NU’EST is Not Over You

NU’EST my “I-really-should-run-away-from-this-band-because-four-out-of-five-members-are-born-in-1995” band are back and I’m so excited!!!!  They’re back with “Not Over You” and I can go to hell again for being a pedo noona!  I mean, JR needs to be in my bed, right now.  Jail!!!

1 2

JR can pull off cute and hot, that’s just not fair.


Aron and a dog, new OTP right there because they’re just so cute.  Watch where your brains go you dirty minded pedo noonas!


MinHyun~ So pretty, so tall, put away the platform tennis shoes and leave them to us short people.


Took away my BaekRen and replaced it with JRen.  BTW, notice how Ren just goes with anyone: BaekRen, MinRen, JRen and ARen, whore or coincidence?


How did I end up with this big ear bias? Damn you BaekHo for having big ears and calling forth that bias.  Yes, I love me some BaekHo.


Okay, Ren spam time because he’s my bias, sorry.  Creeper mode: on.


12  5

Look at this woman, I mean man, well boy; he’s just gorgeous.  Stunning really.  Think of what he’d look like if they actually dressed him up as a girl.


How are they all so gorgeous?  How are they all so young?


Are you over NU’EST’s Not Over You?

CHAOS are out to be Racers

CHAOS is back which makes me happier than ever!  “Racer” is so catchy but I was shocked at how much these guys changed.  I mean look at HyunSun with that blond hair.  It’s frickin’ hot.


Two kinda random things I’ll get out of the way quickly, first off would be TaeYang’s wonderful thighs.  Gonna drool over that for a minute…… *one minute and a bucket of drool later* Hand Painting!!!!  I want to do this!!!  I’d prefer to do it with CHAOS, but more than likely I’ll end up doing something like this with my students…. *cry*




HeeJae, when did you become so hot?  I remember the dorky guy with glasses, not this man with enough guyliner to satisfy any normal girl for her entire life.



HyunSun was just gorgeous this entire MV.  The blond, long hair, the gun, that jacket… I want to curl up die looking at him.

8 6

Shirts without sides are my new favorite things.  DuHwan looks great in that shirt, or lack there of.  Me gusta.


TaeYang is hot.  Need I say more?


DongMin, you were my original bias and your smoky eyes plus guyliner helped you again.


DongMin, you don’t even have that great of an arm, but it’s greased up and holding a guitar, so that helps.  A LOT.


I’ve become careless when it comes to dance gifs, sorry.  Happy dancing?  Or not…

Did the Racers of CHAOS win the race?

Going to Nanlina with Block B!

I have been crazy excited waiting for this song and it’s finally here! Fhenawjmfjnsd,fnaew.fhnbeaw,fkjadvn!!! Go Block B!  Okay, one of the first things that stuck out to me was the segregation of Block B into teams, with Zico and JaeHyo as the leaders.  Just a question, did anyone really think JaeHyo would win against Zico? The derp king against the crazy Jamaican?  No question.  Zico won, hands down.

Onto other highlights, I’ll try to keep my ranting down to a minimum because I have so many good things to say about this music video.  First off, here for you for a limited time is the combined ovary destruction provided by U-Kwon’s tongue and B-Bomb’s lip wipe.  Enjoy, I know I did.

I want that tongue!

My ovaries! Why!!!

Second, Zico’s tongue is cute! No destruction of ovaries, just an immense urge to huggle him.

Third, P.O. I have so many reasons to love you.  Firstly, your eyebrows know how to make a girl feel special, they really do.  I will perv on the eyebrow porn, just watch the music video, he moves his eyebrows in glorious ways that make me tingle.  Also, P.O. seems to love being surprise butt-sexed by his bandmates.  His faces are just priceless!

Those eyebrows!

Who's trying to rape you now?

Fourth, I’ll rant a little more on U-Kwon now.  He does this great smirk that makes me squee for joy.  In addition in the song he has a line where he says, “I’m hot, hot~” and I agree, U-Kwon is definitely hot.  I approve this message!

A few others things to point out, congrats to JaeHyo for the minimal derping.  I always wonder how many takes or how much effort he puts into avoiding those derps.  I also appreciate all the dorking moments like the synchronized bobble heads and the playing of Zico’s legs like a guitar.

You are good job!

I want these in my car

I would play a little higher if I were you TaeIl

Lastly, I don’t have a picture for this but I hold personal vendetta against TaeIl for ‘Halo.’  There was a part in Halo where he had the opportunity to go up and hit this beautiful note and he backed out of it, I was, and still am, very upset about it.  Suddenly in the song, he rips out that note.  I was like “Fuck YOU!!!!!” I still love TaeIl, and his voice.  He just likes to toy with me I guess.  Alright, I’ll play your game.  As for the dancing, I love the “I’m a hungry crazy monkey dance.”  Sadly, I think that title is fairly self explanatory.  Just watch the gif.  For you car dancers, just wave your hands over your head during the yelling part.  Happy dancing.

