2PM’s WooYoung is Looking for a Sexy Lady

2PM’s WooYoung has finally come out with his solo song “Sexy Lady” and I am obsessed with it.  I love the seizure/spasm dance.  That’s the one I’m gonna do in my car.  Check it out here.

So I have to laugh here, because Jokwon and WooYoung came out with their songs around the same time and being the ssanti brothers, they actually look alike in these MVs.  They’re both blond and they both fly in their MVs.





WooYoung has some amazing thighs and even better collarbones.  I could eat that man if it weren’t for the poison he stored in his cheeks.  Haha.

Do I start here?

Or here?

Arms and abs.  Where would a 2PM be without them?  WooYoung’s arms are greased up and ready to go.  Also, you have to love the abs flash. Hubba Hubba (I can’t believe I just typed that.)

It’s dance time.  The chorus is pretty easy, just take your right hand and use your index and middle fingers to touch your temple.  Swing your head from side to side.  Then put both your palms on your temples and sway your head from side to side.  Here’s a gif.  Happy dancing!

Are you the Sexy Lady WooYoung’s been looking for?

Teen Top dedicates this song To You

Teen Top is back with this frickin’ catchy song “To You,” and I’m in love again.  How can this song be so catchy? I just end up humming it… It’s beginning to work on my nerves, but then I remember the sexy, wet jailbait of Niel and I get over it.

Okay, let’s get my extreme Niel bias out of the way; I apparently have a thing for guys in headbands (let’s add that to my list of kinks) and Niel looks great in one.  Also, adorably fluffy hair, this is when I want to keep Niel as a pet, and not the sexual kind either.

That headband kills me

Fluffy hair!!!! He’s so cute!!!

Last Niel I promise, that body roll.  I will enjoy my cell in prison if I get a piece of that before I go.

Unf unf unf

Next, ChangJo is getting pretty hot, still jailbait, but soon to be jailbait I’d go to jail for.  Also, what’s up with spiky clothes, they’re in a lot of MVs lately.

Blond C.A.P. just hurts.  It doesn’t look bad; it just shocked me and will take a while to get used to.

Jailbait lip wipe alert.  Ricky does a damn fine job.  No exploding ovaries on my part, but I did get that warm, fuzzy feeling.  Bravo.

Warm fuzzies~

Other than Niel, there are two more things that I absolutely LOVE about this MV, first, L.Joe.  That man is turning into a pile of sweaty, sexy, steaming sex. The beat up look with the abuse of guyliner turns into an abuse of my ovaries.


Second would be the JoeJi (L.Joe and ChunJi).  They were all up in each other’s faces, supposedly fighting over a girl, but who cares, all I could think was “JUST KISS!!!!”

Last, as usual is the dance.   During the “ooo” part there’s some fancy footwork, I’ll put the gif here, but there is NO way I could do that, let alone teach you.

What I suggest for the car dancers is the “shoulder dance.”  During the chorus you pull down you jacket or just pretend if you don’t have one and violently shake your shoulders.  It looks better in the gif than I can explain it.  Happy dancing!

Did Teen Top get through To You?

Heo Youngsaeng is Crying

Heo YoungSaeng is back with this new song “Crying” and it’s not that bad.  I’m not a huge YoungSaeng fan, but I approve of this one.  This song is about how YoungSaeng misses his girl and wants to see her again, but can’t.   He finds a girl’s dress, but no girl; YoungSaeng, I don’t think that’ll fit you.

First observation, didn’t HyunSeung have that hairstyle during B2ST’s “Shock” era.

Youngsaeng’s new haircut

HyunSeung during B2ST’s “Shock” era

I love how the plates of his car represent his name and the date of this single, clever.

Shirt, jacket and glove, YoungSaeng is looking mighty fine nowadays.

He looks delicious

White pants.  I, myself, am a thigh woman and thighs look great in white pants.  Particularly YoungSaeng’s thighs.

