The Chocolat Syndrome

Chocolat is a five-member girl band who debuted with this song “Syndrome.”  I will say this entire music video is Tia focused so I will do my best to avoid pictures of her.  In her defense, she is the face of the band and she brought the band together, so I can afford her SOME screen time, certainly not this much!  She is adorable, so I can’t resist, sorry!

A highlight you wouldn’t notice unless you follow Chocolat is JiEun, the vocalist.  She was in this song but has been too sick to join in any other promotions so if you have a JiEun bias, get it out here.  She does have some nice vocals though, get well soon JiEun!

Sorry, it was hard to get a good shot of her

I have a dark horse mentality when it comes to Juliane.  She is under appreciated, beautiful and I can’t wait for her to blow the fans out of the water one day!  I think she’s so cute here (plus my hair is naturally curly and frizzy so I could pull off this hairstyle).

Tia’s flawless wink.  When I see Tia I just think about her doe eyes and how she could probably take down an army of Korean men with her “oppa~”

I love Melanie!  The maknae, 14 years old (which means jailbait you pervs, teehee) and has a strong voice like 2NE1’s Park Bom.  Yes, we are impressed.

Here’s the dance gif, it’s safe for car drivers, just remember to grab back onto the wheel!

Do you have the Chocolat Syndrome?