HyungJoon Says “Sorry I’m Sorry”

Kim HyungJoon is back, finally with “Sorry, I’m Sorry,” I love this man, but I’ll be honest I was a little disappointed with this song and MV.  I guess my consolation prize can be his arms.  Baby started working out, I approve.

So I’m learning some new things about baby HyungJoon, he’s apparently a little kinky.  The blindfold and ashes (I’ll count that as dirty), I like where this is going.

So the burning thing reminds me of Zeus in Wrath of the Titans.  That looks like it hurts.

I really love his hair this time around.  It’s sexy and sleek.

Oh yeah, go ahead and touch yourself.


The dance is pretty easy.  Right hand near your chest, half turn twice, then hands together and rub them.  The gif is way better at showing it than I am at explaining it.  Happy dancing!

Do you believe HyungJoon when he says Sorry I’m Sorry?

Who is HyungJun’s Girl?

Very first impression of this music video and HyungJun is how much he looks like his younger brother KiBum.  I totally thought I was watching KiBum’s music video first.  HyungJun probably wouldn’t be happy to hear that, so sorry.

Highlight one, guyliner.  Unf.  Unf.  Unf.


Highlight two, lip touching.  If you don’t know by now, I can perv on the most random things like lips, and I am perving on HyungJun’s lips, hard!  Ovaries are gone!  Thanks!


Highlight three, the SS501 fangirl in me was serviced by this man here.  SS501 hasn’t officially disbanded, but they’re not currently doing activities together, so whatever you want to think, do so.  The main thing here is HyungJun does the SS501 “Love Like This” dance, so my SS501 fangirl that doesn’t want to believe that they’re not together right now got all kinds of excited over this.

The elusive "E" that I couldn't screen cap in the "Love Like This" review

The song is a confession to a girl.  He didn’t want to fall in love with her, but now he’s head over heels for her.  The music video doesn’t really reflect that, but I can let it pass.  There is a girl and his hand is stretched out towards her, that works enough, right?

As for the dance, I love his “Gay Hands” dance.  For the “Girls” section in the chorus he puts both hands above his head and leaves them limp at the wrist, giving the gay hand.  The actual dance has to do with his feet and the random stepping.  I think the “Gay Hands” dance loses its appeal when you pay attention to the feet.  Have fun and happy dancing!

Will you become HyungJun’s Girl?