Miryo is Dirty!

I am honestly not a big Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) fan so I was reluctant to even listen to this song or watch the MV but I must say “Dirty” rocks!  The song is about how you’re a bad guy who doesn’t care about her anymore and she’s over you.  The MV has her in a coma and her boyfriend starts out good, taking care of her and everything.  Later he starts cheating on her and eventually Miryo just burns the place down.  Yes, burns the place down.  How’s that for BAMF?  A comatose arsonist = BAMF.

That guitarist!  He is beautiful!!!!

Do you guys remember those fluffy bird puppet things?  Well I think Miryo found one in her closet and cut it up and turned it into her outfit.  Dodos are extinct because their lack of a fear gene (click for reference here), fluffy bird puppets are extinct because of Miryo.

When a Korean woman can’t finish her words because she’s angry, you should already be running.  When she pulls out a sword you need to just die where you stand.

I love her eye makeup.  The heavy, smoky look is awesome on her.  She’s very pretty.  Since I don’t like BEG I came into this MV with a negative bias.  She corrected me.

I wanna be surrounded by half naked men.  Not fair!  If I had my choice though it would be 2PM and 2AM.  Yum.  Who would be in your half naked posse?

Last but not least, Miryo can flip you off so hard her fingers burn.  That’s some real talent.

So, were you Dirty enough Miryo?