Jay Park (Park JaeBum)

Some lip porn for Velexa

Summary:  Park JaeBum, now more commonly referred to as Jay Park, made his debut with 2PM in 2008.  However, after an internet controversy sent him back to the U.S. in less than a week, he laid low until he made a solo comeback on October 10, 2010 at the Seoul Soul Festival.  He has now released mini albums and is making his way as a solo singer.

Our first impression of Abandoned probably went something like this: OMG YAYZ JAEBUM IS BACK eww this song is whiny. Even now we aren’t too crazy about Abandoned, and we prefer his other songs (like Demon and Star) more.  I’m a little surprised we didn’t hold a grudge, because we were watching the MAMA when JaeBum was supposed to show up with 2PM, and he didn’t.  We were pretty disappointed when that happened.  While I was writing this, however, we were watching 2PM perform 10 Points Out of 10 and came to realize we don’t even know where JaeBum’s lines were.  And we’re okay with that.  We are the “pessimistic” fans, if you will, and just kind of wish fans will get over the fact that JaeBum will never return to 2PM.  We wish shows and whatnot would just get over it and let 2PM and JaeBum be on a show together if need be.  It seems like overkill to avoid them seeing each other again.  But who knows, maybe letting them be in the same vicinity would get peoples hopes up.


Birth Name: Park JaeBum (English Name: Jay Park)
Birth Date: April 25, 1987
Birth Place: Edmonds, Washington
Family: Younger brother, parents

  • His ideal girl doesn’t have to be “perfect,” but likes a girl with a pretty smile
  • Has met Will.I.Am.
  • Enjoys sports and bowling
  • Started dancing after middle school, and his grades fluctuated because he didn’t care much for school
  • Joined Art of Movement in 2003
  • He is now fluent in English and Korean, but when he first came to Korea, he didn’t know any Korean
  • He’s friends with Ryan Higa (nigahiga on Youtube), and was in a video with him for “Word of the Day – Bromance”
  • He was on Immortal Song II