Thighs + White pants = A match made in heaven

Hip thrusts, always a good thing, and in a group, even better.

The dance is pretty easy, watch the gif, but really just ball your right hand into a fist, put it out straight in front of you, then move it to the right.  After that, use your left hand and virtually face palm your forehead.  Not really good for car dancers, but with proper coordination and practice, it is possible.

Does YoungSaeng have you Crying?

It’s SHINee, Sherlock

SHINee’s “Sherlock,” forgive me if I keyboard smash for a second here rnwe,jkfhnae<Sdkm>qadN<faNV DZ V.ASFV NXMA H          d fsjd..  Okay, all better now.  This song is AWESOME!  Getting the least important thing out of the way first, the girl in the MV is SNSD’s Jessica, if you didn’t know, now you do.

Next is my Key bias.  If you guys know me at all you should have known this was coming.  Alas, even with my raging metaphorical hard on for Key I cannot and will not accept those shorts over those tights.  Nope, sorry.  I love you Key, but I reject your reality and insert my own.

TaeMin’s hair kinda killed me this time around and not in the ovary exploding way.  It was hot in “Lucifer” but this time around it was just hanging there, limp… I didn’t like it, until he sexed it up.  I may have spoken too soon, you guys choose.

Floppy hair… such a disappointment

When he touches himself like that, it’s not so bad

TaeMin decided to be a kink whore in this MV and exploited two of my biggest perving points.  You guys may remember me talking about my love for instruments, violins in particular, well TaeMin whored that one out.  Also, bitches love fedoras and if not fedoras it’s top hats.  Friggin’ TaeMin.  Whore.  Thank you!  I love you!

Insert a Kinki Jinki joke here.  You know someone will eventually macro this into something like this…

Kinki Jinki is ready to search you for clues

All I see is the dance for Girl’s Generation “The Boys” can’t you just hear “Girl’s Generation make you feel the heat” to this dance move?

More Key bias!  Can he even see?  It doesn’t matter, he’s hot.  Plus that “freeze” did something hard to ovaries.  I love you Key.

Lips! My ovaries!!!!

My favorite part of the MV other than the dance would have to be the BlingKey/JongKey moment.  They’re singing at the same time but it honestly looks like Key is nagging his hubby and JongHyun doesn’t want to hear it.

Key: You left your dishes in the sink again, Jjong!       JongHyun: *facepalm*

The dances are awesome, though nothing I would really recommend doing in the car.  You can do Key’s “freeze” and you might be able to pretend to do his jumps in his rap at the end, but no epic walking during the chorus.  You’d damage your car.

Do this in the car

Not this

How’s SHINee do as Sherlock?

Enter the Troublemakers

Troublemaker made me all kinds of excited!  I love me some HyunA and I wasn’t a fan of HyunSeung until this, but congrats Hyunseung, I now love you and I will feel free to perv on you!

This MV made me ship Troublemaker as a couple so FRIGGIN’ hard, then I remembered HyunSeung was gay, so that just means HyunA is his fag hag.  I so approve this couple still.  Damn ships sinking without my permission.

HyunSeung must remember at least one thing from being friends with GDragon, like how to hunt and slay his own outfits.  They both wear fluffy creatures of doom.

I’m not sure I want to know what that was before you killed it

Troublemaker is such a cute couple!

Look how cute! How could I not ship it?

People really slammed HyunA in this MV because she was too sexy.  They likened it to porn.  Have you watched porn?  This is not porn.  HyunA is doing her job, they say dance sexy she does that.

Change Britney to HyunA

Red is definitely HyunSeung’s color.  I have nothing more to say, just give me some time alone.

Red and anything fitted in a way that opens up on a chest like that, me gusta

HyunA is officially one of my lesbian crushes!  She’s gorgeous and she lips.  Yep, lesbian crush right there.

