here’s an extra present for her. ♥

Birth Name: Shin Dong Geun
Birth Date: March 10, 1993
Family: Parents, Older sister

  • Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois
  • Former JYP Trainee
  • He’s appeared in one of San E’s music videos
  • He can play bass and guitar
  • He likes all types of music
  • His celebrity friends include Miss A, EXID, 4Minute, and G.NA
  • His hobbies are shooting, playing Football, playing bass or guitar, and speaking English
  • He’s still really slow when he’s talking, according to SungJae.


Birth Name: Jung IlHoon
Birth Date: October 4, 1994
Family: Parents, Older sister

  • Siblings with singer JOO
  • Likes any music with easy-to-listen to melodies
  • He is close to all seven members of A Pink
  • He likes meat
  • His specialties include writing lyrics, planning songs, and speaking Japanese


Birth Name: Yook SungJae
Birth Date: May 2, 1995
Family: Parents, Older sister

  • His celebrity friend is A Pink’s Kim NamJu
  • His hobbies include fishing, snowboarding, and speaking Japanese
  • He often worries about his pants because he has large thighs
  • He’s often called the “tallest” or “biggest” maknae
  • In group pictures, he always gets the side positions

BtoB has some Irresistible Lips

BtoB is back with “Irresistible Lips” and I’ll start with the dance because there are some truly irresistible lips in this MV.  Here’s the gif, don’t ask me, just watch.  Again, ever since I found gifs I don’t bother with explanations anymore.  As a car dancer myself, I just wipe my lips when the chorus starts.

The very first thing I noticed about this MV was SeoWoo.  I love her!  She’s a fantastic actress, she’s beautiful and she’s in this MV!  A few things about SeoWoo in this MV: First, I think she’s at a wedding, but she’s in black, how somber.  Second, I wonder how she felt kissing a guy a several years younger than her.  Then again, it’s MinHyuk, I wouldn’t complain.

She’s amazing!!!!

Good thing I don’t have a territorial thing over MinHyuk otherwise SeoWoo might be dead

The longhaired guy in the background kept standing out to me, I don’t know why.  I was getting a creeper vibe from him, but the more I look, the more he just seems friendly.  I think it’s the two-toned long hair.  I just don’t like that.

Okay, onto the actual BtoB members.  EunKwang is a frickin’ cheater!!!  I was so pissed when I screen capped this.  EunKwang does this ovary exploding lip wipe and when I screen capped it, it turns out he was wiping just under his lip, not his actual lip.  My ovaries exploded for nothing!!!!

Frickin’ cheat!!!

Peniel!!!!  First is that cool armband thingy.  It’s hot and reminds me of bondage; then again, a lot of things remind me of bondage.  Also, Peniel, how can your jawline be so perfect?  Here goes my jawline kink again causing me pain in the ovaries.

He’s about to snap his fingers and blow up my ovaries

Success, with that square jawline, my ovaries have been obliterated

So, MinHyuk is sneaking his way up my bias list with that guyliner and his white outfits.  He looks good in the black and white.

He’s so pale, but it sets off the guyliner

SungJae, our resident Seo InGuk impersonator is hot, as usual.  Something new I noticed – how perfect his teeth are.  I’m not obsessed with teeth, but being SungJae biased I am required to rant on something SungJae related.

Why you strangle yourself?

Lastly, the ultimate bias wrecker: IlHoon.  I already liked the guy, but he turned hot suddenly.  I realize he doesn’t look that different here than he did during “Insane” but somehow I just noticed him.  Welcome, IlHoon, to the higher ranks of my bias list.


Did BtoB tempt you with their Irresistible Lips?