DBSK 2010-Present Discography

Summary: This New DBSK is the other half of the end result of the lawsuit between JYJ and SM Entertainment.  YunHo and ChangMin didn’t decide to hell with SM and stayed, keeping their name and stage names and continue to have their souls stolen by SME.  As we mentioned in JYJ’s post, we preferred Keep Your Head Down to Ayy Girl.  The song was much more listenable and the bromance between YunHo and ChangMin made us squee a little even though we still love JaeHo to this day. You can find the five-member DBSK’s discography here. You can find their member profiles here.

Korean Albums

(Why) (Keep Your Head Down)
Release Date: January 5, 2011

Track List:

  1. 왜 (Why) (Keep Your Head Down)
  2. 믿기 싫은 이야기 (The Story I Don’t Want to Believe) (How Can I)
  4. Crazy (Featuring Jay from the TRAX)
  5. Honey Funny Bunny (YunHo Solo)
  6. RUMOR
  7. 고백 (Confession)
  8. Our Game
  9. SHE
  10. 아테나 (Athena) (Athena OST)

Japanese Albums

Release Date: September 2011

Track list:

  1. Introduction~ Magenta~
  2. B.U.T. (BE-AU-TY)
  3. I Think U Know
  4. Duet
  5. Thank You My Girl
  6. Telephone
  7. Back to Tomorrow
  8. 왜 (Why) (Keep Your Head Down)
  9. Maximum
  10. I Don’t Know
  11. Superstar
  12. シアワセ色の花 (Flowers the Color of Happiness)
  13. Easy Mind
  14. Weep
  15. Somebody to Love-2011 Version-

Japanese Singles

Release Date: November 30, 2011

Track List:

  1. Winter Rose
  2. Duet-winter version-
  3. Winter Rose (Less Vocal)
  4. Duet-winter version- (Less Vocal)