Ailee Wants to Send You to Heaven

Ailee is here and she is stunningly beautiful and immensely talented.   “Heaven” is an amazing song that showcases Ailee’s wonderful talents.

I can’t really say much for the MV because it’s all plot.  Basically, we open up with Ailee spending all this time with her boyfriend.

Then we find out that she already has a boyfriend, who happens to be B2ST’s KiKwang.

Put your lips together like this, and kiss

So who is this guy?  Well, he seems to really approve of KiKwang.

Turns out he was the boyfriend and now he’s dead.  He’s a ghost.  So everything they were doing together at the beginning of the MV, she didn’t even know he was there, that’s why they weren’t really interacting.  I cried so hard during this MV.  It was so sad it killed me.

Does Ailee’s voice send you to Heaven?

Unf of the Week

Yes, Eli, I would love to sit on your lap and taste those lips your taunting me with.

Don’t fight with me F.I.X., She’s My Girl!

So F.I.X. is back and they’re out to piss me off.  I made it very clear last time they were called F.I.X. not fix, but here they are adapting to their new name, fix.  Other than that this new song, “She’s My Girl” is pretty good.  The MV is creepy though.  OhSong is kinda creepy, thinking he’s spending time with his girlfriend but she’s dead.  The he turns suicidal… It’s a creepy MV.


What OhSong sees…

Reality: Kissing a corpse

The end result

So you guys know those prince-like outfits that make the nice “V-line” on the guys, I love them.  OhSong looks hot in it.

I’m actually maknae JungWook biased, but this MV is OhSong biased.  JungWook is hot, red heads are hot; I just wished they showed him more.

Though I’m not OhSong biased, he is my second favorite, and worthy of the top ten lips post.  His lips are positively sinful and I’d love to kiss them.

There’s a cool moonwalk dance they do.  Here’s the gif, but definitely not for car dancers.

Did you like F.IX.’s She’s My Girl?

Enter the Troublemakers

Troublemaker made me all kinds of excited!  I love me some HyunA and I wasn’t a fan of HyunSeung until this, but congrats Hyunseung, I now love you and I will feel free to perv on you!

This MV made me ship Troublemaker as a couple so FRIGGIN’ hard, then I remembered HyunSeung was gay, so that just means HyunA is his fag hag.  I so approve this couple still.  Damn ships sinking without my permission.

HyunSeung must remember at least one thing from being friends with GDragon, like how to hunt and slay his own outfits.  They both wear fluffy creatures of doom.

I’m not sure I want to know what that was before you killed it

Troublemaker is such a cute couple!

Look how cute! How could I not ship it?

People really slammed HyunA in this MV because she was too sexy.  They likened it to porn.  Have you watched porn?  This is not porn.  HyunA is doing her job, they say dance sexy she does that.

Change Britney to HyunA

Red is definitely HyunSeung’s color.  I have nothing more to say, just give me some time alone.

Red and anything fitted in a way that opens up on a chest like that, me gusta

HyunA is officially one of my lesbian crushes!  She’s gorgeous and she lips.  Yep, lesbian crush right there.

NF,SDFN?awENDJSKFMa B,db,jwasn!!! Makeout session that made me ship them so hard in the first place.  Plus the spot in the chorus dance where they nearly kiss!!!  Squeee!!!


Squee~ So close~~~~

As for dances there are two in particular.  First is during the dance solo, go ahead, be like me and dork out in your car pretending you can do the dance.  Do the gay hands and put in your hearing aids, it’s fun!  Then there’s the chorus dance.  Gotta put your hands on your ovaries to prevent them from exploding everywhere, they do!  Happy Dancing!

Are they Troublemakers?

Unf of the Week

Well hello dere!  Of all the many talent yous have YongHwa like your sexy full lips, your ability to play guitar and those ovary exploding rasps and whines you can sing I was somehow unaware of this.  fnkjvnkzdf, vz,d ARM!!!!

Cry for MBLAQ!

“Cry” was a beautiful MV that MBLAQ decided to grace us with.  Insert all the Black Swan references you want, everyone else does.  Here’s a macro to prove it.

The amount of highlights isn’t even funny.  This music video was placed here for mass ovary destruction; Exhibit A: it starts with blonde haired and heavily guylinered ChunDoong.

Let’s have some of my Joon bias.  Lip wipes!  Thank you!  My ovaries can die happy knowing the last thing they saw was this beautiful sight.

More things I perv on, let’s add thighs to that list and Joon, my love, you have some NICE thighs.  Also, just enjoy the pretty Joon eye-candy.

Mir is friggin’ hot AND he’s wet!  Do I really need to say more?

I really like the blue guyliner.  It suits him.  Then again I just like guyliner, but colored guyliner strokes that part of my lady wood that is often neglected.  Congratulations, my ovaries just evolved!  Not only can they use “Explode” as an attack they can now use “Rainbow explosion!”  It’s super effective!

G.O, you are a masterpiece of a man.  Look at those arms!  Yes, enjoy those pictures.

Also, G.O. in general got hot.  I wasn’t a big fan of the Gostache, but he turned HAWT!  Then you add the guyliner, well just fuck me.

Last but not least, the dance.  My ovaries and lady wood and everything pervy inside me just die at this dance.  Slow body rolls, you enjoy this gif.  I stare at it for hours and I could still stare at it.  Look at Joon touching himself!!!  Don’t bother with the happy dancing, at this point it’s just happy fapping.

Did MBLAQ make you Cry?

Y is MBLAQ so hot?

MBLAQ “Y” did you do this to me?  I know, I used a pun to lead into this but this MV gave me a raging lady boner.  Let’s just skip to the good parts, Joon in the shower.

I have pictures of everyone in this music video, cause they’re all so HOT here.  More Joon and his freckle and some smexy guyliner.

G.O. lost the Gostache, thank you!  You are immensely hotter now.

Guyliner makes everything better.  Not that I didn’t like ChunDoong before, but he’s sexy now.  Add a touch of guyliner and the pedonoonas will flock to you.

Mir, unf.  The amount of hotness you wreak and then you…. Hold on a second.  Let me compose myself before I keyboard smash again.  That l-i-p w-i-p-e…’s just…. I have no words…

Lastly are SeungHo’s lips.  They’re big and beautiful.  I could suck on that bottom lip for days and it wouldn’t even look swollen, it’d look that same.  I want your lips on my lips, right now!  (No comment on how dirty or clean you take that, though I didn’t mean it dirty when I wrote it, that dawned on me after the fact).

I don’t even have a dance to talk about for this song, I’m sorry.  It’s easy, when they say “Y” throw your hands up in they air like the “Y” in “YMCA.”  Happy dancing.

Y you acting like that to MBLAQ?