NF,SDFN?awENDJSKFMa B,db,jwasn!!! Makeout session that made me ship them so hard in the first place.  Plus the spot in the chorus dance where they nearly kiss!!!  Squeee!!!


Squee~ So close~~~~

As for dances there are two in particular.  First is during the dance solo, go ahead, be like me and dork out in your car pretending you can do the dance.  Do the gay hands and put in your hearing aids, it’s fun!  Then there’s the chorus dance.  Gotta put your hands on your ovaries to prevent them from exploding everywhere, they do!  Happy Dancing!

Are they Troublemakers?

Teen Top is Crazy!

TEEN TOP YAY!!! I love this band though half of them are on the jailbait list, they are yummy.  The music video plot is L.Joe confessing to his girlfriend, she turns him down, then he spends most of the music video chasing her.  Turns out she was just embarrassed to agree in front of his friends.

Together at last!

A general thing that I liked about this song is the mixing of rap into the song.  Usually Teen Top has a set part in the middle of the song for a rap, here they mixed it all in.  So I like that part.  As for things I can screen cap, have some CAP smirking.

Creeper smirk, I love you CAP

First thing I noticed was my lack of Niel.  I’m Niel biased and they took him almost completely out of the song (well compared to all the other Teen Top songs).  He only sings the chorus and doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but here are some nice lip wipes.  Thanks for still providing for your pervy noona Niel!

My ovaries are orgasming, I didn't know they could do that


ChangJo started the song and he usually doesn’t get much screen time, so congrats ChangJo!

L.Joe is one pile of sex and unf in the song.  He looks amazing with that fluffy hair and I’m happy he IS legal.  Also, he smirks and my ovaries exploded all over the walls.  Sorry, I’ll clean that up later.

My hands need to be tangled in that hair

Damn you L.Joe, my ovaries are gone!

ChunJi and his inability to retain testosterone due to his excessive winking condition.  He looks cute and kinda like a pirate here.


My favorite part of this song is by far the “stop breaking my heart” dance.  Though I should call it the stop breaking my “heart” dance.  Boys, I believe that’s your penis, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.  Enjoy the yummy gif of jailbait and their sincere “hearts.”

So are you Crazy for Teen Top yet?

Ring Ding Dong with SHINee

“Ring Ding Dong” is a most wonderful and glorious song.  I warn you I may end up keyboard smashing again because this song is lip porn central.  If I were going to make a lip porno I would start with this music video.  Anyways, the lyrics are about how these guys really like a girl and she’s all they can think about.  The music video on the other hand has no plot, but again, who cares.  They’re hot.

Highlight one, JongHyun’s blonde hair and freckle.  One JongHyun is just a friggin’ pile of sex with his hair blonde like that.  Two, I have a thing for freckles, so that freckle on his chest is just sexy as sin.  By the way, it’s mine, you can look but unless you’re Key, no touching.

See it highlighted in red? Unf

Highlight two, Key’s perpetually sexed hair and lip porn.  I have to liken Key’s hair to that of a sex God’s because of how friggin’ sexy it is.  Secondly, his lips are sinful, even more so when he touches them like that.  I want him to touch me like that, or with those lips.



Highlight three, JongKey double lip porn.  They do this one after the other.  I could stare at this gif for ages and probably orgasm without ever touching myself.

Highlight four, MinHo with long hair.  Unf.

Highlight five, TaeMin’s lack of attention span.  He’s so interested in that butterfly it’s like he forgot they were filming a music video.


I love too much about the dances in this music video.  If you ask me the entire music video is awesome but to pick a few dances I’d have to say the “Hump” dance they do as well as the “Lock It” dance.  During the “lock it” part of the song, they use their right arm and go low across their body then up, then low across their body and down.  Watch the gif to learn more.  The “Hump” dance is done during the chorus.  Put your right hand out in front of you, lean down a little and do a body roll up.  It’s too hard to explain, just stare at the pretty gifs. Happy dancing, or staring!

Did SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong do it for you?