Be Ma Girl says Teen Top

Teen Top is back with “Be Ma Girl” and you’re going to have to give me a minute to fan girl. NfkwA,hjsdfhbhsjlsfmj< HKJQAKzhdgUJnfhsdkjfKhhfbeid,avenbdsz,flhnds,v.  Okay, I think I’m better now.  Let’s start with some yummy hips.  Thanks C.A.P.


Ricky hopped on the blue hair train with B2ST’s JunHyung and Big Bang’s TOP.  It suits him, but I’m getting tired of it.








C.A.P. and L.Joe’s Bromance.  I love it.


I love the glow in the dark theme.  It’s so cool and fun!  I just want to join them.

10 11

How can L.Joe be so hot?  Not the lips!!! Don’t do this to me!

2. 12

ChunJi I love you; again with the losing testosterone with every wink; then the members become interested by some girls and ChunJi lacks enough testosterone to care about anything other than Niel.


Speaking of Niel, look at his hair!!!  I had a hard time at first getting used to it but now I love it.  I guess that’s why we call it a bias.

3 4

The heart collage was so clever, I wanna do that now.


The kick dance.  I could never do it.  I’d end up making out with the floor.  Regardless, have fun and happy dancing.


Are you willing to Be Teen Top’s Girl?

Teen Top dedicates this song To You

Teen Top is back with this frickin’ catchy song “To You,” and I’m in love again.  How can this song be so catchy? I just end up humming it… It’s beginning to work on my nerves, but then I remember the sexy, wet jailbait of Niel and I get over it.

Okay, let’s get my extreme Niel bias out of the way; I apparently have a thing for guys in headbands (let’s add that to my list of kinks) and Niel looks great in one.  Also, adorably fluffy hair, this is when I want to keep Niel as a pet, and not the sexual kind either.

That headband kills me

Fluffy hair!!!! He’s so cute!!!

Last Niel I promise, that body roll.  I will enjoy my cell in prison if I get a piece of that before I go.

Unf unf unf

Next, ChangJo is getting pretty hot, still jailbait, but soon to be jailbait I’d go to jail for.  Also, what’s up with spiky clothes, they’re in a lot of MVs lately.

Blond C.A.P. just hurts.  It doesn’t look bad; it just shocked me and will take a while to get used to.

Jailbait lip wipe alert.  Ricky does a damn fine job.  No exploding ovaries on my part, but I did get that warm, fuzzy feeling.  Bravo.

Warm fuzzies~

Other than Niel, there are two more things that I absolutely LOVE about this MV, first, L.Joe.  That man is turning into a pile of sweaty, sexy, steaming sex. The beat up look with the abuse of guyliner turns into an abuse of my ovaries.


Second would be the JoeJi (L.Joe and ChunJi).  They were all up in each other’s faces, supposedly fighting over a girl, but who cares, all I could think was “JUST KISS!!!!”

Last, as usual is the dance.   During the “ooo” part there’s some fancy footwork, I’ll put the gif here, but there is NO way I could do that, let alone teach you.

What I suggest for the car dancers is the “shoulder dance.”  During the chorus you pull down you jacket or just pretend if you don’t have one and violently shake your shoulders.  It looks better in the gif than I can explain it.  Happy dancing!

Did Teen Top get through To You?

Teen Top is Crazy!

TEEN TOP YAY!!! I love this band though half of them are on the jailbait list, they are yummy.  The music video plot is L.Joe confessing to his girlfriend, she turns him down, then he spends most of the music video chasing her.  Turns out she was just embarrassed to agree in front of his friends.

Together at last!

A general thing that I liked about this song is the mixing of rap into the song.  Usually Teen Top has a set part in the middle of the song for a rap, here they mixed it all in.  So I like that part.  As for things I can screen cap, have some CAP smirking.

Creeper smirk, I love you CAP

First thing I noticed was my lack of Niel.  I’m Niel biased and they took him almost completely out of the song (well compared to all the other Teen Top songs).  He only sings the chorus and doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but here are some nice lip wipes.  Thanks for still providing for your pervy noona Niel!

