Just Dance with NS YoonJi

I had actually never listened to “Just Dance” before this and I must say I like the song.  Again, I think YoonJi is too skinny, but I like the song.  She’s too little to be in that red dress.  She’s too skinny and the dress is big and flows too much.  It practically drowns her.  I’m so happy you looked healthy in “Reason I Became a Witch!”

She can’t win for me in this MV.  She’s either too tan or too pale.  Her skin is bronzed or something and it looks odd for her.  Then that blonde wig makes her skin look gray and she just looks sickly…



I love the strobe light earrings.

I think that outfit is perfect for her.  She looks healthy and she looks comfortable.  It’s so cute and suits her.  I approve!

I whip my hair back and forth?  I couldn’t resist the eye candy.

The dance is pretty easy.  Put your right hand over your heart and sway your head, then pop your hips on beat.  I know I get lazy with these things.  I am assuming you are watching these MVs and not just listening to me ramble about them.  Happy Dancing!

Did you enjoy your Dance with NS YoonJi?