NS YoonG wants to say I Got You

NS YoonG is back~~~~ *insert sing song voice here* I love NS YoonG and “I Got You” is an awesome song!  My list of lesbian crushes is steadily growing and YoonG is trying hard to make it on that list with her recently sexed hair.


Hot pink heels, your arguement is invalid.


Eyeliner and jewel make up, YoonG, what are you trying to do to me?



I gotta admit she’s got a great body, seriously trying to add yourself to my lesbian exception list.




Those pants are amazing, now I feel more like myself.  I need those pants to be on a KPop guy.  Then I’ll be happy.


Messy ponytail, hot.  Messy anything on this woman is sexy as hell.


Does NS YoonG Got You?  (forgive the horrible grammar, puns are hard to make)

Just Dance with NS YoonJi

I had actually never listened to “Just Dance” before this and I must say I like the song.  Again, I think YoonJi is too skinny, but I like the song.  She’s too little to be in that red dress.  She’s too skinny and the dress is big and flows too much.  It practically drowns her.  I’m so happy you looked healthy in “Reason I Became a Witch!”

She can’t win for me in this MV.  She’s either too tan or too pale.  Her skin is bronzed or something and it looks odd for her.  Then that blonde wig makes her skin look gray and she just looks sickly…



I love the strobe light earrings.

I think that outfit is perfect for her.  She looks healthy and she looks comfortable.  It’s so cute and suits her.  I approve!

I whip my hair back and forth?  I couldn’t resist the eye candy.

The dance is pretty easy.  Put your right hand over your heart and sway your head, then pop your hips on beat.  I know I get lazy with these things.  I am assuming you are watching these MVs and not just listening to me ramble about them.  Happy Dancing!

Did you enjoy your Dance with NS YoonJi?

Don’t Go Back to NS YoonJi

NS YoonJi debuted with this song “Don’t Go Back.”  It was cute but the lyrics didn’t seem to match that well with the beat.  The song is about how your ex keeps calling you and bugging you, it’s pissing YoonJi off.  She says you belong to her and she doesn’t want you to go back to your ex.  Again, where are people finding people that make them question whether or not they want a celebrity?  My answer:

I wasn’t’ a big fan of YoonJi until she turned Yoon G in “Reason I Became a Witch” because I’ve been concerned for her health.  She’s too skinny and she looks like a ghost.

What makes me sad about YoonJi is that she’s young and beautiful, but she wears too much makeup.  It makes her look older.  Like an older person trying to fit in and look young.  YoonJi, why you disappoint?

I LOVE FLUFFIES!!!!  Maybe it’s and old bias coming out but fluffies are amazing!

Old bias~ Sesshomaru!

I do think YoonJi is beautiful; she is just prettier with less makeup.  With just the eyeliner (almost wrote guyliner there because I’m so used to it) she’s stunning.

I think rollers in the hair are such a cute thing for girls.  She pulled it off well.

Lastly, her outfit.  The picture is a bit fuzzy but the outfit is fierce and reminds me of “Reason I Became a Witch.”  Prelude maybe?

As for the dance, you get to pretend you have a fluffy of your own.  During the “Eh eh eh eh” part stretch your invisible fluffy between your hands and shake it back and forth on beat.  For car dancers you can use one hand if that’s more comfortable, whatever you do, DON’T use the wheel as your fluffy.  Do us a favor and DON’T shake your car back and forth.  Happy dancing!

Did NS YoonJi convince you Not to Go Back?

NS Yoon G has her Reasons for Becoming a Witch

NS Yoon G just came back with this song “The Reason I Became a Witch” and I approve.  She used to scare me because she seemed too fake and WAY to skinny but here she looks great and sounds great.  The lyrics are about how a guy stole her innocence and corrupted her.  He’s the reason she became a witch.

I like the blonde hair on her.  She’s hot.  Oh, I guess the lip bite helps.

One of my favorite parts of this song can’t be screen capped but you can hear it.  It’s the witch laugh, but it’s more of a giggle.  It’s so cute and funny.  I just really love that part.  Back to screen caps, Cat Girl YoonG is flexible, no?


I found out that girls’ smirks could turn me on too.  Good to know.


You guys knew this part was coming.  I’m always perving on music videos and people so you had to know this part was coming.  There’s a guy in chains.  You knew I’d screen cap that (should be said in the same tone as “I’d tap that”).  Also, YoonG has her whip ready for him.  Whips and chains oh my!  I like where this is going.

Me gusta

Passionfruit! Sorry, it's my safety word

Are you the Reason YoonG Became a Witch or are you the cure to her evil ways?