Top 10: Lips

Another week brings in our second top ten! This time around, it’s the top ten lips!

On a side note, next week is Spring Break for Velexa and I, so we can’t absolutely guarantee we’ll get up the unf of the week or the top ten out exactly on time.

Now then, onto the list!

10: Bi Rain

Bi’s lips are nice and luscious, but some other people have even thicker, juicier lips.  This list was a bit difficult for Velexa since one of her biggest weaknesses is lips. Me personally, I felt there was so much more to this picture than just Bi’s lips.

9: 8eight’s Lee Hyun

Now Hyun was pretty tricky. For a while he was battling against the top contenders because there’s no denying he has really, really nice lips.  The biggest thing that got him his spot is how flat his lips are compared to the other contestants.  (Velexa: Sorry, my perving is for those soft, luscious lips.  Yours are flat and very long across your face, but I still cannot deny that you have nice lips)

8: SHINee’s Key

So our Key bias showed up again.  The main reason he’s number eight is because he kind of… cheated.  His lips normally probably wouldn’t even land him a spot in the list, but because we like him and anything he does, he got in by puckering his sexy lips. (Velexa: Sorry, Key bias took over.  Plus it’s a great picture of him.)

7: CNBLUE’s YongHwa

We haven’t given a lot of love to CNBLUE on this site yet, but I assure you, eventually we will. Because we love us some YongHwa. Especially some YongHwa lips. Deny wanting to kiss them, I dare you. (Velexa: Not the lip touch YongHwa!  My ovaries can’t take that!!!! *gunshot to ovaries, bleeds out* My bad… I’ll clean that up)

6: Se7en

We’ve loved Se7en for a long time. Our loyalty to him was renewed in 2007 when he got to go to a fan signing in Daly City and got shake his hand (His lotion smells good) (Velexa: and his hands are hella soft!). We’ve also loved his lips for a long… long time.  Damn is HanByul a lucky girl.

5: MYNAME’s InSoo

I’m not too familiar with InSoo yet, but he’s got some nice lips. They’re juicy and luscious, and I just want to kiss him~ (The mask is a plus. Something about masks are just really… sexy.) (Velexa: InSoo!!!!  Now just imagine those lips lightly dragging along your neck… Sorry, this is a Top Ten list, not an Unf of the Week, my bad. I’ll keep my fantasies to myself)

4: MBLAQ’s SeungHo

SeungHo… huu… what can I say? He’s got some really nice lips. Don’t you just want to kiss him? Especially his bottom lip; you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was swollen after you played with it. (Velexa: Little do you all know, but his lower lip is swollen from perpetual sucking.  Maybe Joon?  DuJoon?  Hey, if they get tired, I will totally fill in for them!)

3: Ajoo

Ajoo is someone else who hasn’t really gotten any love on this site. And because of an operator error on his part that pretty much made him have to curl up and die from the entertainment industry, the only love he’ll really get on this is probably from Top Tens or the occasional UOW. Regardless, we miss this man. He not only had a nice body, he had some of the most delicious, soft looking lips. (Velexa: Come back Ajoo!  KPop needs your luscious lips, your unf-worthy body and your awesome voice!  This time, just don’t talk about how rich you are, maybe people will like you better)

2: B2ST’s KiKwang

KiKwang’s lips… Well, we’ve loved KiKwang since he went by AJ, and this picture kind of leaves me speechless. I just want to kiss him. (Velexa: Apparently all Redeim can think of with lips is how much she wants to kiss them.  Isn’t she so cute that her fantasies only go that far?  One of the first things I noticed about AJ/KiKwang were his lips, so he rightfully belongs on this list at number two)

1: Teen Top’s Niel

And our winner this week is Niel! *dead* Okay, he might be cheating a little bit by having lip gloss on, but you can notice this boy’s lips from a mile away, no joke. By the way, as a warning, our winner today is jailbait. (Velexa: Niel bias? Yes. Jailbait? Yes.  Worth it?  HOLY MOTHER F*CKING KIMCHI YES!!!!  His lips are gorgeous! For those of you who are CAP and Niel shippers,  here’s a wonderful picture for you.  It’s not them, but it looks like Niel, because of the lips.  I swear it’s a gif and not a picture, because it moves in  both mine and Redeim’s minds.)