It’s SHINee, Sherlock

SHINee’s “Sherlock,” forgive me if I keyboard smash for a second here rnwe,jkfhnae<Sdkm>qadN<faNV DZ V.ASFV NXMA H          d fsjd..  Okay, all better now.  This song is AWESOME!  Getting the least important thing out of the way first, the girl in the MV is SNSD’s Jessica, if you didn’t know, now you do.

Next is my Key bias.  If you guys know me at all you should have known this was coming.  Alas, even with my raging metaphorical hard on for Key I cannot and will not accept those shorts over those tights.  Nope, sorry.  I love you Key, but I reject your reality and insert my own.

TaeMin’s hair kinda killed me this time around and not in the ovary exploding way.  It was hot in “Lucifer” but this time around it was just hanging there, limp… I didn’t like it, until he sexed it up.  I may have spoken too soon, you guys choose.

Floppy hair… such a disappointment

When he touches himself like that, it’s not so bad

TaeMin decided to be a kink whore in this MV and exploited two of my biggest perving points.  You guys may remember me talking about my love for instruments, violins in particular, well TaeMin whored that one out.  Also, bitches love fedoras and if not fedoras it’s top hats.  Friggin’ TaeMin.  Whore.  Thank you!  I love you!

Insert a Kinki Jinki joke here.  You know someone will eventually macro this into something like this…

Kinki Jinki is ready to search you for clues

All I see is the dance for Girl’s Generation “The Boys” can’t you just hear “Girl’s Generation make you feel the heat” to this dance move?

More Key bias!  Can he even see?  It doesn’t matter, he’s hot.  Plus that “freeze” did something hard to ovaries.  I love you Key.

Lips! My ovaries!!!!

My favorite part of the MV other than the dance would have to be the BlingKey/JongKey moment.  They’re singing at the same time but it honestly looks like Key is nagging his hubby and JongHyun doesn’t want to hear it.

Key: You left your dishes in the sink again, Jjong!       JongHyun: *facepalm*

The dances are awesome, though nothing I would really recommend doing in the car.  You can do Key’s “freeze” and you might be able to pretend to do his jumps in his rap at the end, but no epic walking during the chorus.  You’d damage your car.

Do this in the car

Not this

How’s SHINee do as Sherlock?

Ring Ding Dong with SHINee

“Ring Ding Dong” is a most wonderful and glorious song.  I warn you I may end up keyboard smashing again because this song is lip porn central.  If I were going to make a lip porno I would start with this music video.  Anyways, the lyrics are about how these guys really like a girl and she’s all they can think about.  The music video on the other hand has no plot, but again, who cares.  They’re hot.

Highlight one, JongHyun’s blonde hair and freckle.  One JongHyun is just a friggin’ pile of sex with his hair blonde like that.  Two, I have a thing for freckles, so that freckle on his chest is just sexy as sin.  By the way, it’s mine, you can look but unless you’re Key, no touching.

See it highlighted in red? Unf

Highlight two, Key’s perpetually sexed hair and lip porn.  I have to liken Key’s hair to that of a sex God’s because of how friggin’ sexy it is.  Secondly, his lips are sinful, even more so when he touches them like that.  I want him to touch me like that, or with those lips.



Highlight three, JongKey double lip porn.  They do this one after the other.  I could stare at this gif for ages and probably orgasm without ever touching myself.

Highlight four, MinHo with long hair.  Unf.

Highlight five, TaeMin’s lack of attention span.  He’s so interested in that butterfly it’s like he forgot they were filming a music video.


I love too much about the dances in this music video.  If you ask me the entire music video is awesome but to pick a few dances I’d have to say the “Hump” dance they do as well as the “Lock It” dance.  During the “lock it” part of the song, they use their right arm and go low across their body then up, then low across their body and down.  Watch the gif to learn more.  The “Hump” dance is done during the chorus.  Put your right hand out in front of you, lean down a little and do a body roll up.  It’s too hard to explain, just stare at the pretty gifs. Happy dancing, or staring!

Did SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong do it for you?

SHINee’s Noona is So Pretty

SHINee’s debut song, “누나 너무 예뻐 (Replay)” was hard for me to watch.  They just look so little and I know how far into the land of jailbait TaeMin was, so it was difficult, but I did it for you guys.  The lyrics are about how these guys can love you; even though they’re young they’re sincere.  Now, as a noona fan myself, that kills me.  I just want to hug them and let them prove themselves as men (which can be taken as innocently or perversely as you like).  So I can confidently say, because of this song, it is SHINee’s fault that they set a plague of pedo on themselves.  As for the music video’s plot, the boys set up an event for their noona in order to confess to her.  By the way, the noona is Victoria from F(x).