My ovaries are orgasming, I didn't know they could do that


ChangJo started the song and he usually doesn’t get much screen time, so congrats ChangJo!

L.Joe is one pile of sex and unf in the song.  He looks amazing with that fluffy hair and I’m happy he IS legal.  Also, he smirks and my ovaries exploded all over the walls.  Sorry, I’ll clean that up later.

My hands need to be tangled in that hair

Damn you L.Joe, my ovaries are gone!

ChunJi and his inability to retain testosterone due to his excessive winking condition.  He looks cute and kinda like a pirate here.


My favorite part of this song is by far the “stop breaking my heart” dance.  Though I should call it the stop breaking my “heart” dance.  Boys, I believe that’s your penis, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.  Enjoy the yummy gif of jailbait and their sincere “hearts.”

So are you Crazy for Teen Top yet?

Clap for Teen Top

This music video is older, but I still remember everything that stuck out to me the first time.  After watching this video, I was ready and waiting for anything Teen Top came out with, though I must ring the JAILBAIT alarm again.  The oldest member was born in 1992 and the youngest in 1995, so there are two members who are jailbait right now.

Some things that stood out were Niel and his hat and glove.  They are so sexy, plus who can deny Niel and his lips?  If you can, GTFO.  Also CAP and his abs.  Holy crap, why does a guy born in 1992 who was 18 at the time have abs like that?  At least he was legal the entire time though.  I feel a little less guilty and a little less pedo.

Legal Abs, yummy

I also have a thing for violins (any musical instrument really, but violins are among my favorites), so L.Joe and that violin just made me all sorts of happy. As for personalities, CAP and his sexy breath and wannabe intense rap sticks out.  He was trying to go for that Taecyeon intensity but by the time he got there, Niel was singing over him, poor guy.

Violin = happy


This music video has no plot.  A school, a girl, an airplane and these guys are going crazy because they like her?  It’s insanity.  The music video and lyrics have virtually nothing to do with each other, if you can relate them, I’ll let you live in your delusion, otherwise just watch it for the jailbait and eye candy.

Random girl for lack of plotting

As for the dancing, I liked it.  One of my favorite parts is when Niel is singing his “Oh oh oh” and he moves his hand in front of his face.  I feel like he’s that kid in the classroom trying to answer his teacher’s question but gets distracted by a butterfly.  In this case the butterfly is his hand and the teacher’s question is the chorus of the song, but you get my point.  They also have this really cool foot dance that I love.  I’d break my legs trying to do it, because I’d lose my footing one way or another.

Look it's a hand!

Feet are going somewhere, they on the other hand, aren't

As for learning the dance to this song, go for the chorus.  During the “cra-crazy” part take your right hand and put it to your head, then shove your head around like your crazy, but do it on beat.  Then during the “cl- cl- cl- cla- cla- clap mad man” put your left hand over your right in front of you and clap them like a monster eating something.  Clap them five times to the beat, then put your left hand up by your shoulder, like you’re going to shrug, put your right hand down by your hip then bring them together to clap again.  All this is done on beat.  It’s a little hard to explain, but easy to do if you watch the music video.  Happy dancing!


Will Teen Top make it to the top?  Will you clap for them?

There’s no more perfume on me, how about Teen Top?

향수 뿌리지마 or No More Perfume On You, is Teen Top’s third single.  I love this song, it’s so damn catchy.  This song is like a dream come true for people like Redeim and I.  The younger boys can have their girlfriends, but we get to play with them whenever we want and we don’t have the full time job of babysitting a younger boyfriend.  I approve of this song and it’s message!  Kind of….

My heart melted

Okay, first impressions, WTF ChunJi?  ChunJi is adorable and cute, ergo he’s gay, and a bottom, so how the hell is he supposed to have a girlfriend, let alone be cheating on her with another girl?  ChunJi wishes he had that much testosterone, but every time he winks or touches his lips, a little more leeches out of him.

