NU’EST Has Called You to Action

NU’EST is back with “Action” and OMG!!! Nk,wajbfn cwarvhQ. Ebazms,s nqzbc aends ,.azdwf nk w iowedhwqkhdfsa,jma hrdfhwr LHWRBAW NvawkME HAW UAWEG QAJ fs,djhbrajw.  Wow, that felt good.  Alas, it still doesn’t explain how many feels I have for this song and band.

There is so much going on in the MV, I’m basically going to pic spam you.  First, all of these guys are gorgeous.  I am in love and going to jail for it, but I DON’T CARE!!!!  Enjoy some moving jailbait!

So I originally wasn’t a fan of Aron but with enough guyliner and the right attitude (aka a lip wipe) I am happy to say I like the legal one.  That might lessen my 4 consecutive life sentences…. Maybe…

BaekHo.  Do I really have to say more?  He’s hot, he’s got a wonderful voice and he looks pretty hot with that backhanded lip wipe.

JR’s eyes are mesmerizing in this MV.  Once again, he’s got tons of guyliner and he’s charismatic, but his eyes just steal my soul.

Okay, Ren.  I really can’t contain my feels anymore.  His hair is down, his arms are ripped, he’s got enough guyliner on to deplete a country of their natural resources and he’s chained.  Well fuck me.

If any of you are still alive and reading at this point, there’s quite a bit of jailbait tummy flashing, especially from JR and BaekHo.  Enjoy.  I would die more but I’ve figured out once dead, one cannot die again.

The only dance I saw was the clapping here.  I have too many feels to explain it and I had too many to look for a dance.  BRB, dying from Ren overdose still.

Did NU’EST’s Action do it for you?

HyungJoon Says “Sorry I’m Sorry”

Kim HyungJoon is back, finally with “Sorry, I’m Sorry,” I love this man, but I’ll be honest I was a little disappointed with this song and MV.  I guess my consolation prize can be his arms.  Baby started working out, I approve.

So I’m learning some new things about baby HyungJoon, he’s apparently a little kinky.  The blindfold and ashes (I’ll count that as dirty), I like where this is going.

So the burning thing reminds me of Zeus in Wrath of the Titans.  That looks like it hurts.

I really love his hair this time around.  It’s sexy and sleek.

Oh yeah, go ahead and touch yourself.


The dance is pretty easy.  Right hand near your chest, half turn twice, then hands together and rub them.  The gif is way better at showing it than I am at explaining it.  Happy dancing!

Do you believe HyungJoon when he says Sorry I’m Sorry?

Bubble Pop with HyunA

HyunA is here with “Bubble Pop” and she is as hot as ever.  One thing I don’t understand about people out there is their hate for HyunA.  They call her a slut and say she acts like a hoe.  I’m not saying she’s doesn’t act sexy, but I say if you got it flaunt it and that “ooooo” dance move flaunts what she has.


In addition to being sexy, HyunA is cute.  People tend to forget that.  On stage she may portray sexy but off stage, she’s cute and goofy, look proof even in this MV.

I love Joon and his freckle making an appearance in this MV.  The shirtless scene, then he gets shoved into the water because he’s a flirt.  It sounds like Joon, doesn’t it?

HyunA’s got her own freckle and regardless, she’s just stunning.

Smack that ass!  HyunA is hot, don’t deny my lesbian crush.

Car dancers, squish your boobs together, or invisible boobs for you male car dancers, during the “ooooo” part.  The chorus dance has to do with popping your booty, so if you can drive and pop your bubble, do so, if not, good luck.  Happy dancing!

Did HyunA Pop your Bubble?

G.NA is 2HOT to Handle!

G.NA is back again with “2Hot” and she really is as hot as she says.  Just look at that smile.  Simply stunning.

A few little things you can dance to while in the car would be the  “omona” pose when she sings “omomomo” and the “ooo” dance with your hands out by your side.  Check out the picture and the gif.

I love G.NA’s hair in this video.  The two colors suit her and the hairstyles are unique and make her look even better.

