Don’t fight with me F.I.X., She’s My Girl!

So F.I.X. is back and they’re out to piss me off.  I made it very clear last time they were called F.I.X. not fix, but here they are adapting to their new name, fix.  Other than that this new song, “She’s My Girl” is pretty good.  The MV is creepy though.  OhSong is kinda creepy, thinking he’s spending time with his girlfriend but she’s dead.  The he turns suicidal… It’s a creepy MV.


What OhSong sees…

Reality: Kissing a corpse

The end result

So you guys know those prince-like outfits that make the nice “V-line” on the guys, I love them.  OhSong looks hot in it.

I’m actually maknae JungWook biased, but this MV is OhSong biased.  JungWook is hot, red heads are hot; I just wished they showed him more.

Though I’m not OhSong biased, he is my second favorite, and worthy of the top ten lips post.  His lips are positively sinful and I’d love to kiss them.

There’s a cool moonwalk dance they do.  Here’s the gif, but definitely not for car dancers.

Did you like F.IX.’s She’s My Girl?

Don’t Say Anything to F.I.X.

F.I.X. just debuted and they have some nice voices and some decent faces to go along with those voices.  Sadly, they don’t show up until the very end of the music video so here’s a picture as a consolation prize.  Also, just a note for those of you who wish to follow them they’re called F-I-X (pronounce each letter) not fix like to fix something, that way no one gets confused.

The lyrics are these guys saying “don’t make me leave you, I don’t think I can love again after you.”  The music video features Super Junior’s EunHyuk and it shows a girl leaving him.  He’s broken and then suddenly the clock starts going backwards.  Like if he never let her go then he’d be all right.  That’s where the lyrics meet up with the music video.  Don’t let her leave you.

The main thing that stuck out in this music video was EunHyuk.  He’s friggin’ hot with blonde hair.  He was during Mr. Simple and he is in this music video.  Stay blonde, you look amazing!


Don’t Say goodbye to F.I.X. or are you finished with them?