Jokwon is da One!!!

Jokwon is here with his solo song “I’m da One” and dammit it’s a catchy song.  The plot of the MV is that Jokwon is king of this fairytale land and everyone in the capitol loves him.  Then his advisor leads a coup and casts him out, later Jokwon takes his kingdom back.

I love the blond hair on Jokwon, plus I hope you guys remember my love for freckles and maybe you remember my freckle theory.  A freckle on your neck shows the person’s level of whoring or whoriness (it’s only a theory because there seem it be many exceptions at this point).

As much as I want to believe Jokwon is straight, I just can’t.  He’s too over the top for that, ergo those girls he’s dancing with must be fag hags and guess what time it is?  XOXO gossip time.

As I said, Jokwon is very over the top, so the flying totally fits him.  It’s entirely too much for this MV but because it’s Jokwon it’s perfectly suitable.

I believe I can fly~

Maybe I’m weird but after seeing that Jokwon drink (what is it, like Jesus Juice?) I REALLY want to drink it!!!  It looks yummy.

I love the zen pose and the random special effects.  This music video rocks and so does this song!!!

Makes me laugh so hard

The dance is pretty easy for car dancers; just a lot of pointing fingers out and away from your body, other than that you can cross your arms over your chest and wiggle your shoulders.  Happy dancing!

Is Jokwon your One?