Summary: MBLAQ debuted on October 9, 2009 with their song “Oh Yeah.”  The group consists of five members: SeungHo, G.O., Joon, ChunDoong (Thunder), and Mir.  They quickly became popular; mostly thanks to Joon’s previous acting experience and the fact ChunDoong was related to 2NE1’s Sandara Park. On December 16, 2014, it was announced Joon and ChunDoong would be departing from the group to focus on solo activities.


It’d be easy to say we instantly fell in love with MBLAQ, especially since they’re one of the “special place in hearts” bands who debuted while we were in Korea.  Velexa was the first to discover them, as she was sick with swine flu and had nothing better to do but watch television.  She instantly pinned Joon as the “slut,” and it was before he pulled his shirt up.  We’ve since fallen in love with the “idiot-dols” as they’re so passionately called in Korea.  While we do have a Joon bias, we love the other members too, though at first we didn’t like the Mexican G.O. They’re one of the bands that have won our heart so much we even love their Japanese songs, which is rare for us as we aren’t really into Japanese music anymore.

Member Profiles


Birth Name: Yang SeungHo
Birth Date: October 16, 1987
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Younger brother, parents

  • He originally supposed to have the stage name of “Mir”
  • He knows gymnastics.
  • He can play guitar, piano, and can beatbox
  • Was the class president and school captain through high school
  • He and T-ARA’s SoYeon are friends
  • He a good handyman, the other members say he can fix anything
  • He’s good friends with F.Cuz’s Jinon, and Jinon gave him the nickname “devil”
  • Also friends with MYNAME’s Insoo
  • Is afraid of fast-walking zombies
  • Good at drawing
  • He’s the only MBLAQ member to have a car
  • Hopes his first born is a boy, and wants to be married by the time he’s 33


Birth Name: Jung ByungHee
Birth Date: November 6, 1987
Birth Place: ChangWon, South Korea
Family: Older sister, parents

  • Has been in eleven relationships
  • When he auditioned, he had facial hair. He was told to come back after he shaved it
  • Is left-handed
  • Was in a trio group called TYKEYS
  • Loves to cook
  • Can take up to an hour to shower


Birth Name: Lee ChangSun
Birth Date: February 7, 1988
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Older sister, parents

  • Didn’t know there was no time difference between Japan and Korea
  • Used to train as a dancer
  • When he was younger, he almost burned down his house trying to recreate scenes from Home Alone
  • Can’t do multiplication tables, even though a tutor was hired for him
  • The only line he remembers from Ninja Assassin is “You Shouldn’t Do That”
  • Very sensitive, he once cried when a hidden camera prank was pulled on him
  • Can do aegyo effortlessly, even when he half-asleep
  • He once jumped from the third story of his school and didn’t get hurt
  • Has done CFs, and acted as Teenage Raizo in the movie Ninja Assassin
  • He revealed in an interview that has Bipolar Disorder

ChunDoong (Thunder)

Birth Name: Park SangHyun
Birth Date: October 7, 1990
Birth Place: Pusan, South Korea
Family: 2 Older sisters, parents

  • The last to join MBLAQ, he only had a few months to catch up with the other’s training
  • Used to play violin, knows how to play the piano
  • Takes extra care of his skin
  • Can speak Korean, English, and Tagalog
  • Has never had a girlfriend
  • Younger brother of 2NE1’s Sandara Park
  • Loves meat
  • Is afraid of spiders
  • Had a difficult time adjusting to Korea’s weather since the Phillipines is tropical
  • Really ticklish
  • Used to eating in small proportions so he doesn’t gain weight easily


Birth Name: Bang CheolYong
Birth Date: March 10, 1991
Birth Place: JangSeong, South Korea
Family: Older brother, older sister, parents

  • Is the younger brother of the actress Go EunAh
  • Used to do farming before he debuted
  • Has said he has to use/wear everything his fans give him since they use their allowance to pay for their gifts
  • Once sold a cow to pay for a date
  • His brother-in-law is the CEO for J.Tune, so he didn’t have to audition
  • Has a fear of needles