NS Yoon G has her Reasons for Becoming a Witch

NS Yoon G just came back with this song “The Reason I Became a Witch” and I approve.  She used to scare me because she seemed too fake and WAY to skinny but here she looks great and sounds great.  The lyrics are about how a guy stole her innocence and corrupted her.  He’s the reason she became a witch.

I like the blonde hair on her.  She’s hot.  Oh, I guess the lip bite helps.

One of my favorite parts of this song can’t be screen capped but you can hear it.  It’s the witch laugh, but it’s more of a giggle.  It’s so cute and funny.  I just really love that part.  Back to screen caps, Cat Girl YoonG is flexible, no?


I found out that girls’ smirks could turn me on too.  Good to know.


You guys knew this part was coming.  I’m always perving on music videos and people so you had to know this part was coming.  There’s a guy in chains.  You knew I’d screen cap that (should be said in the same tone as “I’d tap that”).  Also, YoonG has her whip ready for him.  Whips and chains oh my!  I like where this is going.

Me gusta

Passionfruit! Sorry, it's my safety word

Are you the Reason YoonG Became a Witch or are you the cure to her evil ways?