SS501 has ushered you a Warning

*No screen caps because the video is old and bad quality, sorry.
“Warning” was SS501’s debut song and OMFG they were so little!!!!  They just look so young it killed me.  Not only did they look so little but according to the song they were being two timed by their girl and now they have no intention of forgiving her.  How can such little guys bear such a grudge?  (The funniest thing about this is, they’re all older than me, but I’ still calling them little).

As for impressions I can’t give you much.  I love the song, but nothing was very outstanding in this music video.  The only thing that killed me was JungMin in that white hat, but then again, JungMin in any hat has that effect on me.

I hope you enjoy SS501 and their work.  Maybe someday they’ll get back together as a band, if not then we always have these music videos to serve as our memories.  Enjoy!

Are you going to heed SS501’s Warning?

SS501 has Unlocked something new

*This music video is too old and the quality is bad so no screen caps.  Sorry.

SS501’s “Unlock” was awesome!  I love this song and to this day I will still rock this in my car.  The lyrics and music video have nothing to do with each other and there isn’t much meaning, so just ignore that part of the song and let’s move onto impressions and highlights.

Just going to ease on by this part of the review with a smile

My first impression is how much this music video reminds me of DBSK’s “Tri-Angle,” with all the extravagant outfits and whatnot.  It’s not a bad thing, I just noticed it.  Besides, I love “Tri-Angle” I don’t mind the reminder.



Second impression is how much YoungSaeng’s hair looks like JaeJoong’s in DBSK’s “The Way U Are” music video.  I know I’m comparing the two bands a lot, but they were in competition with each other, and they are similar so it’s only fitting.  I love both SS501 and DBSK equally and yes, that is possible.



Lastly, HyunJoong is friggin’ sexy as sin with his hair like that.  I saw him and then had lady wood.  What’s a girl to do?  He’s so friggin’ hot!!!!


Some other random thoughts and things to watch for in the music video are JungMin’s man on man face time section.  He’s nice and close to another guy and it was pleasant.  Also, HyungJun can hit some nice high notes.  Now I know whose voice I’ve been enjoying so often.  Lastly, it looks fun to paint with motorcycles; maybe I should try it some time…. Maybe that’s not such a good idea, I’m not very artistic.

Has SS501 Unlocked anything inside you?

SS501 are Snow Princes?

“Snow Prince” was the first SS501 song I heard and fell in love with.  It’s an older music video so I warn you now, there will be no screen caps, just pictures and the music video link at the bottom.  Anyways, this song is barfable, but in a good way.  They want to confess their feelings to you and become your prince!  The music video on the other hand has different plans.  It was about them auditioning for something or other with this song.  Regardless, it’s cute.

Highlight one, KyuJong’s hat.  It’s so cute and makes him look adorable.  I just want to hug him, and that’s usually not where my fantasies end, but this one ends right there.

Feast on the hat and glasses

Highlights two and three are both JungMin.  The first are those glasses and the second that hat.  Yes please, I’ll have another helping of that.

He might not be wearing the hat, but close enough, plus there's still KyuJong

As for the dance I didn’t really see one that stuck out or that you could try, but it’s still an awesome song!  Please love SS501!

Can SS501 be your Snow Prince?

I Love Ya, SS501

Love Ya was SS501’s last song all together, before their contracts expired and they left us wanting more, because this song is hot!  The song is about how these boys keep watching you suffer because of love, and they want you to forget about all those other guys and just come to them.  They’ll love you right (oh, yeah, I said it.  You were thinking it, but I said it.  Love me right any time you want!)  The music video on the other hand is dark and doesn’t really reflect the lyrics, but does it really matter?  They’re hot!

Highlight one, JungMin’s rasp and HyungJun’s high note at the end of the song.  Sadly, no screen caps, so the real highlight one is the mask gloves.  Their teaser photos had them in masks and it was hot, now they’re gloves double as masks.  I like this idea of things doubling.  If the gloves have two uses, how many uses do these boys have?

Mask Glove!

Highlight two, the randomly see through clothes.  All the members have it, but JungMin is my bias, so look at him. Yum.


Highlight three, my ovaries exploding, I mean HyunJoong’s lips.  If you guys know who U-KISS is they do this thing where they wipe their lips and offer it to you (kind of throw it at you) well HyunJoong does the same thing and my ovaries are no more.  This man’s lips are all kinds of sexy.  Sinful, but so, so good.

