Bounce with JJ Project

JYP came out with this new duo, JJ Project, and I’m so in love with them.  This song “Bounce” is overly catchy and these boys are hot, I’m so glad they’re legal (okay, well JR will be legal in a few months). The very first thing I have to talk about is the “Bounce” dance.  They just rock out with the head banging, it’s so fun but it doesn’t work in the car.  I get way too dizzy.

Another thing I love about the dance would have to be the bromance booty bump.  They do a fun little dance segment at the end and it’s so cute!  Bromance Booty Bump!!!

The last part of the dance I love is the “shake it up for me” dance where these boys shake what their momma’s gave them.  I love it!!!

Look at those hips!

Now onto the individual members.  I love JR’s fashion sense, he wears lots of cool things.  That necklace (which I would kill myself on) and those USA shoes.  I also like his personalitly… How he just drags people into a standing position.

JB is definitely my bias in this duo.  I love the random hair colors he has.  Whatever that little patch of color is, they all suit him!!

Can you paint….

…with all the colors…

…of the wind? (Or hair in this case)

I guess those pants just hug JB in a strange way because it looks like he’s got a huge bulge.  All I can say is, I’m happy he’s legal , otherwise I’d be off to jail again.

JB is so hot!!!  He looks ready to fuck someone up.  I’m getting chills again.

Did you Bounce to JJ Project’s debut song?