What happened to KyuJong Yesterday?

KyuJong was the last member to go solo and came out with this wonderful piece here, “Yesterday.”  The lyrics are about how this man keeps thinking about yesterday when he had you and how much he misses you.  The music video on the other hand tells us that he doesn’t miss us but some bitch that doesn’t want him.  If you don’t want him, fine.  Back off, I’ll take him!

You don't want that? Okay, crazy.

Highlight one, suspenders dance.  I know this would usually be in the dance section but unf.  I love this dance.  If you want to learn it, you’re going to have to pretend like your wearing suspenders.  First lift both your hands slowly on the suspenders, and then pretend you pull them off your shoulders then back on.  Next slowly go up the right suspender, now the left.  Pull the left off your shoulder, now the right, then go down on them together and bring your body forward like the suspenders were dragging you.  If that doesn’t make sense, watch the music video and bask in the amount of unf in that dance.

Highlight two and the end of my ovaries, the lip porn.  Why must you do this tome?  I know I complain about it but I love it.  Thanks KyuJong.  I have something new to dream about tonight.

Ovaries activated

Ovaries exploded

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