This hurts to look at, but I can't look it away

There’s not really a dance to learn from this music video, but their hip thrusting stuck out to me (I wonder why).  It was actually kind of awkward.  I guess they weren’t required to have the hip moving skills of some of the current idols like JoKwon, SungJong and KiKwang.  Click on their names if you want to see what I’m talking about.  I do love SS501 though so I will take their hips thrusts where I can find them.  Besides, all they need is a little practice and they’ll get better.  Anyone want to help me train these boys?

Will you let SS501 Love Ya?

SS501 Loves Like This

I love SS501 but I can honestly say that I wasn’t an active follower of them until this song.  I had heard their earlier songs, and I LOVED “Snow Prince” with a passion, but I never watched the music videos.  This was kind of the video that popped my SS501 cherry.

Let’s talk about lyrics and plot.  There is no plot to this music video, it’s five hot guys dancing with each other, we’re free to create our own plot (and trust me I have, many times over).  The lyrics are about loving a girl and how she’s the only one for them.  Replace girl with each other’s names and we can join pervy fandom!

Highlight one, JungMin.  That could be a statement in and of itself, but my bias requires me to elaborate.  He’s just so friggin’ hot in this music video, unf!  Happy JungMin bias?  I said more!

Any ideas?

His lips are amazing

Highlight two, HyungJun and his fluffy, stuck-his-finger-in-a-light-socket hairstyle.  It was so fluffy!


As for the dances, this song makes me bubble with happiness just because of how cute they are.  All the dances I’m talking about are in the chorus.  The first is their heart dance, just draw a heart with your fingers, I love you guys too!  Second is the “Jump Rope” dance.  They (or you if you want to learn it) put their hands out to their sides and make a “come here” motion while jumping up and down, alternating feet.  It’s easier to do than describe.

Jump Rope Dance

The last dance is their “L O V E” dance!  This is the staple of this song for you car dancers.  I’ll try to find a screen cap of each letter, but my patience has its limits.  They use their hands to form the letters “L O V E.”  L is formed with your thumb and index finger.  Your palm should be facing you and your index finger should be horizontal, your thumb facing up.  The “O” is easy; just make the “OK” sign.  The “V” is just a backwards or “cool” peace sign, make sure our palm is facing you.  Last is the “E.”  Put your “V” down, by moving your wrist, so your fingers should be horizontal.  Add your thumb in so you have three fingers up and there you have it.  Happy dancing!

Sorry, I failed my mission

Do you want your Love to be Like This?

YoungSaeng really Let It Go!

First impressions, I really don’t like YoungSaeng so I didn’t want to watch the music video.  My consolation prize was going to be HyunA.  I love HyunA and though I am straight, I would so tap that.  She is unf.  So, I was pretty surprised that here was no HyunA in this music video.  There was some other chick and she even lip-syncs HyunA’s parts, WTF?  Now I really don’t want to see it.

This bitch is NOT HyunA!

HyunA is so much prettier than her

I did watch it for you guys and I can say me gusta the black suit.  It was hot.  The black suit, red hair and glasses combination really worked for YoungSaeng.  So I guess I can perv on the guy.  Sadly, I didn’t really find anything else that stood out to me.  Sorry, only one highlight.

Unf, I dig the suit!

The lyrics and plot of the music video are pretty similar.  It’s about how YoungSaeng always ignores the girl and acts aloof and all that crap.  She wants him, he wants her, they’ve been together a few times but they like to play this game.

Walking off all pissed because YoungSaeng ignored her

As for the dancing, I like the “Bitch get out of my face” dance.  He does it during the “let it go” part of his chorus.  Take your right hand and cover the right side of your face.  Now take your hand and push it out to your right side, like you’re saying “whatever” to someone.  (That was common when I was younger, I don’t really know abut the crowd I’m writing for, though).  Anyways, repeat as many times as he says, “let it go.”  Happy dancing!

Did YoungSaeng Let it Go, or did he do a good job with his first solo?


Summary: SS501, pronounced Double S Oh Kong Il (Double S 501), debuted on June 8, 2005.  Their name stands for Superstar Singer Five Members United as One.  The members consist of HyunJoong, JungMin, KyuJong, YoungSaeng, and HyungJoon.  In 2010, their contract expired from DSP Entertainment and the members have moved on to other management companies, but HyunJoong, the leader, stated they have not disbanded.  Since their disbandment separation in 2010, the members have been pursuing solo careers.

