NS YoonG wants to say I Got You

NS YoonG is back~~~~ *insert sing song voice here* I love NS YoonG and “I Got You” is an awesome song!  My list of lesbian crushes is steadily growing and YoonG is trying hard to make it on that list with her recently sexed hair.


Hot pink heels, your arguement is invalid.


Eyeliner and jewel make up, YoonG, what are you trying to do to me?



I gotta admit she’s got a great body, seriously trying to add yourself to my lesbian exception list.




Those pants are amazing, now I feel more like myself.  I need those pants to be on a KPop guy.  Then I’ll be happy.


Messy ponytail, hot.  Messy anything on this woman is sexy as hell.


Does NS YoonG Got You?  (forgive the horrible grammar, puns are hard to make)

Bubble Pop with HyunA

HyunA is here with “Bubble Pop” and she is as hot as ever.  One thing I don’t understand about people out there is their hate for HyunA.  They call her a slut and say she acts like a hoe.  I’m not saying she’s doesn’t act sexy, but I say if you got it flaunt it and that “ooooo” dance move flaunts what she has.


In addition to being sexy, HyunA is cute.  People tend to forget that.  On stage she may portray sexy but off stage, she’s cute and goofy, look proof even in this MV.

I love Joon and his freckle making an appearance in this MV.  The shirtless scene, then he gets shoved into the water because he’s a flirt.  It sounds like Joon, doesn’t it?

HyunA’s got her own freckle and regardless, she’s just stunning.

Smack that ass!  HyunA is hot, don’t deny my lesbian crush.

Car dancers, squish your boobs together, or invisible boobs for you male car dancers, during the “ooooo” part.  The chorus dance has to do with popping your booty, so if you can drive and pop your bubble, do so, if not, good luck.  Happy dancing!

Did HyunA Pop your Bubble?