F(x) is back and out to Electric Shock you!

Electric, electric shock!!!!  OMG!  I love this song; it gets stuck in my head all the time.  F(x) is getting a lot of good songs lately, I approve 100% of “Electric Shock.”  The very first thing that stands out in this MV is the shock factor behind those blue contacts.  Amber and Luna are stunning in those contacts.

Krystal and that taser, haha.  I just laugh at all the “shocking” items they have for this song.

Sulli really surprised me at the beginning of this MV.  She usually looks like a cute little girl, but she looks like a beautiful woman here.  Then, she turns back into that cute little girl.  Sulli just needs to become my little sister.

I’m not a girl….

…Not yet a woman

I’ve never been a huge fan of Victoria, but I like the blonde hair.

Krystal is looking like her sister again.  Usually they don’t look alike, but they’re both beautiful.

I am starting to see Amber’s relation to the dinosaur family.

Dino number one

Baby dino in her pack

Luna’s thighs!  I’ve heard they were crazy thick and solid, but they are AMAZING!  I know EunHyuk teases her about lifting heavier weights with her legs than he can.  This is what that looks like.

Electric shock dance, possible for car dancers, just watch and learn.

Did F(x) Electric Shock you?

You’re in Danger with F(x) and Pinocchio

“Pinocchio” or “Danger” was released in April 2011 and though I like the song I can honestly say WTF!  The lyrics made no sense; all I got was something about Pinocchio and someone being Columbus who discovered a continent.  If you guys can make sense of this song, please let me know.  Meaning aside, I still love this song.  Also, everyone knew Pinocchio was a giant Mickey head with smaller ears and a long nose, right?  Good, just making sure we were all on the same page.

See him up there?

Highlight one, Luna.  One, she’s hot but if I didn’t know better I’d say Dara from 2NE1 was in this music video.  They look like twins in this shot I took of Luna.  Crazy, huh?



Highlight two, still Luna, this time it’s that crazy spiked outfit.  It reminds me of either Bowser or a torture device you could find in one of the Saw movies.  Weird as it may be it was cool and I just have one question: did she poke herself on it?

Highlight three, Krystal.  I still think she’s pretty but this is the first time I think she actually looks like her sister, Jessica from SNSD.  Both girls are pretty, but they don’t look alike, so finally here we have the Jung sisters looking alike.



Highlight four, insert my Amber bias here.

The dance I call the “Overdone Wave.”  During the “dara dara dda dda dda” part the girls take their right hand and start above their head, waving.  It’s just pushing the hand further away from the body, then pulling it back in.  Starts above their head and then they do it three more times working their way down; the last one faces the ground.   Happy dancing!

So did F(x) put you in Danger of loving their new song?

F(x) is NU ABO

“NU ABO” was supposed to stand for the girl’s blood types but the song doesn’t seem to care that much about that.  The song is basically these girls talking to an onni about falling in love and how it’s hard for them because of their personalities.  The music video on the other hand doesn’t have much plot; just enjoy all the eye candy that they have to offer.

Eye Candy

Highlight one, awesome hair.  Suddenly I have the urge to go to the salon and get my hair done like this.  Alas, I have curly hair so they would never work out for me.

Highlight two, Luna’s powerful voice.  Sadly I can’t screen cap that but you can have a picture of Luna looking hot and awesome instead.

Highlight three, jailbait on jailbait.  Sulli and Krystal have their hands on each other’s thighs and they sink down.  One, they’re pretty, two they’re sexy doing this, three, they’re jailbait so it just makes it all the better.

Care to join in a jailbait threesome?

Last highlight is Victoria’s headband.  I just think she looks so cute in it, plus add the hair and we just have one sexy Vic-omma.

As for the dance, I choose the dance they do during the “Na na na” part of the song.  The first part of it looks like “The Monkey” for those of you who watched or remembers Johnny Bravo, and the second part is the “Put Make Up On” dance.  For “The Monkey” just put your arms out straight in front of you, ball your hands into fists and pump them up and down, alternating which one is up and which one is down.  The “Put Make Up On” looks just like it sounds.  Hold a fake mirror with one hand and apply make up to your face with the other.  Watch the gif or music video for visuals.  Happy dancing!

Would you fall in love with these girls, despite their personalities?

Get some La Cha Ta with F(x)

“La Cha Ta” was F(x)’s debut song and these girls rocked it.  The song is just a general party song telling people to dance and have a good time, so that’s kind of what the music video is like, just these girls hanging out, having a great time.

Highlight one, Amber and that hat and that hair.  Unf.  This woman breaks the woman code.  You know that unspoken rule in the man code where guys don’t hit other guys in the nuts (intentionally), well there’s a code like that in the woman code.  Girls don’t explode other girl’s ovaries.  Damn you Amber.

That fire you see is from my ovaries exploding

Highlight two, Amber in the blue tank top.  Sorry I’m a little Amber biased, but she’s friggin’ hot in that blue tank.  You go girl!


Highlight three, Luna’s baggy pants.  Sorry there’s not a really good picture of her, but she wears them well, and she’s hot, so your argument is invalid.

The WTF moment was the bear hanging above Sulli.  I know the room was supposed to be turned upside down and whatnot but I was like “Umm, Sulli, there’s a bear above you, are you gonna be okay?”

Sulli: What's your name Mr. Bear? Bear: The name's Pedo, Pedo Bear.

As for the dance, the chorus is a good dance.  I warn you again, ever since I started making gifs, my descriptions of dances have gone down hill.  My favorite dance is the “Broken Windshield Wiper” dance, where they have their right arm in front of them, palm facing out and they move it to the left a few times in a jerky motion, bringing it back to the starting position each time.  It’s fun and easy to do where ever you are.  Happy dancing!

How about F(x) did they rock this song?

A kiss from F(x) Chu~

I can honestly say that I don’t know much about F(x) but I do love their music, so this will be fun.  F(x)’s “Chu~” is about how these girls are pretty innocent when it comes to the world, but they want to be kissed.  Chu is the sound of a kiss.  The music video is adorable showing all these girls dreaming of being kissed.  Wouldn’t you guys like to kiss them?

So cute!

Okay, so I’ll admit I had a little bit of a harder time writing these reviews on a girl band and perving on them, but F(x) made it pretty easy.  If I can post pictures of JungMin simply because he’s hot then my first highlight can easily be Krystal!  She’s so pretty in this music video (she’s pretty no matter what).  I’m so jealous!

Highlight two, Sulli being cute.  I just want to pinch her cheeks.  She and Krystal are jailbait, so you can look but no touching.  Sulli just looks so confused with her counting.  Don’t you just want to teach her math?  No?  Me neither, I hate math.

I only asked what 1 + 1 was

Highlight three, Amber.  I would go lesbian for Amber, and then she gave me lip service.  Touching lips is always a good thing, thank you Amber.


As for the dance, the “Chu” dance is adorable.  Cross your hands over your chest and then put them out by your sides.  You have to do some cute little waddle hop thing and point your right hand forward, then repeat the same thing only the left hand.  It’s fun, and now that I have a gif maker, I’m much lazier in describing dance moves.  Car drivers, ignore the waddle hop and rock on with the hands.  Happy dancing!

Will you give F(x) a kiss?