BTOB Discography

Korean Mini-Albums

Born to Beat

Release Date: April 3, 2012
Track List:

  1. Born to Beat
  2. 비밀 (Insane) (Secret)
  3. Imagine
  4. Monday to Sunday

Born to Beat (Asia Special Edition)

Release Date: May 23, 2012
Track List:

  1. Born to Beat
  2. 그 입술을 뺏었어 (Irresistible Lips)
  3. 비밀 (Insane) (Secret)
  4. Imagine
  5. Monday to Sunday
  6. 아버지 (Father)
  7. 그 입술을 뺏었어 (Irresistible Lips) (Instrumental)
  8. 비밀 (Insane) (Secret) (Instrumental)

Press Play

Release Date: September 12, 2012
Track List:

  1. Press Play (Feat. G.NA)
  2. WOW
  3. 사랑 밖에 난 몰라 (I Only Know Love)
  4. U & I
  5. Stand Up
  6. My Girl

BtoB is Insane!

BtoB just debuted with this song “Insane” and they are awesome!  New band for us to learn together guys!  Let’s go!  The absolute first thing I noticed was those pianos.  They were so sad.  I wanted to cry.  Also, if you damage a piano THAT bad or set it on fire, it should not play like a regular piano does.  Just saying guys.

SungJae here looks like Seo In Guk, but he’s hot right?  I think so, but I happen to like my ice cream jailbait flavored, how about you guys?


Seo InGuk

Let me sneak in some more names and pictures for you.  This is for my benefit as much as you guys.  I’m trying to learn their names, so here is some nicely guylinered IlHoon.

Peniel is hot!!!  But I can’t take his name seriously.  I need to hear it said aloud so I stop trying to call him penis.  In addition to Peniel just being hot, he does a nice lip wipe that hurts my ovaries and he has mastered eyesex.

MinHyuk looks pretty good crying and that’s actually NOT on my list of kinks.  Also, he sits in the middle of that group like a diva or a boss.  It all depends on his sexuality which one, and sadly that will be determined at a later date.

Like a Diva or a Boss

SungJae just got 7 years of bad luck for breaking that mirror, uh oh.

He doesn’t look happy about that fact…

Are you Insane for BtoB?