Whoz That Girl? It’s EXID!

I love EXID and “Whoz That Girl,” this is such a badass song.  The plot of the MV is a guy breaks up with one of these girls and then they all fuck with him.  I don’t know if they’re invisible or just magical but they try and ruin this guy’s day.  It’s funny and awesome.

She looks like a scolded puppy after being broken up with

I am in love with Yuzi.  She is gorgeous and has that powerful voice.  I think she’s awesome!  Here I go finding another girl I’d go lesbian for.

JungHwa and her dance segment.  She’s cute but dances well.

LE is boss and has a chainsaw.  Don’t mess with her.  Plus is kinda love her hair.

Hani is my bias here.  She’s so cute!  She tries to smirk and it doesn’t work so well at first.  It works better the second time.  I like to say that awkward turtle made an appearance as a smirk.

Awkward Turtle here saying hello in smirk form

Did EXID find out Whoz That Girl?

Dal Shabet will Hit U

I don’t actually watch many girl group music videos and I never really liked Dal Shabet but I can honestly say these girls did a great job!  I love “Hit U.”  The lyrics are about how a boyfriend broke up with them and wants them back now.  But these girls want revenge for how bad he hurt them and they want to show him what he’ll be missing for the rest of his life.  As for the MV plot, she gets revenge by killing the guy.

Firstly, Serri looks a lot like SunYe from Wonder Girls.  They’re both beautiful, so that’s a compliment.



Secondly, SuBin looks like Sulli from f(x).  They’re both adorable, plus SuBin has a very strong voice, I was very impressed.



JiYul kicks ass in this MV.  First off, she’s beautiful and plays the lead role well, second, that smirk is so worth it.  I love it when girls can smirk.  No ovary explosion, but that keeps with the woman code.  Thank you for a smirk that satisfies my soul.

JiYul is beautiful

Smirk on my friend!

We get some lip service from GaEun.  I know she doesn’t actually touch her lips but it’s close enough the be sexy.

Lastly, WTF is with the pink blood!  It looks so fake I had to stop from laughing.  Still a great MV though, pink blood and all.

All the blood I've ever seen was red, not pink.

Did Dal Shabet’s song Hit U?

Teen Top is Crazy!

TEEN TOP YAY!!! I love this band though half of them are on the jailbait list, they are yummy.  The music video plot is L.Joe confessing to his girlfriend, she turns him down, then he spends most of the music video chasing her.  Turns out she was just embarrassed to agree in front of his friends.

Together at last!

A general thing that I liked about this song is the mixing of rap into the song.  Usually Teen Top has a set part in the middle of the song for a rap, here they mixed it all in.  So I like that part.  As for things I can screen cap, have some CAP smirking.

Creeper smirk, I love you CAP

First thing I noticed was my lack of Niel.  I’m Niel biased and they took him almost completely out of the song (well compared to all the other Teen Top songs).  He only sings the chorus and doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but here are some nice lip wipes.  Thanks for still providing for your pervy noona Niel!

My ovaries are orgasming, I didn't know they could do that


ChangJo started the song and he usually doesn’t get much screen time, so congrats ChangJo!

L.Joe is one pile of sex and unf in the song.  He looks amazing with that fluffy hair and I’m happy he IS legal.  Also, he smirks and my ovaries exploded all over the walls.  Sorry, I’ll clean that up later.

My hands need to be tangled in that hair

Damn you L.Joe, my ovaries are gone!

ChunJi and his inability to retain testosterone due to his excessive winking condition.  He looks cute and kinda like a pirate here.


My favorite part of this song is by far the “stop breaking my heart” dance.  Though I should call it the stop breaking my “heart” dance.  Boys, I believe that’s your penis, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.  Enjoy the yummy gif of jailbait and their sincere “hearts.”

So are you Crazy for Teen Top yet?

NS Yoon G has her Reasons for Becoming a Witch

NS Yoon G just came back with this song “The Reason I Became a Witch” and I approve.  She used to scare me because she seemed too fake and WAY to skinny but here she looks great and sounds great.  The lyrics are about how a guy stole her innocence and corrupted her.  He’s the reason she became a witch.

I like the blonde hair on her.  She’s hot.  Oh, I guess the lip bite helps.

One of my favorite parts of this song can’t be screen capped but you can hear it.  It’s the witch laugh, but it’s more of a giggle.  It’s so cute and funny.  I just really love that part.  Back to screen caps, Cat Girl YoonG is flexible, no?


I found out that girls’ smirks could turn me on too.  Good to know.


You guys knew this part was coming.  I’m always perving on music videos and people so you had to know this part was coming.  There’s a guy in chains.  You knew I’d screen cap that (should be said in the same tone as “I’d tap that”).  Also, YoonG has her whip ready for him.  Whips and chains oh my!  I like where this is going.

Me gusta

Passionfruit! Sorry, it's my safety word

Are you the Reason YoonG Became a Witch or are you the cure to her evil ways?

Can SHINee bring out the Lucifer in you?

This music video will be hard for me to review considering every time I see it my reaction is as follows: bvmsdhfv.wnffd/jbndzhjmcbvdsulvjfxdo.fbwe a,kvujzio;b z,jdfnfcbsd,jjvc xb,vujxd.  But I worked hard to review it, so forgive me if more keyboard smashes appear randomly.  Firstly, the lyrics.  The lyrics are about how these guys love you so much and they’re not going to leave you but you’re getting a little crazy.  You’re trying to lock that shit down and they say they need to be free to love you right.  Now I understand the idea of wanting to lock that shit down, but for their sake I guess we should loosen the chains a little.  But just a little.

Music video has no plot, but who needs a plot with all the eye candy.  Highlight one, TaeMin’s hair.  OMFG UNF! Fbjkanvlbn vewk,jaf kjadhvnwb f fk,ndfgWKJNFLWS.  I will rape that boy.


Highlight two, the budget cuts for JongHyun’s clothes.  Where the hell did the back of his shirt go?  Oh, well, more to perv on.  Me gusta.

Enjoy some arms and an unf face too

Highlight three, Key.  First off, where did his hair go?  I was shocked and didn’t like it at first, but he really pulled it off well.  It was sexy and hot and just unf. Ksjbdw,mdnw;anf,d.  Sorry, had to recover from that.  Secondly, his smirk.  I have a thing for smirks and I have a special place in my biasland/lady parts for Key so to see Key smirking was A –MAY-ZING!  Holy fuck!!!!



As for the dance, I love almost all the dances in this song.  First off at the beginning with all the music beats they do this hand dance that’s just so hot on them.  I wish I could explain more but if I watch it again to explain it to you I’ll keyboard smash again.  My favorite has got to be the “Pointing” dance.  They have their hands next to them, index fingers pointing up.  They move one direction and stop like a robot, then the other.  It’s so nskjvbsmlskjfn cool.  Sorry, I lost it again there for a second.  Anyway, please enjoy this music video!

Can SHINee be your Lucifer?