NU’EST is Not Over You

NU’EST my “I-really-should-run-away-from-this-band-because-four-out-of-five-members-are-born-in-1995” band are back and I’m so excited!!!!  They’re back with “Not Over You” and I can go to hell again for being a pedo noona!  I mean, JR needs to be in my bed, right now.  Jail!!!

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JR can pull off cute and hot, that’s just not fair.


Aron and a dog, new OTP right there because they’re just so cute.  Watch where your brains go you dirty minded pedo noonas!


MinHyun~ So pretty, so tall, put away the platform tennis shoes and leave them to us short people.


Took away my BaekRen and replaced it with JRen.  BTW, notice how Ren just goes with anyone: BaekRen, MinRen, JRen and ARen, whore or coincidence?


How did I end up with this big ear bias? Damn you BaekHo for having big ears and calling forth that bias.  Yes, I love me some BaekHo.


Okay, Ren spam time because he’s my bias, sorry.  Creeper mode: on.


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Look at this woman, I mean man, well boy; he’s just gorgeous.  Stunning really.  Think of what he’d look like if they actually dressed him up as a girl.


How are they all so gorgeous?  How are they all so young?


Are you over NU’EST’s Not Over You?

NU’EST Has Called You to Action

NU’EST is back with “Action” and OMG!!! Nk,wajbfn cwarvhQ. Ebazms,s nqzbc aends ,.azdwf nk w iowedhwqkhdfsa,jma hrdfhwr LHWRBAW NvawkME HAW UAWEG QAJ fs,djhbrajw.  Wow, that felt good.  Alas, it still doesn’t explain how many feels I have for this song and band.

There is so much going on in the MV, I’m basically going to pic spam you.  First, all of these guys are gorgeous.  I am in love and going to jail for it, but I DON’T CARE!!!!  Enjoy some moving jailbait!

So I originally wasn’t a fan of Aron but with enough guyliner and the right attitude (aka a lip wipe) I am happy to say I like the legal one.  That might lessen my 4 consecutive life sentences…. Maybe…

BaekHo.  Do I really have to say more?  He’s hot, he’s got a wonderful voice and he looks pretty hot with that backhanded lip wipe.

JR’s eyes are mesmerizing in this MV.  Once again, he’s got tons of guyliner and he’s charismatic, but his eyes just steal my soul.

Okay, Ren.  I really can’t contain my feels anymore.  His hair is down, his arms are ripped, he’s got enough guyliner on to deplete a country of their natural resources and he’s chained.  Well fuck me.

If any of you are still alive and reading at this point, there’s quite a bit of jailbait tummy flashing, especially from JR and BaekHo.  Enjoy.  I would die more but I’ve figured out once dead, one cannot die again.

The only dance I saw was the clapping here.  I have too many feels to explain it and I had too many to look for a dance.  BRB, dying from Ren overdose still.

Did NU’EST’s Action do it for you?

NU’EST Face around!

Okay, warning/disclaimer: I will rant and ramble and spam pictures in this post because I FRIGGIN’ LOVE THIS SONG AND THIS JAILBAIT RIDDEN BAND!!!  Onto saner things, let’s start with less spam.  MinHyun.  He’s hot.  What can I say, I like hair swooped over to the side.

Also, here’s the dance gif.  I have nothing to say, please just watch it and enjoy.

Can I rant a little?  The lyrics of this song don’t matter save for the English rap at the end.  Yes, Aron did just say, “Don’t lag Wile E. Coyote cause I’m Road Runner fast.”  One, Aron is the oldest, born in 1993, all the others are born in 1995; do they know Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote?  Regardless, thank you to the salute to the ‘90s kids!

Speaking of Aron, he was either judging that guy, HARD or checking out his ass.  Your choice, I’ll let you know my prognosis after I investigate his sexuality further.

Kinda leaning towards "dat ass"

Okay, time to hop back onto the jail bus because I am again perving on jailbait.  JR is friggin’ hot.  That is not right.  This boy was born in 1995 but he knows how to burst my ovaries in so many ways.  I think he read some of these reviews and learned what I perv on, he then took it as his personal mission to put as many of them as possible into one or two pictures.  I give you neck porn, jaw porn, sex eyes, and guyliner.  All my base are belong to JR.

You cruel bastard!

Mission accomplished - he beat my challenge - ovaries exploded

Ren has soulless eyes.  He can be added to the “Dead Fish Eyes” club, new population: 4.  The other members are the Jo Twins from Boyfriend and the original founding member is SS501’s Kim HyunJoong.

I ship BaekRen (BaekHo and Ren) so should you!

Lastly, which will take a lot and many more pictures: Ren.  There is a HUGE hype over him being girly and I found myself annoyed with this.  Ren, though he has long hair is NOT that girly.  His face really isn’t that girly.  Not to me at least and I was thinking, there are way girlier guys.  Case and point:

Ren versus.....

U-KISS Kevin

D.NA (The Boss) Karam

SHINee TaeMin

Super Junior HeeChul

That being said, I have a HUGE Ren bias.  So it doesn’t matter how girly or manly he is, he has a special place in my heart!

Ren = Love

Did you like NU’EST’s Face?