I don’t Know Your Name, Jay Park

Jay Park’s “Know Your Name” is actually a really good song.  I like the beat and it’s an upbeat song, the only bias I have against it, is that fact that he came out with it right after I finished the rest of his music videos.  As you guys might have noticed, or not, I guess it doesn’t really matter, but beside new releases, I try to work on a band’s music videos at the same time.  I had finished Jay’s other stuff, and then this came out.  Besides that, awesome song, enjoy!  A side note: how many Jays do you think are touching their crotch in this sea of Jays?

There’s a part of the song where he says, “I wanna take it slow” and he does this amazing slow dance.

My ovaries didn’t know what to do.  When he does that, I can only really do this.

I like the black girl he dances with.  She’s pretty and she matches well with him.

Neck!  OMG that is one of the most beautiful necks I have ever seen.  All the lines and valleys and bnjdshbj.  Sorry about that.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on by a neck, that award will go to you, Jay.

It's a masterpiece, look at all those mountains and valleys!

I like his monster hat.  If it has a name let me know, because I want one!

As always in a Jay Park music video I must highlight the crotch touches.  I have tons of shots of this, but here are a few, including a wonderfully angled shot of Jayzilla.  He can ravage my city any day.

Jayzilla crotch touch

So tell me, do you Know Jay Park’s Name?

Jay Park is a Demon

I love this song.  I was disappointed with “Abandoned” but I do love me some “Demon.” The song is in English so make your own impression of the lyrics. Yes, I did say English, so I hope you can understand the rap better than I could/can.  My entire response to this music video can be summed up in the following gif.

There is so much beauty in that man.  Jay Park is a sculpted masterpiece.  Did you see those David lines?  The only reaction I have to the girl who’s supposedly a demon is, “GET OFF HIM, I can’t stare at his chest anymore.”

I'm with her, "He's gorgeous!"



That's what I'm talking about, unf unf unf

If you read my “Star” music video review you may remember that Jay likes to touch his crotch a lot, he does the same here.  His hand’s natural resting spot is on his crotch.  Please note how many times I had to watch this music video in order to look only at his crotch, which in any other situation isn’t hard to do, but with all that delicious manmeat out for sale, I had a hard time.  Enjoy the crotch touches I got for you guys.

Crotch touch

More crotch touching!

Also, consolation prize, here’s the gif for the Demon dance.

Would you be Jay’s Demon?

Tonight is Jay Park’s night

I love “Tonight” by Jay Park.  It’s just a fun song about going out and partying.  It’s a cute song and a fun music video.  I kinda really like the “Electric Green” in his music video considering he had just left 2PM and 2PM had just done their commercials for the “Color” phones.  I kinda ship TaecBum so seeing Taecyeon’s “Electric Green” in this music video made me giddy.

He steps in dogshit again, see “Abandoned” if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Again, really?

Suit porn dance segment at the beginning, enjoy.  Sorry I don’t think I screencapped any of it, but here have the cute “Tonight” sweaters.  They’re clever and quite honestly it took me a while to figure out what they said.

He touches his crotch again, see “Star” and “Demon” if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  It is my new mission now, every time I see a Jay Park music video, watch his crotch and see if he touches it.

Crotch again

Lastly, the dance.  The “answer your cell phone and feel yourself up” dance.  During the middle of the song, before the girl sings he says, “Nora Nora” and holds a fake cell phone up to his ear and touches himself.  I am so game for this kind of playing Jay.

Are you willing to spend Tonight with Jay Park?

Jay Park has been Abandoned

Okay, so “Abandoned” was Jay’s first solo song and I can honestly say I wasn’t that impressed.  I love me some Jay Park but I really hate whiny voices and he did a lot of whining in this song.  Needless to say, in order to get you guys this review I had to have this whiny song stuck in my head for a few days, so I hope you all appreciate it.  Also, watch out again for the crotch touches.

Hand on crotch

There are a lot of cool dances in this song, none that I can really explain save for one.  The easiest dance to do is when he says “where did you go oh oh oh oh.”  On the ohs, have one hand out in front of you like you’re checking your watch and the other hand points above and below that arm.  Some other dances I liked we’re the “kickstand dance” and the “avoid dogshit” dance.

A few very random things, firstly the rims on his car turn into speakers, really?  Are you for serious?  Whatever floats your boat.  Secondly, leave it to Jay to dance to the sound of raindrops.  I sometimes have a hard time finding the right beat when there IS a solid beat, how the hell am I supposed to dance to raindrops?

Enjoy the neck porn and jawline.  Me gusta.

Neck porn, unf

My absolute favorite part of this music video, his “Nuuuuuuu face.”


Do you love Jay Park without Abandon?

Jay Park is a Star!

Jay Park is always relevant and unfable.  This song is a love song who’s lyrics I didn’t bother to look up, sorry.  Let’s just talk about Jay and his beautiful high notes.  Yes, those high notes stroked my lady wood the right way.  Thanks Jay.

I like his shoulder dance.  I’m not really gonna say much else.  He just shrugs his shoulders while holding his pants close to the crotch.  Me gusta.  Lip bite.  Unf.  Sorry, I’m beginning to make no sense, but lip bites do something to my ovaries, which in turn messes with my brain function.


I kind of have a thing for ears.  So Jay’s pointy ears have a special place in my heart, plus his lips are dirty.  I like to pretend that the foam on his lips isn’t from a coffee, but from licking whipped cream off TaecYeon’s body.  I would say my body, but muscle on muscle was too good to pass up.

The absolute first thing that stuck out to me was his tattoos.  I was like “Damn!  How many tattoos do you have now?”  I think he’s a little addicted to ink now, but they’re hot so I approve.

I wonder who was cut out of the shot?

Lastly, the amount of crotch grabs Jay does.  I think his hand’s natural resting position is on his penis.  Seriously, watch this music video and watch his hands.  Count how many times he touches his crotch.  I would love to hear the answer.

Hand, crotch

Will you be Jay’s Star or do you have something better to do?