Super boys N.Sonic

N.Sonic is a new band who debuted a little while ago with their song Super Boy.  As for first impressions, I was neither over impressed nor disappointed with this band.  I really liked the beat to this song.  It was dirty.  That’s the word that comes to mind, the beat was dirty and I really liked that.  It’s a beat I’d like to ____ to (you fill in the blank with whatever your dirty or innocent mind pleases).  What I wasn’t impressed with were the guys.  One has long hair and the other four look alike.  I have no idea what to do with them, all I know is that one wore a hat and another had a tattoo.

Things that stuck out in the music video: the shirtless, water scene.  Five guys, shirtless, being drenched by sprinklers, need I say more?  They’re well-built and hot.  I was a happy camper for that part of the music video.  Also, Black J’s tattoo drew my attention.  I don’t know what the tattoo said but the fact that they showed it made me happy.  It meant that he was in a nice low, chest-baring shirt for the majority of the time.  Yum.

This picture needs no caption

Black J and one of his tattoos

The song doesn’t really have much to say. It’s about being a super boy.  They are awesome, and the song is trying to say that.  The actual music video has nothing to do with anything.  Again they are just showcasing themselves, their voices, and their bodies.  Personally I like their live performance much better than the music video.  JaeHwan, the leader can really hit his notes and that was impressive.


A few things that pop out about the dance segments is at the beginning of the second verse where they do their “take one, take two” etc.  They go from one guy to the next, doing their own little flavor of dance.  I would like to try some mocha chocolaté yaya too.  They also pay a little homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the middle of their song.  They do it shirtless of course, but the walking with a hard head quirk to the side is unmistakable.

MJ Thriller head quirk

There is no part of this song that’s really easy to dance to, so I’ll skip that part and just squee over the dance segment at the end.  They’re still shirtless and they do these diagonal lines and then they switch sides.  I thought it was cool anyways.  I also love their smoky ending.  The right arm up in the air, diagonal over your head, fingers still moving.  It actually reminds me of a spider trying to crawl up something, but smoke curling up just sounds cooler.  Anyway, enjoy!

Spider Fingers!

So, what do you think?  Are N.Sonic super boys?