Taken by the TAKEN Young Boys?

Taken just debuted with this song and I am in absolute love with it.  It’s dirty and stupid, but it’s still amazing on so many levels.  I was a little afraid of this band when they first came out, you know, before I did my pedo research.  A lot of these new bands are coming out with younger and younger members so for these boys to call themselves “young boys” I was horrified, but they’re safe, except for Gunwoo.


First impressions, OMFG freckle.  SeongWon’s freckle is mine and I will fight my gay friend for that one part of his body.  I also just thought this band had a lot of look alikes.  SeungYul looked like Inati from Dalmatian (if you can’t tell, I’m an Inati lover), YooJun looks like 2PM’s Junsu and TaeHyuk kind of looked like UKISS’s Kevin, though not so much any more.

Velexa's freckle, right there, no touchie

I really like SeungYul and Gunwoo’s voices.  I like me some charismatic rappers, even when one of them (Gunwoo) is jailbait.  I have a sinful relationship with SeungYul’s eyebrows and jaw line.  I know I’m weird, but I can perv on the most random things, freckles, jaw lines and eyebrows included.

Eyebrows, me gusta

Is that an "unf" face, for me?

The song is about how these boys are young and can rock you all night long.  They want you to know how sexually charged they are and that’s about it.  They even say, “All the young boys take your shirt off.”  Now that, I would like to see, sadly no go during this song.

The dances were awesome.  I like the hold onto your belt dance they do as well as the arm exercise dance.  I don’t even know what to call these things anymore, but they’re sexy and when I watch them I go “unf.”  I also love the amount of bromance that goes on between TaeHyuk and SeongWon in their shoulder bump.

As for a dance you can do, work on the “cheolmeo.”  Take your hands, open and palms facing you head, and put them by your head.  Lift your head and hands at the same time for the “cheol” then on the “meo” lift your head away from your hands.  As you can see, I’m getting lazy in describing how to do these dances.  If you guys have any better suggestions let me know and I’ll put them here!

So, are you taken by Taken’s Young Boy?