JungMin may be one man but he’s Not Alone

JungMin’s “Not Alone” is one giant fuckfest of wonderful!  I love this song!  The lyrics are about how this man is never alone because of the memories he has of your time together, the music video on the other hand kind of looks like Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.”  Either way, I love JungMin.  He’s sexy gay on a stick!

Insert stick

Highlight one, guyliner.  No explanation needed, simply unf.


More, oh why not! Thank you!

Highlight two, violins.  I mentioned I have an instrument fetish and violins are one of my favorites.  This song starts with violins, so basically my ovaries are poised for explosion the instant this song starts.

Highlight three, the guy in drag.  This is where Christina’s video came to mind.  Regardless, this man is fierce, I approve.


Highlights four and five, golden gloves and coat flip.  JungMin is sporting these hot golden gloves that drive me wild.  Suddenly I have the urge to see him wearing nothing but those gloves.  As for the coat flip, I literally squeed out loud.  You can ask Redeim, she was there.  I was just minding my own business watching this sexy man and then BAM, coat flip!  I couldn’t help myself and a “squeeeee” just came out.

Look at that glove, now say you don't want it caressing your body

*BAM Coat Flip* Velexa = SQUEEEE~

For the dances I love his “No no” dance move with his hand backing it up.  It’s sexy and involves a hair flip, I’m game.  The other dance move I love is his “going down” dance.  During the “Down down down down” part he uses his hands, facing each other to do this basketball dribble move.  It’s hot and sexy and awesome.  If you wanted to do that dance move, just dribble your basketball on beat and you’ve got it.  Happy dancing!

Oh no you didn't!

I love this dance move, but right now I'm loving the guns in this screen cap

Aren’t you happy that with JungMin you’re Not Alone?