G.NA is 2HOT to Handle!

G.NA is back again with “2Hot” and she really is as hot as she says.  Just look at that smile.  Simply stunning.

A few little things you can dance to while in the car would be the  “omona” pose when she sings “omomomo” and the “ooo” dance with your hands out by your side.  Check out the picture and the gif.

I love G.NA’s hair in this video.  The two colors suit her and the hairstyles are unique and make her look even better.

One thing I hated in this MV was the makeup.  When G.NA wore that neon yellow/green dress they put way too much makeup on her.  I can’t even stand it.

G.NA is out to destroy your soul with her cute look.  She could make me commit murder with those doe eyes.  She’s trying to beat Chocolat’s Tia.

My absolute favorite part of this MV has got to be the firemen.  These well built men show up and they are HUGE.  I mean they are fire trucks themselves; I don’t know how they fit in one.  I like the one who winks; he seems cute and down to Earth.

The chorus isn’t that bad of a dance either.  Here’s the gif, I’m too lazy to explain it.  G.NA has some lesbian moments of her own in this MV, right here in the chorus.

Is G.NA 2Hot for you?

One More Day with Chocolat

“One More Day” is the second music video Chocolat released and it’s quite impressive.  A very different feel from “Syndrome,” these girls matured really fast!  This MV, like the last is still extremely Tia biased, but those doe eyes.  WTF, I think Puss in Boots has some competition.

Who wore the look better?

Anyone have a fear of clowns (like me?)  If so, let Chocolat help you by adding to your nightmares!

FML, clowns!

JiEun, the lead vocalist has been sick so Melanie and Soa took over the vocals and they sound great!  This is really just my chance to talk about how pretty Melanie is and how GORGEOUS her eyes are!

Give credit where credit is due.  When girls try to lip you and don’t fail epically, they deserve honorable mention.  Congrats Juliane!

I don’t understand how a 14 year old can look 22 and be so freaking pretty.  Yes, this is me being jealous….

As for the dance, here’s the gif but I can honestly say I’m a little shocked.  There are two 14 year olds in this band, should they really be doing these dances?  They’re a little suggestive… Also, if they are going to do the dances, why focus on them (aka Tia), focus on your older girls and go to hell pervy cameramen.

Did Chocolat earn One More Day?

The Chocolat Syndrome

Chocolat is a five-member girl band who debuted with this song “Syndrome.”  I will say this entire music video is Tia focused so I will do my best to avoid pictures of her.  In her defense, she is the face of the band and she brought the band together, so I can afford her SOME screen time, certainly not this much!  She is adorable, so I can’t resist, sorry!

A highlight you wouldn’t notice unless you follow Chocolat is JiEun, the vocalist.  She was in this song but has been too sick to join in any other promotions so if you have a JiEun bias, get it out here.  She does have some nice vocals though, get well soon JiEun!

Sorry, it was hard to get a good shot of her

I have a dark horse mentality when it comes to Juliane.  She is under appreciated, beautiful and I can’t wait for her to blow the fans out of the water one day!  I think she’s so cute here (plus my hair is naturally curly and frizzy so I could pull off this hairstyle).

Tia’s flawless wink.  When I see Tia I just think about her doe eyes and how she could probably take down an army of Korean men with her “oppa~”

I love Melanie!  The maknae, 14 years old (which means jailbait you pervs, teehee) and has a strong voice like 2NE1’s Park Bom.  Yes, we are impressed.

Here’s the dance gif, it’s safe for car drivers, just remember to grab back onto the wheel!

Do you have the Chocolat Syndrome?