Infinite is back with The Chaser

Infinite is back with “The Chaser” and as with all Infinite songs this song is catchy.  The very first thing I noticed about this MV and what everyone should notice about it, is L in that poor car.  I mean, how long can cars flip?  They rewind the car flip at the beginning of the music video and then it’s flipping the entire MV.  L does not look happy.

See, that doesn’t look like a happy face to me

I find it kind of funny that SungGyu is walking away from L’s car crash with a hoodie on.  I mean did you try to hurt L?  Did you flip his car?  Are you checking out your handiwork?

Looks guilty, doesn’t he?

DongWoo, you’re trying to destroy public property there with that pipe and you missed a few.

Infinite thighs, no pun intended.  I am a dark meat kind of girl, and SungJong in those white pants looks delicious.

SeungYeol is looking great, I mean I’ve never been a huge fan of him, but he’s looking pretty good here.  He’s got that serious face and fluffy hair all down around his beautiful face.  Yummy.

I’m sexy and I know it~

I love how for the dance move at the beginning requires SungGyu to put his hand in L’s shirt.  I would love to be SungGyu’s hand.

Lastly, let’s insert my SungJong bias and my guyliner bias.  Why yes, he’s been prettier than you since 1993.

No dance that I saw, and this is Infinite, but I was too mesmerized by my SungJong and L biases.

Did you like Infinite’s The Chaser?

Gone to Paradise with Infinite

I love the song Paradise, but I’m starting to see a pattern with the Infinite guys.  They can’t hold onto their women.  The song is about how they want to keep you with them even if it’s against your will, as long as you’re there, it will be paradise for them.  The music video emulates that.  A girl is trapped with them, but she doesn’t seem to know that they’re there.  She can’t see them.  It kind of looks like the guys are regretting their decision anyways.  If they were in paradise, I’d think they’d look happier.

Maybe this wasn't such a great idea guys

The first highlight can’t be screen capped but SungGyu’s voice makes me weak.  It’s so sexy and unique.  So the first official highlight, because I can screen cap it, is L’s guyliner.  Unf.  Guyliner in general, but L makes things more sinful.  I don’t know why, he just has that gift.

Light guyliner = unf

Highlights two and three, Hoya’s “if-looks-could-kill” stare and the return of ZombieYeol (SungYeol).  He’s been resurrected!

Keep looking and you'll keep dying

The return of ZombieYeol!

Last highlight, my cute SungJong turned into a man.  His cuteness tried to run away.  I can still find it, but if you’re biased, you can find whatever you want.  I still love you SungJong!

But you can bet before we're through, mister I'll make a man out of you

No dancing in this music video, which is surprising, ergo no dance to learn.  Though this music video gives a nice lesson about chain smoking children, don’t do it.  There was entirely too much smoke in the air for their group pictures.  Smoking is bad for you and I have no doubt the Infinite boys were choking on that stuff.

Enough smoke for you there?

Are you interested in making your own Paradise with Infinite?

Be Mine or be Infinite’s

This is my favorite song of theirs so far.  내꺼하자 or Be Mine was just so fierce.  I love the grayscale/plain color thing that they have going on.  It was hot, and mischievous and dare I say it, a little dirty.  I don’t know what about it made it dirty, but I’ll blame L.  Sorry, had to blame someone.

With that smirk, how can I not blame you?

I’m excited they’ve finally done it.  They’re trying to actually get a girl, rather than get over a girl or get a girl they’ve lost back.  You go guys!!  The song has lines like “I’ll protect you” and “I hate seeing you hurt,” but they don’t seem to be keeping up with their promises.  They kind of just stand there and watch the girl freak out and get shot at.  I don’t blame them, if she’s getting shot at, she might not be the best girlfriend material.

Nice job SungJong! That seems to be working fine!

Highlight one, SungGyu.  There are a few things that stuck out about him, first off was that neck tattoo.  There were a bunch of arrows pointing down.  I felt like they were directing you to the source of his voice of awesome, and whatever he might have under that shirt.  Second was his sex hair.  Unf.  He was hot.  Thirdly, his voice, but alas I can’t screen cap that.