Leeched out when next to a girl, see?

In second place comes CAP.  I know I keep mentioning that he looks like Dalmatian’s Inati, but here I go again.  He looks just like him in “Lover Cop.”  L.Joe does his lip thing for me again, but otherwise not that much actually stood out.  Not even my bias, Niel.



Why do you do this to my ovaries L.Joe?

Plot, there is tons of it in this music video.  The song is about Teen Top telling their noona to stop spraying perfume, because then their girlfriend will find out.  In the music video, ChunJi’s the player, somehow.  To avoid issues, he gives his girlfriend and noona the same perfume.  Someone thinks they’re slick don’t they?  In the end he gets caught, but he smiles about it.  What’s up with that?

Texting his noona while his girlfriend is watching

You caught me! It's true, I have a second fag hag!

As for the dance, the only part that really sticks out is when they say “Noona’s body is really really sexy” and they ease their hands into their back pockets and turn around all slow and creeper-like.  There is one live performance (Redeim and I aren’t crazy, we just can’t find it anymore) where CAP turns around with this “hello children” smile on his face and it was amazing!!!  If we ever come across it again, we’ll be sure to link it.

Proof he has a creeper smile! "Hello children!"

Learning a dance for this isn’t that hard.  During the chorus when they say “don’t spray perfume” take your right thumb and index finger and pick up your collar.  Move your collar like you’re sniffing it and then pull it away slowly.  Then the next time, do it again with the other hand.  Again, I’m not good at describing these things; watch the music video and you’ll get it.  This is a car safe dance if you’ve mastered driving one handed so dance on!!!

So, are you going to stop wearing that perfume or will you get Teen Top in trouble?

I’m Supa in Luv with Teen Top

Supa Luv was Teen Top’s second single and I’ll be honest the first thing the stuck out to me was Eric.  Yes, Shinhwa’s Eric.  I had thought he was still in the military when this music video came out so my lady parts were all kinds of excited when I saw him.


Second thing that stood out was the amount of “unf” in Niel and CAP’s hair.  Niel (he’s my bias if you can’t tell by now) just looked amazing and CAP’s hair with his guyliner really did it for me.

Neatest sex hair on the planet

Guyliner and blue streaks, be still my exploding ovaries

Thirdly, WTF ChunJi?  Why didn’t I notice you in the first music video?  He’s so friggin’ pretty and cute here.  Winks and lips?  What’s a girl to do?

My heart just exploded!

Lips!!! Squee~

Lastly is a tie between ChangJo, actually getting screen time, and L.Joe and his lips and pink hair.  I have a thing for men touching their lips, and L.Joe, unlike ChangJo, is legal, so I might have to give this last spot to L.Joe.  Sorry ChangJo, your consolation prize is still a picture in this post.

My heart can't take much more of this

His consolation prize

As for the music video having a plot, there actually is one.  I had to re-watch to find it, but there is one.  Eric activates his six agents, Teen Top, to go find a girl.  The song is about these boys and how super their love is, so maybe this girl is supposed to be their target…practice?  Who knows?  All I know is that I’m proud that I found plot, sort of.

As for the dancing, I love this entire music video for it’s dancing.  The actual Supa Luv dance is like a sprinkler, and then the ovaries exploding dance, or full belly dance, whichever you want to call it is awesome.

Ovaries exploding/Full belly dance

For the Supa Luv dance, put your right arm straight up in the arm, and your left arm straight out to your left (if you’re in your car please modify accordingly for passengers or doors).  Then bring your right arm down and put your right hand to your ear, pointing your elbow out in front of you, use your left arm like a DJ scratching a record.  Do it all on beat and you’re golden.  For the ovaries exploding dance/full belly dance during the “oh” part put your hands on you ovaries, for men put them on your lower stomach, lean back into an odd position and sway your shoulders to the beat.  Again, for car dancers modify accordingly.  Happy Dancing!

What do you think?  Are Teen Top Supa Luvers?