Heo Youngsaeng is Crying

Heo YoungSaeng is back with this new song “Crying” and it’s not that bad.  I’m not a huge YoungSaeng fan, but I approve of this one.  This song is about how YoungSaeng misses his girl and wants to see her again, but can’t.   He finds a girl’s dress, but no girl; YoungSaeng, I don’t think that’ll fit you.

First observation, didn’t HyunSeung have that hairstyle during B2ST’s “Shock” era.

Youngsaeng’s new haircut

HyunSeung during B2ST’s “Shock” era

I love how the plates of his car represent his name and the date of this single, clever.

Shirt, jacket and glove, YoungSaeng is looking mighty fine nowadays.

He looks delicious

White pants.  I, myself, am a thigh woman and thighs look great in white pants.  Particularly YoungSaeng’s thighs.

Thighs + White pants = A match made in heaven

Hip thrusts, always a good thing, and in a group, even better.

The dance is pretty easy, watch the gif, but really just ball your right hand into a fist, put it out straight in front of you, then move it to the right.  After that, use your left hand and virtually face palm your forehead.  Not really good for car dancers, but with proper coordination and practice, it is possible.

Does YoungSaeng have you Crying?

YoungSaeng really Let It Go!

First impressions, I really don’t like YoungSaeng so I didn’t want to watch the music video.  My consolation prize was going to be HyunA.  I love HyunA and though I am straight, I would so tap that.  She is unf.  So, I was pretty surprised that here was no HyunA in this music video.  There was some other chick and she even lip-syncs HyunA’s parts, WTF?  Now I really don’t want to see it.

This bitch is NOT HyunA!

HyunA is so much prettier than her

I did watch it for you guys and I can say me gusta the black suit.  It was hot.  The black suit, red hair and glasses combination really worked for YoungSaeng.  So I guess I can perv on the guy.  Sadly, I didn’t really find anything else that stood out to me.  Sorry, only one highlight.

Unf, I dig the suit!

The lyrics and plot of the music video are pretty similar.  It’s about how YoungSaeng always ignores the girl and acts aloof and all that crap.  She wants him, he wants her, they’ve been together a few times but they like to play this game.

Walking off all pissed because YoungSaeng ignored her

As for the dancing, I like the “Bitch get out of my face” dance.  He does it during the “let it go” part of his chorus.  Take your right hand and cover the right side of your face.  Now take your hand and push it out to your right side, like you’re saying “whatever” to someone.  (That was common when I was younger, I don’t really know abut the crowd I’m writing for, though).  Anyways, repeat as many times as he says, “let it go.”  Happy dancing!

Did YoungSaeng Let it Go, or did he do a good job with his first solo?