Cry for MBLAQ!

“Cry” was a beautiful MV that MBLAQ decided to grace us with.  Insert all the Black Swan references you want, everyone else does.  Here’s a macro to prove it.

The amount of highlights isn’t even funny.  This music video was placed here for mass ovary destruction; Exhibit A: it starts with blonde haired and heavily guylinered ChunDoong.

Let’s have some of my Joon bias.  Lip wipes!  Thank you!  My ovaries can die happy knowing the last thing they saw was this beautiful sight.

More things I perv on, let’s add thighs to that list and Joon, my love, you have some NICE thighs.  Also, just enjoy the pretty Joon eye-candy.

Mir is friggin’ hot AND he’s wet!  Do I really need to say more?

I really like the blue guyliner.  It suits him.  Then again I just like guyliner, but colored guyliner strokes that part of my lady wood that is often neglected.  Congratulations, my ovaries just evolved!  Not only can they use “Explode” as an attack they can now use “Rainbow explosion!”  It’s super effective!

G.O, you are a masterpiece of a man.  Look at those arms!  Yes, enjoy those pictures.

Also, G.O. in general got hot.  I wasn’t a big fan of the Gostache, but he turned HAWT!  Then you add the guyliner, well just fuck me.

Last but not least, the dance.  My ovaries and lady wood and everything pervy inside me just die at this dance.  Slow body rolls, you enjoy this gif.  I stare at it for hours and I could still stare at it.  Look at Joon touching himself!!!  Don’t bother with the happy dancing, at this point it’s just happy fapping.

Did MBLAQ make you Cry?

MBLAQ’s Monalisa

“Monalisa” was MBLAQ’s cruel idea of a joke.  This song is all lips.  Why would you do that?!

The main highlight in this song is SeungHo and his sex hair.  It is GORGEOUS.  Couldn’t you just tangle your fingers in that and yank his head down so his luscious lips brushed your own?  Sorry, got a little lost in that fantasy.  Have SeungHo sex hair.

G.O. is looking mighty fine, even with that little bit of Grinch grin there.

Lips.  Sex hair SeungHo and some sexy G.O. lip wipes for you guys.

That was a surprising treat, ChunDoong.  I didn’t know you had arms.  I approve.  Me gusta.

Insert Joon bias.  You guys knew this was coming.

Back of the hand lip wipe, Mir?  Really?  I already said my ovaries would be destroyed during this MV but wiping with the back of your hand is just wrong.  It’s so dirty my ovaries can’t even-nvhjasvjn,aefnj.LQjFMZkjfesnejfrnwekjfksk

Dances are all about the gifs.  Firstly, the hips.  G.O. really knows what he’s doing there.  Second, the lips.  This is really where the ovary destruction comes from.  This song is one giant, orgy of a lip wipe. Happy exploding!

Will you be MBLAQ’s Monalisa?

Y is MBLAQ so hot?

MBLAQ “Y” did you do this to me?  I know, I used a pun to lead into this but this MV gave me a raging lady boner.  Let’s just skip to the good parts, Joon in the shower.

I have pictures of everyone in this music video, cause they’re all so HOT here.  More Joon and his freckle and some smexy guyliner.

G.O. lost the Gostache, thank you!  You are immensely hotter now.

Guyliner makes everything better.  Not that I didn’t like ChunDoong before, but he’s sexy now.  Add a touch of guyliner and the pedonoonas will flock to you.

Mir, unf.  The amount of hotness you wreak and then you…. Hold on a second.  Let me compose myself before I keyboard smash again.  That l-i-p w-i-p-e…’s just…. I have no words…

Lastly are SeungHo’s lips.  They’re big and beautiful.  I could suck on that bottom lip for days and it wouldn’t even look swollen, it’d look that same.  I want your lips on my lips, right now!  (No comment on how dirty or clean you take that, though I didn’t mean it dirty when I wrote it, that dawned on me after the fact).

I don’t even have a dance to talk about for this song, I’m sorry.  It’s easy, when they say “Y” throw your hands up in they air like the “Y” in “YMCA.”  Happy dancing.

