VIXX will Rock Your Body

VIXX ~~~~~~  I’m so excited they’re back!!!! I’m squeaking right now because I’m so excited.  “Rock Your Body” is my jam and Ravi is my man!!!  Look at the guyliner.  I’m banging my head against the wall with this OTP.  Ravi + Guyliner = OTP.

2 3

Okay, Secret’s Dasom is in the MV, just to let you know.


Back to hot guys.  Blond hair and guyliner, well hello~~Hyuk!  That should be said in the Animaniacs “hello~~ nurse” tune.


HongBin has a gorgeous smile.  Look how sweet and beautiful it is.  Oh, did I forget to mention the guyliner?

4 10

How is this band so hot!!! N!! Guyliner!!  I’m frothing at the mouth right now.

6 12

Leo is so cute~ He’s adorable!

9 8

Ravi… The swoop guyliner is too much for my ovaries.  Can’t contain my feels!!!

11 cantcontainfeels

Here’s the chorus dance broken down into three gifs.  Have fun and happy dancing!

dance1 dance2 dance3

Did VIXX Rock Your Body?

Unf of the Week

Ovaries gone!  There was tongue action, a lip wipe and teeth because of his pent up sexual frustration, I don’t even know what to do with all my feels.

NU’EST Has Called You to Action

NU’EST is back with “Action” and OMG!!! Nk,wajbfn cwarvhQ. Ebazms,s nqzbc aends ,.azdwf nk w iowedhwqkhdfsa,jma hrdfhwr LHWRBAW NvawkME HAW UAWEG QAJ fs,djhbrajw.  Wow, that felt good.  Alas, it still doesn’t explain how many feels I have for this song and band.

There is so much going on in the MV, I’m basically going to pic spam you.  First, all of these guys are gorgeous.  I am in love and going to jail for it, but I DON’T CARE!!!!  Enjoy some moving jailbait!

So I originally wasn’t a fan of Aron but with enough guyliner and the right attitude (aka a lip wipe) I am happy to say I like the legal one.  That might lessen my 4 consecutive life sentences…. Maybe…

BaekHo.  Do I really have to say more?  He’s hot, he’s got a wonderful voice and he looks pretty hot with that backhanded lip wipe.

JR’s eyes are mesmerizing in this MV.  Once again, he’s got tons of guyliner and he’s charismatic, but his eyes just steal my soul.

Okay, Ren.  I really can’t contain my feels anymore.  His hair is down, his arms are ripped, he’s got enough guyliner on to deplete a country of their natural resources and he’s chained.  Well fuck me.

If any of you are still alive and reading at this point, there’s quite a bit of jailbait tummy flashing, especially from JR and BaekHo.  Enjoy.  I would die more but I’ve figured out once dead, one cannot die again.

The only dance I saw was the clapping here.  I have too many feels to explain it and I had too many to look for a dance.  BRB, dying from Ren overdose still.

Did NU’EST’s Action do it for you?