His lips are hot here too


Highlight two, WooHyun’s chest.  I need to personally thank Infinite’s stylist for putting that shirt on WooHyun.  I love how it’s a huge collar that hangs so low and uselessly that it perfectly suits my pervy tastes. Bon appetit!

Yes, I would like another serving, please

Highlight number three, SungJong; sorry he is my bias after all.  What I was saying earlier about the gray scale/plain colors is true, but then they put SungJong in this stunning blue.  It was beautiful and artistic.  Not that I claim to know anything about artistic-ness but I claim to love SungJong, so there you have it.  Squee~

Highlight four goes along with the dance section.  I love their dance for their “oh” parts.  Fans call it the scorpion dance, I call it the “Exploding ovaries in 3 2 1” dance.  The right hand shooting out quickly to your right the first time, then to the front the second time, unf (for those of you wanting to learn a dance for this song, that was it).  I hope you all appreciate this review, because my ovaries went through all nine levels of hell to get this to you.

My ovaries are in a perpetual state of explosion

So tell me, will you belong to Infinite?

Nothing’s Over when it comes to Infinite

Nothing’s Over was a catchy song that was just awesome.  Highlight one of the music video is SungYeol’s corpse status.  He doesn’t do anything.  He’s dead almost the entire music video.  It’s awesome.  I dub him ZombieYeol.


Highlight two, DongWoo laying claim to SungYeol’s butt, twice.  Yes, the grabbing of butts occurs in this music video, watch carefully and you’re welcome.  Enjoy.

Grab Number One!

Grab Two, and he holds on for a while!

Highlight three, the SHINee pants.  WTF guys, you look like a pastel Crayola box.

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Highlight four, creeper SungJong appearing in the back seat and scaring SungYeol.  Go SungJong!  You know he tattles on you. So get him back!

Creeper face, he's going to get you ZombieYeol!

The song is about how Infinite isn’t ready for your relationship to be over with yet.  At the beginning a ring is thrown at SungYeol, that’s the break up.  For the rest of the music video, he’s basically a zombie because he’s upset about the break up.  At some point near the end of the music video he gets up enough umph to drive at least… that’s a good thing.

The ring that turned SungYeol into ZombieYeol

My favorite dance in this music video is the shimmy.  Men who can shimmy, even if it’s slow and on a beat, make my lady parts happy.

Learn the shimmy, it’s not hard.  Take your hands, ball them into loose fist and put them out to your sides, like you’re going to shrug.  Use your shoulders to push one side of your chest forward, then the other side.  That’s the basics of a shimmy.  Now do it on beat when they do their “eh eh eh eh” and you’ve got it.  Works well in the car too.  Dance on!

So is it really over between you and Infinite?

Were you with Infinite Before the Dawn?

My first impression of this music video, and every impression I’ve had since, no matter how many times I watch it is: WHAT THE FUCK?  What happened?  What is going on?

How fitting that it's actually an Infinite member

I’m actually going to start with plot, this time around to try and help all those (myself included) who are confused.  The plot is WooHyun and L stuck in a place and they have to get out before dawn or they’ll be stuck there forever.  Problem one: shadow man keeps handing their asses to them.  Solution one: team up and kill him.  Problem two: only one of them can get out.  Solution two: beat the crap out of each other.  Problem three: WooHyun is too kind hearted.  Solution three: helps L and tries to escape with him.  Final outcome: stuck there forever.  Again I say WTF!

I'm sorry did I have your ass, here have it back

Highlights are DongWoo’s kick-ass red hair and SungJong’s long, blonde hair.

As for the dancing, I can honestly say not a lot stands out.  There was a moment where the entire band does that b-boy dance move to stand up.  It was pretty cool.  As for learning a dance move, this time you’re on your own.  There is one I can kind of think of, but my head is still reeling, trying to understand this music video.

So has the plot to this music video dawned on you yet or is it still Before the Dawn?

