100% is here and they’re Bad Boys

100% is finally here with “Bad Boy” and I’m so frickin’ excited!!! My friends wanted to kill me because I hadn’t seen Teen Top Rising 100%, well I’m fixing that.  All I can say is JongHwan.

JongHwan is tied for my bias; I mean look at his face.  It’s perfection!!!  Really JongHwan?

SangHoon makes me laugh only because of my friends.  He only gets one line and it’s the words “get out,” repeated over and over again.

ChangBum!!!!  Another bias, but not quite tied with JongHwan… well, maybe.  He is pretty gorgeous.  I mean, look at those arms, plus, I mean, his face. What should I do?

I really want a pair of 100% shoes.  They’re BAMF and they need to be on my feet, so I can walk around like I own the world; or at least like a crazy 100% fan.

RockHyun!!!!  This is my other bias, tied with JongHwan.  Special place in my heart for this guy, one he’s hot, two his laugh, three my friend picked out that he’d be my bias, and he was right.


Look how good he looks!

Bromance!!!!  HyukJin and RockHyun – in their little lover’s spat!  Also, Minwoo and JongHwan.  I need a couple name for them, because I ship them so hard, but alas, their names don’t mix well.

Stop it you two~


Intense look of love – man I fangirl too hard

Sorry, I don’t have a dance gif for you; just bask in how awesome 100% is, I know I do!!!

Did these Bad Boys give it their 100%?