Debuted on May 28, 2008 with their song “Noona is so Pretty (Replay).”  They started the “SHINee trend” with skinny jeans, high top sneakers, and brightly colored shirts.  By the release of their first album, they reach number eight on the charts. The members, in age order, consist of Onew, JongHyun, Key, MinHo, and TaeMin.  You can find their discography here.


Although I (Redeim) collected their music when they first debuted, I refused to get into them.  When they debuted, all I knew was they had a member still in middle school. Being in college, I avoided learning the members like the plague.  As it turns out, Onew and I are born in the same year; and JongHyun is literally one day younger (if not hours because of the time difference between here and Korea) than Velexa.  Around the time of Summer/Fall 2009, I finally learned the SHINee members, Velexa already knowing them.  Originally, we denied JongKey and supported JongYu.  We don’t know what we were smoking.  Although we are happy TaeMin is now legal, he is forever the first one to cause us to be pedos (I cannot begin to express how happy we are that TaeMin is legal), and therefore forever underaged.

Member Profiles


Birth Name: Lee JinKi
Birth Date: December 14, 1989
Birth Place: Gyeonggi, South Korea
Family: parents

  • Loves chicken
  • Was #2 in his school
  • TaeMin has said Onew is strange when he’s serious, because he’s always smiling
  • Wears glasses during dancing rehersals
  • Was diagnosed with Swine Flu
  • The fact that Onew was older than JongHyun made JongHyun happy
  • Onew’s childhood goal was to be a scientist
  • Doesn’t like other people calling him by his real name
  • Works hard to lose weight
  • Onew wrote the lyrics to “Your Name” in the Lucifer album
  • Is not the type of guy who likes to approach a girl
  • Loves imitating Donald Duck
  • Is scared of hurting kids, so he doesn’t like going near them
  • Has something the other members call “Onew Condition.” It involves crashing into random things, tripping over your own feet, craving chicken, or making lame jokes. Originally thought Onew was doing it on purpose, JongKey confirmed it’s just Onew’s natural self.
  • Has branched out into musicals and MCing


Birth Name: Kim JongHyun
Birth Date: April 8, 1990
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: older sister, parents

  • Loves his nickname “Bling Bling”
  • Will talk quickly when he gets nervous, but since he talks so much, no one notices
  • He chats with TaeMin everyday when he gets home
  • “The luckiest day? For me, it was the day I met Key.”
  • Believes there is no shortcut to perfection, will work hard and is known to miss sleep because he was trying to perfect something.
  • Was in a band in high school
  • Proficient in guitar, bass, and piano
  • Wakes up the earliest in the dorm, then Key, Onew, TaeMin, and MinHo
  • Is nicknamed “Dinosaur” and is “dinosaur siblings” with Super Junior’s DongHae and F(x)’s Amber
  • Able to digest English and Korean songs well
  • Known to fall asleep with his eyes open. Key complained he never knows when JongHyun is mad at him when they’re in the car because he’ll try talking and JongHyun won’t respond; and it was because JongHyun was sleeping
  • Doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle
  • Key has said it’s not that JongHyun cries a lot, he just cries properly after he starts once
  • Wrote the lyrics for Juliette and 욕 (Obsession), and contributed to Up&Down,  and 악 (Shout Out!).


Birth Name: Kim KiBum
Birth Date: September 23, 1991
Birth Place: Daegu, South Korea
Family: parents

  • When nervous, his voice changes to a higher pitch
  • Key passed the physical for the military service in October 2010 and received a 1st grade
  • Loved the story of Rapunzel when he was younger
  • He would love to work forever, he’s a workaholic.
  • His first love was in elementary school. They’re still friends
  • Gets angry when the other members don’t eat food he prepared
  • Key’s favorite color is pink, recently, he especially loves coral pink
  • Hates carrots
  • Most proficient at Japanese
  • Enjoys drawing/painting
  • JongHyun and Onew were originally intimidated by Key because he didn’t smile a lot
  • When he gets excited about something, his Daegu dialect comes out
  • He never treated SNSD as girls
  • He and JongHyun listen to Justin Beiber
  • JongHyun chose Key as the member he’d bring with him to a deserted island
  • Key wears contacts
  • His family was really against him becoming a singer
  • Is allergic to ice
  • When asked who nags more than their own moms, even Key chose himself
  • He can learn a dance move after only seeing it once.
  • His hairstyle for Lucifer was thought up a year before the concept would actually fit it.
  • Fans will often give him keys as gifts. One time, he got keys to a car, but the fan didn’t tell him where the car was.


Birth Name: Choi MinHo
Birth Date: December 9, 1991
Birth Place:  Incheon, South Korea
Family: older brother, parents

  • If he doesn’t have any missed calls or messages when he wakes, he gets disappointed
  • Was always late to class in high school
  • Can never sit in one place and study
  • Would rather people make the decision because he fears people won’t like the decision he makes
  • Felt honored his first dating rumor was with DBSK’s ChangMin
  • Had a girlfriend in elementary school
  • Key bought him One Piece merchandise while they were in Japan
  • He won a car during Dream Team
  • Is the neatest when it comes to packing
  • He’s the worst in the band at speaking Japanese
  • He feels awkward when he’s not with SHINee
  • He sleeps the most
  • SHINee’s manager, KyeongShik’s, favorite member is MinHo because he listens the best
  • He’s very cautious about what he says, so he doesn’t talk a lot
  • Has high standards, normally when they’re watching girl groups, he’ll just say they sort of look pretty.
  • Works out regularly
  • During their trainee days, MinHo used to show his friends pictures of TaeMin and ask them is he was cute
  • He composes most of his own raps


Birth Name: Lee TaeMin
Birth Date: July 18, 1993
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: older brother, parents

  • Always loses things when he starts a collection, so he doesn’t collect anything
  • MinHo and JongHyun think even though Key will get married first, TaeMin will have a baby first
  • TaeMin is so forgetful; the other members hid his cell phone. He spent a long time looking for it
  • His teacher once told him he wasn’t very bright, but was hard-working
  • If he doesn’t eat rice, no matter how much he eats, he’ll feel as if he ate nothing
  • Thanks to JongHyun and MinHo, he now likes to exercise
  • TaeMin thought the name of the restaurant TGI Fridays stood for “Today’s Great Item”
  • Always hungry in the middle of the night, he’ll often wake up one of his members and ask them to cook for him.
  • He has poor eyesight
  • He used to play sports with MinHo, but gave up after MinHo kept beating him.
  • He’s saved a cat from getting run over by cars
  • He only takes about five minutes to get dressed in the morning
  • He has two puppies named Adam and Eve