EXID wants to be with you Every Night

EXID, my loves!!!  “Every Night” is a good song with a weird ass music video.  So these girls make some sort of liquid concoction out of peppers and break the vials???

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They toast the dude, their enemy, before they attack though.  These are classy ladies.


The slow motion sneezes killed me.  Too much, guys.  Too much.  Then the dude just sits there, getting soaked with the sneezes… Eww….

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My very first reaction to this MV was WTF is with those masks.  This was before I knew what they had done…


I’m iffy on the white shirts and black bras.  Can’t tell if I count that as sexy or not.  For now, I’ll just think on it….


My favorite thing about this MV had to be the slow motion effects of them making this stuff.  The blender and filling the vials, it reminded me of Dexter’s opening.  Normal things seeming all creepy and menacing because it’s slowmo.  It was pretty epic.

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Lazy with dance gifs again, sorry.

Do you want to be with EXID Every Night?