Infinite debuts with Come Back (Again)!

This is the first time I’ve run into this problem, but I have no doubt that it won’t be the last.  I’m trying to write my first impressions of music videos that I’ve seen months or years ago.  The biggest problem here is “first impressions,” so instead of first impressions, I’ll change the word to highlights.

Highlight one, L’s hats, both the green and yes-officer-you-can-cuff-me hat.  They’re friggin’ sexy on this man.

Gangsta with that leprechaun hat

Yes-officer-you-can-cuff-me hat, unf

Highlight number two, WooHyun’s sex hair.  Enough said.  I imagine that this is what his hair would look like as he got out of bed to go to the bathroom in the morning after a long, wonderful night with me.

Yeah, he'd look that satiisfied too

Highlight three, lawn chair dork time.  DongWoo is adorkable; I mentioned this in the White Confession review.  This time he’s being adorkable with SungJong.  In this same highlight I must mention SungJong being so friggin’ cute in that sidecar.  I just want to keep his as my little pet bunny (no Aki intended… maybe).

I believe I can spazz!

Highlight four, L biting his lip.  Unf.

Did I mention his lip biting is an unf face?

The song is about how these guys can’t bear being without you anymore and how they want you to come back to them.  The music video on the other hand… well it seems they lost their fox.  The fox can send emails and leave notes, but awesome as the fox may be, she left the Infinite boys.  They all head out to find her and eventually do.  Is fox meant to represent a foxy girl?

This was Infinite’s debut song and they showcased their synchronized dancing skills.  AWESOME!  My favorite parts are probably the same as the two I’ll explain for you guys in the how to dance section: the “come back again dance” and the “air guitar.”

Air guitar!

Come here!

Learning these dances is pretty easy, especially for you car dancers, no footwork involved.  I myself am a car dancer; so for explanations on footwork, look elsewhere.  For the air guitar sections, anytime you hear that guitar sound that they play at the beginning of the song, rock on my friends.  As for the “come back again dance” just put your right hand out in front of you and motion for someone to “come here.”  Make sure your palm is up when you do this; I know in some cultures (like Korean) you make the “come here” motion with your hand facing the ground.  Happy dancing!

What do you think?  Will you come back to Infinite?

An Infinite number of Confessions

Infinite has been around for a while but they hopped onto this Christmas theme song thing, and I must admit, it’s adorable!  Listen, I love Kpop, but sometimes there are entirely too many bands coming out at one time, so, honestly, I had no idea who was who in Infinite, but because of this music video, I learned!  They were so cute, I had to learn. Of all the Infinite music videos I’ve seen I think this is the best one to learn their names with.  No fast screen shots moving from one person to the next, and no crazy make up or hairstyles that will most definitely change by the next video.  Simply plain, hot guys walking the streets, hunting for gifts.

Some thing that really stuck out to me was the MyungYeol (the MyungSoo (L) and SungYeol pairing) action.  They were so cute shopping together.  The other two who stuck out were DongWoo and SungGyu playing with the nutcracker(s).  They’re such dorks, but so cute.  Adorkable?  I’m going to call them that from now on.  This music video is adorkable!



The song is about a botched confession.  These boys wanted to confess their feelings to you, but somehow that didn’t happen.  They got too scared and chickened out.  Now they’re taking the holiday season and the beautiful snow as their inspiration and they’re going to confess to you.  For real this time.  The snow gives them courage to tell you how they feel!  As for the storyline in the music video, it’s about the Infinite boys searching for a gift.  They can’t confess to you empty handed can they?

WooHyun is desperate, huh?

I was actually very surprised about the dancing (lack of it, actually) in this music video.  Infinite is known for their precise, clean moves that dubs them as a sort of dance crew, but in this music video, there is no dance.  It’s meant to be cute and Christmas-y.  It left me just slightly disappointed, because I have a thing for their synchronization, but the overflowing cuteness of them bringing me presents made me forget about the dance.  Who needs a dance, I get to spend my Christmas with the Infinite boys!

So will you accept Infinite’s White Confession?