It’s hard to remember exactly what our first impressions were, as we got into SS501 very soon after DBSK and Super Junior in 2006.  I can say I added in the pronunciation so you don’t do what we did, and call them “S-S-5-0-1” instead of “Double S 501.”  I, for some reason, really loved YoungSaeng, and Velexa loved JungMin (for good reason).  I’ve since shifted my bias from YoungSaeng to HyungJoon/JungMin.  HyungJoon because I love his brother (Kim KiBum, a former member of U-KISS), and JungMin because well… It’s JungMin.  He’s damn sexy.  We used to think JungMin was the gayest thing on this side of the universe (In a completely good way), but have come to realize Charisma Horse JungMin has been over-charisma’d by newer idols such as Jo Kwon and Diva Key.  This does not make us love JungMin any less, because it’s damn impossible not to love JungMin.  To make this less JungMin-centered, we do like all their solos, and we both agree HyunJoong is not a good actor.

Member Profile


Birth Name: Kim HyunJoong
Birth Date: June 6, 1986
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Brother, parents
Solo Discography

  • Dropped out of school to pursue music, but returned after debut and in 2011 began attending college
  • His favorite snack is spicy ramen
  • He doesn’t have a twitter because he thinks it’s too difficult to figure out
  • His first kiss was in sixth grade
  • He is not a morning person, he also only gets about four hours of sleep a night
  • Loves apple juice and dislikes tomato juice
  • Questions if aliens will come in 2012
  • He can play drums, guitar, piano, bass, castanets, and triangle
  • Started to walk at nine months old
  • Likes going fishing
  • Finds the word “미쳐 (crazy)” to be very funny
  • Likes to eat samgyupsal (three layered meat) by eating the rice and meat first, then eating the lettuce.


Birth Name: Heo YoungSaeng
Birth Date: November 3, 1986
Birth Place: Jeollabuk, South Korea
Family: Parents
Solo Discography

  • Was originally a trainee in SM Entertainment
  • Gets an average of four-six hours of sleep a night
  • His favorite vegetable is cabbage
  • The first album he ever purchased was H.O.T.
  • Likes fried chicken, dislikes seafood
  • He frequently thinks of aliens


Birth Name: Kim KyuJong
Birth Date: February 24, 1987
Birth Place: Jeollabuk, South Korea
Family: Younger sister, parents
Solo Discography

  • All he seems to think about is food.
  • Is a very light sleeper
  • Doesn’t like carbonated drinks
  • One of the biggest HyunJoong fans
  • When he debuted for SS501, he had already decided it was going to be his last audition
  • His favorite artist is Bi (Rain)
  • He’s always the first to wake up
  • He is afraid of dogs
  • His parent’s married without his grandparents approval; KyuJong wants to marry a girl his parents agree with
  • His favorite vegetable is onion
  • Can cook Korean Chicken Soup and barbeque well. He’s also good at cooking curry
  • His dad was a national archer


Birth Name: Park JungMin
Birth Date: April 3, 1987
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Older brother, Older sister, parents
Solo Discography

  • When SS501 was sharing a dorm, he would sleep alone because he had the messiest room
  • Is fast in learning foreign languages
  • His favorite vegetable is cucumbers
  • Can play drums, bamboo flute,  castanet, triangle, clarinet
  • His best subjects were science, social studies, and Hanja.  His worst subject is math.
  • Cannot be without his hand cream, accessories, and socks
  • Self-proclaimed himself as the “sexy charisma” of SS501
  • Absolutely loves carrots
  • He hits people who try to wake him up.


Birth Name: Kim HyungJoon
Birth Date: August 3, 1987
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Younger brother, parents (divorced)
Solo Discography

  • The most immature according to the other members
  • Is bullied by the other members, especially JungMin
  • Will insert random English words into conversations
  • His younger brother is Kim KiBum, a former member of U-KISS
  • Often quarrels with JungMin, they’re compared to Tom and Jerry
  • Lived in Melborne, Australia for two years
  • Considered the baby of SS501 because of his age and character
  • Runs a business with his brother called HnB Company