Y you acting like that to MBLAQ?

Oh Yeah it’s MBLAQ

MBLAQ debuted with this song, “Oh Yeah” and I’ve been in love with them ever since.  Firstly, I will show my Joon bias and explain it a little.  When I saw this music video for the first time I looked at Joon and said, “he’s a slut, I just know it.”  My friend disagreed, until he did this.

More Joon highlights: his freckle.  Redeim and I are still in the process of formulating a theory that determines if a freckle automatically makes you a slut or merely increases your risk of sluttage.  2AM JoKwon and UKISS SooHyun are prime examples we are considering in this theory.  Also, is there anyone who didn’t like Joon’s shirt?  The ripped clothes are wonderful for the wild fangirl imagination.

It may also just be the location of the freckle, that's a part of out theory too

Mir highlights.  He’s hot, we can all agree on that, right?  A spazz, yes, but a hot spazz.  That smirk is not nice Mir.  You are out to bnvskjvn kslsvj,vhnl.wdnB <QKWEVhfK< HOLY CRAP LIP WIPE!!!! Asshole…..

ChunDoong really reminded me of his sister in this music video, don’t they look alike.  I know there are a lot of macros going around about how he doesn’t like being compare to his sister, but I couldn’t help it.

Lastly, the Gostache.  I, honestly, was never a big fan of it.  It kinda crept me out.  I thought he was a rapist lurking among the hot band members.  I like him much more now that he lost the Gostache.  I know a lot of people like the Gostache and even call it the sexystache, sorry to you guys.  Nowhere in that long list of things I perv on is facial hair.

As for the dance, enjoy the body rolls.  You could try to dance to them in your car, they ARE safe for car dancers, but I prefer to just watch them.  That, on the other hand, is NOT safe for car dancers.  Don’t drive down the highway and visualize these guys doing this dance, you WILL end up speeding and MAY end up with a ticket.  Happy daydreams!

How did MBLAQ do with Oh Yeah?

MBLAQ is at War!

MBLAQ!!! Basfjgwfhdhvjcvswmfdnak,gvhdbfsjdfhbearmhqEJHEWAIUF.  Sorry, I love MBLAQ and this music video is sinful!!!!   I couldn’t process lyrics but I got the plot of the music video.  Joon was a secret agent of sorts (which gave him a gun, my ovaries are already exploding) and then his girlfriend gets shot.  Joon kills the guy who shot her and takes care of her.  He goes out to kill the other people involved and ChunDoong moves in on his girl.

Joon + Gun = Bliss

For some reason they went with the “Wanted” theme and made Joon able to bend bullets.  Joon + gun = hot, so I don’t care what the bullet does.  In the end, Joon pulls the gun on his buddy ChunDoong, the girl goes to defend him.  Joon bends the bullet to go around them and shoots himself in the neck.  Did he kill himself to let them be together or to let them feel guilty and never be together?  Sorry, I’m Joon biased so GTFO ChunDoong I’ll take me some Joon.

Exhibit A: the bullet and the bottle

Don't die Joon!

I’ll mention it because I can’t screen cap it, but there are some orgasmically raspy voices and then that note G.O hits is UH-MAZE-ING!  I call it the orgasm/explode ovaries/give birth note.  It may sound painful, but when you hear it and see it, it’s so worth it.

Neck porn during sex note!

Their outfits were sexy.  Just absorb that for a little bit.

SeungHo’s hair!  Where did it go?  It’ll take some getting used to.

Joon’s freckle and arm.  Again I’m Joon biased, and freckle biased, so I’m double biased here, then he shows that arm.  Ovaries gone, lady wood activated!



Mir’s hair!  My lady wood is in that state of a slow buildup.  I’m slowly getting there with a KAME KAME……..HNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!  Plus his voice just sounds like he’s ripping clothes off you.  Or am I the only one who hears that?

Unf unf unf!

As for the dance I like the pimp walk hip thrust.  Just nod and smile.  Those pants are nice, huh?

MBLAQ has declared War; do you accept their challenge?