Look how little they were

Victoria from F(x)

Highlight one, Onew’s hat.  I know I haven’t really said much about Onew in the other reviews (if anything at all) but he used to be my favorite (not sure why anymore.  I still love the guy, but I just like Key and JongHyun better now).  Anyways, Onew’s hat is cute and he pulls it off well.

Highlight two, JongHyun.  He doesn’t age.  He looks exactly the same now as he did in this music video.  I just say he has looked about 22 since debut.

Highlight three, TaeMin.  First thing I noticed (other than him being so little) was the Harry Potter necklace.  Sorry, I know I’m random but I noticed it.  Second, what’s with the crotch shot and hip thrust?  TaeMin is like 14 here, should he be able to do that?  Oh well, bask in pedoland with me.

Bad picture of their faces, but I want you looking at the necklace

So what do you think, will you be SHINee’s noona?

Can SHINee bring out the Lucifer in you?

This music video will be hard for me to review considering every time I see it my reaction is as follows: bvmsdhfv.wnffd/jbndzhjmcbvdsulvjfxdo.fbwe a,kvujzio;b z,jdfnfcbsd,jjvc xb,vujxd.  But I worked hard to review it, so forgive me if more keyboard smashes appear randomly.  Firstly, the lyrics.  The lyrics are about how these guys love you so much and they’re not going to leave you but you’re getting a little crazy.  You’re trying to lock that shit down and they say they need to be free to love you right.  Now I understand the idea of wanting to lock that shit down, but for their sake I guess we should loosen the chains a little.  But just a little.

Music video has no plot, but who needs a plot with all the eye candy.  Highlight one, TaeMin’s hair.  OMFG UNF! Fbjkanvlbn vewk,jaf kjadhvnwb f fk,ndfgWKJNFLWS.  I will rape that boy.


Highlight two, the budget cuts for JongHyun’s clothes.  Where the hell did the back of his shirt go?  Oh, well, more to perv on.  Me gusta.

Enjoy some arms and an unf face too

Highlight three, Key.  First off, where did his hair go?  I was shocked and didn’t like it at first, but he really pulled it off well.  It was sexy and hot and just unf. Ksjbdw,mdnw;anf,d.  Sorry, had to recover from that.  Secondly, his smirk.  I have a thing for smirks and I have a special place in my biasland/lady parts for Key so to see Key smirking was A –MAY-ZING!  Holy fuck!!!!



As for the dance, I love almost all the dances in this song.  First off at the beginning with all the music beats they do this hand dance that’s just so hot on them.  I wish I could explain more but if I watch it again to explain it to you I’ll keyboard smash again.  My favorite has got to be the “Pointing” dance.  They have their hands next to them, index fingers pointing up.  They move one direction and stop like a robot, then the other.  It’s so nskjvbsmlskjfn cool.  Sorry, I lost it again there for a second.  Anyway, please enjoy this music video!

Can SHINee be your Lucifer?

Are you the Juliette to SHINee’s Romeo?

SHINee’s “Juliette” was awesome!  It’s a love song to their girl Juliette, so those of us not named Juliette just ignore that part of the song (though it’s the title, haha).  The music video plays up the masked ball in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” by having the SHINee boys and the girl wearing masks.


Highlight one, ORIGINAL SHINee pants, bishes!  I know I’ve mentioned some other bands that stole clothes from SHINee’s closet, but this is where they come from.  Hooray for bright, tight pants.

Welcome to the original Crayola box

Highlight two, JongHyun’s voice but since that can’t be screen capped I will amend highlight two to JongHyun’s mouth.  This man has a hard time keeping his mouth closed and it used to drive me crazy (and not in a sexual way, I just wanted to go over and close his mouth for him).  Now, I’ve realized it’s just a wonderful indicator of his prowess in bed.  He’s demonstrating his skills for us.  Bask in the glory of JongHyun’s mouth, I know I will.


Highlight three, TaeMin.  There’s plenty to praise.  First, being the eternal jailbait (he’s legal now, but he wasn’t in this music video) he’s so pretty.  Second, I love his blue contacts, they made him look so friggin’ hot.  Third, why the hip thrust, no one else does it?  Why make the youngest do such a hard hip thrust?  I think he just gave pedobear a concussion.  Regardless, me gusta.

Blue contacts! Squee~

BAM! In your face Pedobear!

As for the dance, there is so much going on in this music video that I can’t even pick a scene to screen cap or gif.  The easiest thing to do is the “girl” dance.  When they say “Juliette” use your hands and make the outline of a woman, or an hourglass, whichever you choose.  Happy dancing!

Will you be SHINee’s Juliette?