Are you Getting Crazy for Block B in Nanlina?

Dal Shabet will Hit U

I don’t actually watch many girl group music videos and I never really liked Dal Shabet but I can honestly say these girls did a great job!  I love “Hit U.”  The lyrics are about how a boyfriend broke up with them and wants them back now.  But these girls want revenge for how bad he hurt them and they want to show him what he’ll be missing for the rest of his life.  As for the MV plot, she gets revenge by killing the guy.

Firstly, Serri looks a lot like SunYe from Wonder Girls.  They’re both beautiful, so that’s a compliment.



Secondly, SuBin looks like Sulli from f(x).  They’re both adorable, plus SuBin has a very strong voice, I was very impressed.



JiYul kicks ass in this MV.  First off, she’s beautiful and plays the lead role well, second, that smirk is so worth it.  I love it when girls can smirk.  No ovary explosion, but that keeps with the woman code.  Thank you for a smirk that satisfies my soul.

JiYul is beautiful

Smirk on my friend!

We get some lip service from GaEun.  I know she doesn’t actually touch her lips but it’s close enough the be sexy.

Lastly, WTF is with the pink blood!  It looks so fake I had to stop from laughing.  Still a great MV though, pink blood and all.

All the blood I've ever seen was red, not pink.

Did Dal Shabet’s song Hit U?

F(x) is NU ABO

“NU ABO” was supposed to stand for the girl’s blood types but the song doesn’t seem to care that much about that.  The song is basically these girls talking to an onni about falling in love and how it’s hard for them because of their personalities.  The music video on the other hand doesn’t have much plot; just enjoy all the eye candy that they have to offer.

Eye Candy

Highlight one, awesome hair.  Suddenly I have the urge to go to the salon and get my hair done like this.  Alas, I have curly hair so they would never work out for me.

Highlight two, Luna’s powerful voice.  Sadly I can’t screen cap that but you can have a picture of Luna looking hot and awesome instead.

Highlight three, jailbait on jailbait.  Sulli and Krystal have their hands on each other’s thighs and they sink down.  One, they’re pretty, two they’re sexy doing this, three, they’re jailbait so it just makes it all the better.

Care to join in a jailbait threesome?

Last highlight is Victoria’s headband.  I just think she looks so cute in it, plus add the hair and we just have one sexy Vic-omma.

As for the dance, I choose the dance they do during the “Na na na” part of the song.  The first part of it looks like “The Monkey” for those of you who watched or remembers Johnny Bravo, and the second part is the “Put Make Up On” dance.  For “The Monkey” just put your arms out straight in front of you, ball your hands into fists and pump them up and down, alternating which one is up and which one is down.  The “Put Make Up On” looks just like it sounds.  Hold a fake mirror with one hand and apply make up to your face with the other.  Watch the gif or music video for visuals.  Happy dancing!

Would you fall in love with these girls, despite their personalities?

A kiss from F(x) Chu~

I can honestly say that I don’t know much about F(x) but I do love their music, so this will be fun.  F(x)’s “Chu~” is about how these girls are pretty innocent when it comes to the world, but they want to be kissed.  Chu is the sound of a kiss.  The music video is adorable showing all these girls dreaming of being kissed.  Wouldn’t you guys like to kiss them?

So cute!

Okay, so I’ll admit I had a little bit of a harder time writing these reviews on a girl band and perving on them, but F(x) made it pretty easy.  If I can post pictures of JungMin simply because he’s hot then my first highlight can easily be Krystal!  She’s so pretty in this music video (she’s pretty no matter what).  I’m so jealous!

Highlight two, Sulli being cute.  I just want to pinch her cheeks.  She and Krystal are jailbait, so you can look but no touching.  Sulli just looks so confused with her counting.  Don’t you just want to teach her math?  No?  Me neither, I hate math.

I only asked what 1 + 1 was

Highlight three, Amber.  I would go lesbian for Amber, and then she gave me lip service.  Touching lips is always a good thing, thank you Amber.


As for the dance, the “Chu” dance is adorable.  Cross your hands over your chest and then put them out by your sides.  You have to do some cute little waddle hop thing and point your right hand forward, then repeat the same thing only the left hand.  It’s fun, and now that I have a gif maker, I’m much lazier in describing dance moves.  Car drivers, ignore the waddle hop and rock on with the hands.  Happy dancing!

Will you give F(x) a kiss?