Unf Has Been Demoted!

Hey, guys,sorry to say that the Unf of the Day (or UOD as Redeim and I like to call it) has been demoted to an Unf of the Week.  We’ll still leave pervy comments, but there is just too much going on this semester (like I said we’re both graduating in May) for us to be on here very day posting a pictures and comment.  Sorry about this and thanks for your understanding.  The Unfs are fun for us so regardless, they won’t stop coming!

Heads Up!

Today is the first day of classes for Redeim and myself so if we start neglecting this website a little that’ll be why.  If new music videos come out I’ll be sure to try my best to review them, but all the stuff I’m backlogged on (like 2PM, Big Bang and everyone else’s music videos) will not be on my priority list.

Also, this is the semester Redeim and I will be graduating so we have a valid excuse to be busy, regardless, we love our website and we have no intention of abandoning KPop My Cherry, so please just be patient with us.


Redeim: Also, thanks to everyone for 3,000+ views! We never expected to become this popular. Please be patient with us this semester~!

About the Creators



Birth Date: February 18, 1989
Birth Place: California, USA
Family: Parents
Education: Previous College Attendee
Overseas Experience: Visited Mexico; spent two weeks in Iwata, Japan; and studied abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea for ten months from 2009-2010; Layover in Osaka, Japan
Language Experience: English (native), Korean (high beginner), Japanese (beginner), Chinese (false beginner), Thai (false beginner), Spanish (false beginner)

  • Is a cat person, but also likes dogs
  • Blood type is type A
  • Moved about seven times in elementary school
  • Has known Velexa since 1999
  • Has worked in more than ten places
  • Before liking Korea, was in love with Japan. While he still likes Japan, he wants to learn more about Korea, then learn about/visit China, Taiwan, and Thailand before returning to Japan
  • His biggest regret right now is not graduating college. Otherwise, he wishes he had traveled more while in Korea.
  • Likes cute things and Disney movies
  • Has four tattoos and seven piercings
  • Enjoys drawing



Birth Date: April 7, 1990
Birth Place: California, USA
Lives In: California, USA
Family: mom, dad, half-sister, step-mom, aunt
Job: Elementary School teacher in South Korea
Education: Master’s in Library Science
Overseas Experience: Jamaica for about ten days; Osaka, Japan for a layover; Study abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea for ten months from 2009-2010, Teaching in Youngdeok, South Korea August 2012 – March 2013, European Cruise in May 2014
Language Experience: English (native), Korean (low intermediate), Chinese (beginner), Spanish (high beginner), Japanese (beginner), Thai (False beginner), German (false beginner-haagendaaz), Italian (false beginner)

  • Is a dog person
  • Christian
  • Lived in the same house for eighteen years, first move was for college
  • Was the first to be introduced to Korean music – was told by a coworker to look up the letters “DBSK,” has it tattooed on her
  • Doesn’t know her blood type, Redeim thinks it’s B
  • Loves Disney movies
  • Likes crime dramas like CSI, NCIS, White Collar, etc.
  • It was her half-sister’s division that was followed by the producers of CSI
  • Good at puns
  • Got swine flu at the end of October while in Korea
  • Has five tattoos and four piercings

Facts About Both of Us:

  • We have the same taste (if not very similar taste) in men
  • Even though Velexa is younger, she’s more of a leader than Redeim.  Normally Velexa will make the plans, and Redeim will follow.
  • Although the titles are different, Velexa and Redeim are practically in the same major, and both of us had planned to become English teachers after we graduate.
  • Velexa and Redeim’s parents live literally a minute away from each other. Velexa and Redeim have been living together on and off from August 2009 until around 2015.
  • Many people who knew both of us would get surprised when we meet them alone, we were usually a unit. That, however, has changed as we’ve gotten older.
  • Velexa has a better memory. She can learn names, faces, and languages faster than Redeim
  • Thanks to Velexa, Redeim has finished about eight Korean dramas.
  • We’re just a little obsessed with Got7 when we made this.

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