One thing I hated in this MV was the makeup.  When G.NA wore that neon yellow/green dress they put way too much makeup on her.  I can’t even stand it.

G.NA is out to destroy your soul with her cute look.  She could make me commit murder with those doe eyes.  She’s trying to beat Chocolat’s Tia.

My absolute favorite part of this MV has got to be the firemen.  These well built men show up and they are HUGE.  I mean they are fire trucks themselves; I don’t know how they fit in one.  I like the one who winks; he seems cute and down to Earth.

The chorus isn’t that bad of a dance either.  Here’s the gif, I’m too lazy to explain it.  G.NA has some lesbian moments of her own in this MV, right here in the chorus.

Is G.NA 2Hot for you?

G.NA is out to be the Top Girl

G.NA is back with “Top Girl” and as usual, I love her songs.  Some people were upset that this song was materialistic, but G.NA’s so pretty how could you really care?  I love her in the hat.

Though I love G.NA I cannot stand that skirt.  The black stripe down her butt crack and the skin-toned skirt just don’t do her justice.  Sorry G.NA, not that.

Hate it, just hate it

She’s so pretty when she smiles and she looks so excited when she says, “boom.”  She’s like a giant kid.


So I’ve seen this MV countless times but I don’t remember ever seeing these fireworks.  Go me for failing to notice the obvious.

When did those get there?

Another funny/not cool thing about this MV has got to be the horribly animated street that G.NA’s driving her car on.  Fake and makes me laugh.

As I’m talking about this MV I’m realizing that though I love this song, I don’t like the MV.  I was unimpressed, but really, who am I to deny a wet G.NA?

She’s sexy and she knows it

As for the dance that’s pretty easy. Take the middle finger of your right hand and put it on your collarbone, rub it back and forth on beat.  Check out the gif.  There’s also the “rub your ovaries” dance, turns out I’ve been doing this one long before this song came out.  Happy dancing.

Is G.NA your Top Girl?

Life with G.NA isn’t all Black & White

G.NA is back with “Black and White” and I am so hooked on this song and MV.  Because of this MV I ship G.NA and Jinwoon as a couple so hard!!!!  I mean they’re just so cute!


So just an FYI this MV features 2AM’s Jinwoon and he is hot as ever!  Hot and cute!  Can you spot the Asian?

I’m just going to enjoy Jinwoon’s thighs.

Sorry to be talking about Jinwoon so much but he’s hot.  I honestly like him better in other people’s MV rather than the 2AM MVs.  Look at his arm.  It’s huge, I love it!

G.NA’s got this great smile, I love it, and she’s so pretty.  One of the great things about this MV is that she keeps picking fights with Jinwoon and she’s doing it on purpose.  She’s fighting so they can make up.  So cute!

G.NA looks great in that white sweater dress.  Her thighs are fucking sexy.  I may be adding another girl to my list of lesbian crushes.

Before I talk about the dance, I have to ask G.NA where she put her hand.  Looks like Jinwoon’s crotch to me.

The dance is pretty easy.  Put your hands together (side by side) above your head, then sway your hips to the beat.  Here’s the gif, as always it makes more sense than I do.  Happy Dancing!

Is everything really Black & White when it comes to G.NA?

G.NA Will Back Off So You Can Live

G.NA just debuted with this song “I’ll Back off so You Can Live” and it’s pretty good.  I don’t like her blonde hair though.  G.NA looks too tan to pull off the blonde hair.

I loved seeing B2ST’s DuJoon in this MV.  He’s hot, so hot.  That and he and G.NA look great together.

The song features B2ST’s JunHyung.  The guyliner, tank top and rapping just made me happy.  I really enjoy JunHyung.  Yum.

The tattoo confused me.  It just looks weird, kinda sketched, plus since this is her debut MV I thought it was real.

I have never cared much for nails, but I am in love with her manicure.  I want one now, sorry, I’ll be back later.

Last is my love for hats, more specifically fedoras.  Bitches love fedoras and I am indeed a bitch.  Apparently fedoras are as effective on men as they are on women for me at least.

I don’t want G.NA to Back off so I Can Live, do you?