Don’t Go Back to NS YoonJi

NS YoonJi debuted with this song “Don’t Go Back.”  It was cute but the lyrics didn’t seem to match that well with the beat.  The song is about how your ex keeps calling you and bugging you, it’s pissing YoonJi off.  She says you belong to her and she doesn’t want you to go back to your ex.  Again, where are people finding people that make them question whether or not they want a celebrity?  My answer:

I wasn’t’ a big fan of YoonJi until she turned Yoon G in “Reason I Became a Witch” because I’ve been concerned for her health.  She’s too skinny and she looks like a ghost.

What makes me sad about YoonJi is that she’s young and beautiful, but she wears too much makeup.  It makes her look older.  Like an older person trying to fit in and look young.  YoonJi, why you disappoint?

I LOVE FLUFFIES!!!!  Maybe it’s and old bias coming out but fluffies are amazing!

Old bias~ Sesshomaru!

I do think YoonJi is beautiful; she is just prettier with less makeup.  With just the eyeliner (almost wrote guyliner there because I’m so used to it) she’s stunning.

I think rollers in the hair are such a cute thing for girls.  She pulled it off well.

Lastly, her outfit.  The picture is a bit fuzzy but the outfit is fierce and reminds me of “Reason I Became a Witch.”  Prelude maybe?

As for the dance, you get to pretend you have a fluffy of your own.  During the “Eh eh eh eh” part stretch your invisible fluffy between your hands and shake it back and forth on beat.  For car dancers you can use one hand if that’s more comfortable, whatever you do, DON’T use the wheel as your fluffy.  Do us a favor and DON’T shake your car back and forth.  Happy dancing!

Did NS YoonJi convince you Not to Go Back?

SS501 Loves Like This

I love SS501 but I can honestly say that I wasn’t an active follower of them until this song.  I had heard their earlier songs, and I LOVED “Snow Prince” with a passion, but I never watched the music videos.  This was kind of the video that popped my SS501 cherry.

Let’s talk about lyrics and plot.  There is no plot to this music video, it’s five hot guys dancing with each other, we’re free to create our own plot (and trust me I have, many times over).  The lyrics are about loving a girl and how she’s the only one for them.  Replace girl with each other’s names and we can join pervy fandom!

Highlight one, JungMin.  That could be a statement in and of itself, but my bias requires me to elaborate.  He’s just so friggin’ hot in this music video, unf!  Happy JungMin bias?  I said more!

Any ideas?

His lips are amazing

Highlight two, HyungJun and his fluffy, stuck-his-finger-in-a-light-socket hairstyle.  It was so fluffy!


As for the dances, this song makes me bubble with happiness just because of how cute they are.  All the dances I’m talking about are in the chorus.  The first is their heart dance, just draw a heart with your fingers, I love you guys too!  Second is the “Jump Rope” dance.  They (or you if you want to learn it) put their hands out to their sides and make a “come here” motion while jumping up and down, alternating feet.  It’s easier to do than describe.

Jump Rope Dance

The last dance is their “L O V E” dance!  This is the staple of this song for you car dancers.  I’ll try to find a screen cap of each letter, but my patience has its limits.  They use their hands to form the letters “L O V E.”  L is formed with your thumb and index finger.  Your palm should be facing you and your index finger should be horizontal, your thumb facing up.  The “O” is easy; just make the “OK” sign.  The “V” is just a backwards or “cool” peace sign, make sure our palm is facing you.  Last is the “E.”  Put your “V” down, by moving your wrist, so your fingers should be horizontal.  Add your thumb in so you have three fingers up and there you have it.  Happy dancing!

Sorry, I failed my mission

Do you want your Love to be Like This?