2AM is just Like Me

2AM’s new song “Like Me” or “I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me” is out.  As I said, I hate doing reviews on ballads but for your sake I’m doing it.  Firstly, that lady has some seriously red hair, that and Jinwoon has some sinfully gorgeous collar bones.

So the plot of this MV is really weird.  Basically all the pictures Jinwoon has of this girl disappear, then you find out he was keeping her in the closet (or at least his memories of her there), then she turns to blank photos and so does he.  It was a REALLY weird MV.

And he turns into photos…

Sorry, I honestly had nothing much to say about this MV, because it’s so strange and nothing stands out.  I’m not particularly fond of this song, but I look forward to their next song.

Did you like 2AM’s Like Me?

2AM refuses to Let Go, Even if they Die

2AM’s overdramatic “Never Let You Go” or the longer version, “Even if I Die I Can’t Let You Go” is finally here.  I love 2AM but you guys are seriously lucky I decided to do an MV review on a ballad.  I HATE reviewing ballads, I never have much to say, but let’s start with the dramatic, cliché hallway entrance.

The synchronized dramatic hand motions are best for if you want to dance to this song.  Just pretend like you’re gonna cry and throw out your hand, don’t hit your passenger please.

Staying on the overdramatic theme we have JoKwon.  I love this man because he overdoes EVERYTHING!!!  The emotions are just way out of proportion; I just want to laugh when I see him.

Jinwoon just reminds me of myself.  You know when you think you’re making a sexy face and then you look in the mirror and realize you oversold the sexy and you’re just derping, that’s Jinwoon.

The neck thing on Changmin is shiny.  No other comment; I just got distracted by it.

So shiny~

The best thing about this MV: Seulong.  First off, he’s wet, and stays beautifully so.  Second, he takes one of those gasping breaths that make his neck look like absolute sex!!!

Wet, are we?

So am I

Delicious neck!!!

Will You ever Let 2AM Go?

2AM Was Wrong, forgive them?

2AM is back again with “I Was Wrong” and the kids in this MV are SO CUTE!!!  I guess the new girl at school is a girl they knew from when they were kids, and these kid actors are adorable!

So the plot is supposed to be these guys fighting for the new girl’s attention and love, but I like my spin on it.  They’re not fighting for her love, they’re fighting for a fag hag, and apparently she’s a damn good one for all four of them to be fighting over her; they settled it though, they decided to share her.

I love how Jinwoon follows her down the hallway, singing at her but she doesn’t even notice.  You have to be pretty deaf to deal with that.

Jokwon has got the fluffiest hair ever in this MV.  It’s so cute; I just want to muss it up even more.

It’s so fluffy!

I will say I dig man ponytails.  Jinwoon looks wonderful with his hair up in that ponytail.  I think I have to dub it a monytail.  Man + Purse = Murse ergo Man + Ponytail = Monytail, logic complete, Moneytails are awesome!

I love Seulong’s jawline.  That and his uber pissed look that says that he will cut you.  I’m getting chills.

Was 2AM Wrong?