F.T. Island

Summary: F.T. Island, which stands for Five Treasure Island, debuted on May 27, 2007.  Their first song, After Love, topped the charts for eight consecutive weeks.  The band originally consisted of HongKi, WonBin, JaeJin, MinHwan, and JongHoon.  However, on January 28, 2009, it was announced WonBin left F.T. Island and the trainee Song SeungHyun would be joining as guitarist and back up vocal.  They’ve released a lot of singles, and some of their most popular songs include Lovesick, 바래 (I Wish), and most recently, 사랑 사랑 사랑 (Love Love Love).  HongKi is well known for playing Jeremy in 미남이 시네요 (You’re Beautiful) and also for being friends with Super Junior’s HeeChul.

I remember thinking they were all extremely young, even though three of them were older than Velexa.  I liked their songs, but at the time I was unfamiliar with Korean meanings (I could read Korean though), so I’d get really confused when people would say “I like the song Thunder.” Ever since then, my recurring problem has been that I’ll know and love a song, but very rarely know the title.  After SeungHyun joined, I don’t think I can properly identify any of the members besides HongKi because though I love their music, I kind of… stopped following them after WonBin left.  Velexa and I also love HongKi for his bubble butt and I remember acknowledging HongKi after people kept saying he looked like KangTeuk’s love child.  After hearing JaeJin say he’d be fine without HongKi, Velexa and I decided he can go crawl in a hole and die, because we all know HongKi could survive as a solo singer and JaeJin would be suffocated by him.  Because of this, we have a deep rooted and a (somewhat) unfair hate towards F.T. Triple.

Member Profiles


Birth Name: Lee HongKi
Birth Date: March 2, 1990
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Younger sister, parents

  • Had a girlfriend who was eight years older than him
  • Wore tights during his high school graduation
  • Wants to be a radio DJ
  • Loves to camwhore
  • Used to skip meals to practice
  • His dream was to be a police officer or actor
  • He can cook
  • Good at playing soccer
  • His uncle was a fashion model, he got an acting role while attending a fashion show
  • Can always make people feel relaxed
  • Can beatbox
  • Has received gifts such as a customized iPod, a dog, and a blanket from fans.


Birth Name: Choi JongHoon
Birth Date: March 7, 1990
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Parents

  • Is most happy when performing with F.T. Island
  • Leader of the band
  • Likes Eric Clapton
  • The first thing he does when he wakes up is check his cell phone
  • Has received a guitar from a fan
  • The most straight-forward member of F.T.
  • Both fans and F.T. Island dub him the most charismatic
  • Seems innocent, but holds grudges and is the most petty
  • Dances to girl group dances well
  • Known for being cheesy/awkward


Birth Name: Lee JaeJin
Birth Date: December 17, 1991
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Older sister, parents

  • Thinks he has a dark skin tone
  • Joined his school band to get popular with girls
  • Has received leopard print panties from a fan before
  • Afraid of heights
  • Likes to read
  • Doesn’t spend a lot of money on clothes
  • Loves to nag a lot
  • Enjoys surfing the internet
  • Hates stylish girls, he get afraid and thinks he would feel awkward


Birth Name: Song SeungHyun
Birth Date: August 21, 1992
Birth Place: South Korea
Family: Younger brother, parents

  • Asked SHINee’s Key to introduce him to girls
  • His longest record for sleeping was 27 hours
  • Considered the least photogenic by his professionals
  • Loves bullying HongKi
  • Nicknamed “walking hospital” because he gets sick the easiest
  • Hates math
  • Admires Big Bang’s DaeSung
  • His younger brother, SeHyun, is a FnC trainee
  • His parents think he’s a good boy, but he’s skipped school before
  • His childhood dream was to be a movie star
  • Loves to play pranks on the other members
  • Hates pineapples
  • Known to be a party animal


Birth Name: Choi MinHwan
Birth Date: November 11, 1992
Birth Place: South Korea
Family: Younger sister, parents

  • Interested in listening to songs and play computer games
  • Afraid of bugs
  • Doesn’t like celery
  • His parents own a restaurant
  • Easiest member to wake up
  • Always has to clean up after the other members
  • Can also play the guitar, bass, and piano
  • Loves Linkin Park and Hoobastank

(Ex-member) WonBin

Birth Name: Oh WonBin
Birth Date: March 26, 1990
Birth Place: Kangwon, South Korea
Family: Parents

  • Knows martial arts
  • Nickname is Silly WonBin
  • Debuted as a solo singer on November 11, 2010
  • Did a song for the drama HongKi was in called “You’re Beautiful”