Enter the Troublemakers

Troublemaker made me all kinds of excited!  I love me some HyunA and I wasn’t a fan of HyunSeung until this, but congrats Hyunseung, I now love you and I will feel free to perv on you!

This MV made me ship Troublemaker as a couple so FRIGGIN’ hard, then I remembered HyunSeung was gay, so that just means HyunA is his fag hag.  I so approve this couple still.  Damn ships sinking without my permission.

HyunSeung must remember at least one thing from being friends with GDragon, like how to hunt and slay his own outfits.  They both wear fluffy creatures of doom.

I’m not sure I want to know what that was before you killed it

Troublemaker is such a cute couple!

Look how cute! How could I not ship it?

People really slammed HyunA in this MV because she was too sexy.  They likened it to porn.  Have you watched porn?  This is not porn.  HyunA is doing her job, they say dance sexy she does that.

Change Britney to HyunA

Red is definitely HyunSeung’s color.  I have nothing more to say, just give me some time alone.

Red and anything fitted in a way that opens up on a chest like that, me gusta

HyunA is officially one of my lesbian crushes!  She’s gorgeous and she lips.  Yep, lesbian crush right there.

NF,SDFN?awENDJSKFMa B,db,jwasn!!! Makeout session that made me ship them so hard in the first place.  Plus the spot in the chorus dance where they nearly kiss!!!  Squeee!!!


Squee~ So close~~~~

As for dances there are two in particular.  First is during the dance solo, go ahead, be like me and dork out in your car pretending you can do the dance.  Do the gay hands and put in your hearing aids, it’s fun!  Then there’s the chorus dance.  Gotta put your hands on your ovaries to prevent them from exploding everywhere, they do!  Happy Dancing!

Are they Troublemakers?