1  These 5 boys with their hip movements could make anyone say “Oh Yeah”
4  This duo’s goal is to make you “Bounce”
7  This seven member boy band wants you to “Freeze”
12  2NE1’s debut solo, this one they did on their own, no Big Bang
14  These six blond haired boys made their will to fight clear in this debut song
16  A-JAX’s debut song
17  BtoB’s debut song
18  Dal Shabet debuted with this bright, fun song
19  This 6 member boy band with twins had a debut song identical to their band name

1  This 5 boys sincerely want to give you a “Message”
2  The U-KISS boys were so little when they debuted with this song
3  These guys are really “10 Points Out of 10”
5  These 4 musically talented guys debuted by happily saying “I’m a Loner”
6  NU’EST blew everyone away with this debut song
8  B2ST’s debut song
9  These 4 girls showcased their skills with “I Want You Back”
10  Big Bang’s debut song
11  This gorgeous female solo singer sent listeners to “Heaven” with her voice
13  Round 1 was the debut song of this loyal 6 member boy band
15  4Minute’s debut song


1  These guys dance in sync and explode ovaries with their “scorpion” dance
5  B.A.P. Zelo’s debut song
7  ZE:A’s song that teaches the days of the week
9  DongHae is featured in the music video of this Girl’s Generation song
12  JinWoon was featured in the music video of this G.NA song
14  “I think I’m ____ and nobody wants to love me” – 2NE1
15  Joon can bend bullets in this music video
16  Key’s head was shaved in this music video
17  G.H.E.T.T.O. E.L.E.C.T.R.O.
18  A cover of a popular Craig David’s song by WheeSung

2  Commonly known as the butt dance song
3  Debut song with a dubstep flair by NU’EST
4  DaeSung is blond, shirtless and chained in this music video
6  B2ST’S HyunSeung and 4Minute’s HyunA collaborated for this song
8  Dalmatian’s song where they debuted their new member Simon
10  B2ST’s KiKwang’s debut song
11  B1A4’s debut song
13  Teen Top’s music video featuring Shinhwa’s Eric


2  Girl’s Generation
3  Big Bang
5  B2ST
9  Block B
13  After School
15  Dalmatian
19  TVXQ
20  B.A.P.
21  Teen Top
22  Double A

1  2AM
4  EXO-K
6  F(x)
7  Miss A
8  EXO-M
10  2PM
11  SHINee
14  Super Junior
16  Infinite
18  FT Island
21  2NE1


5  The Infinite member who fails to register human emotion sometimes
7  The former JYP trainee who is now working in HwaHee’s band
9  2AM + 2PM + Abracadabra = what?
10  A member of H.O.T. who is still part of SM Entertainment
12  U-KISS KiBum’s former stage name
13  B.A.P. has worked with this girl group on several occasions
14  T.O.P., SeungRi and LeeU’s real name
15  The name Park ChoongJae belongs to which Shinhwa member?

1  Teen Top C.A.P.’s real name
2  She’s worked with JunHyung, Zico, HyunSeung, G.NA, YoungSaeng and Joon in various songs and music videos
3  A member of SHINee, CNBLUE and Teen Top all share this name
4  U-KISS Kevin’s debut song (this was before U-KISS)
6  D.NA Mika’s stage name while in Xing
8  The Diva and Dinosaur couple
10  This band member shares a name with a staple Korean food
11  The first Shinhwa member on “We Got Married”


5  History, Mama, What is Love?
6  Know Your Name, Abandoned, Demon
8  Touch, Breathe, Bad Girl Good Girl
10  Mr. Simple, Bonamana, Don’t Don
12  Ugly, Fire, I am the Best
14  Lies, Fantastic Baby, Haru Haru
16  Oh Yeah, Monalisa, It’s War
20  Be My Baby, Nobody, Tell Me
21  OK, Beautiful Target, Baby I’m Sorry

1  Gee, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), The Boys
2  Alone, So Cool, Push Push
3  Supa Luv, To You, Clap
4  Message, Hello & Goodbye
9  I’ll Be Back, Again & Again, Hands Up
11  ManManHaNi, 0330, Not Young
13  Nothing’s Over, Paradise, The Chaser
14  Shock, Fiction, Bad Girl
15  Hip Song, Rainism, I’m Coming
17  Power, Warrior
18  Volume Up, Mirror Mirror, Muzik
19  Freeze, Go & Tell Them, Nanrina

Band Crossword

2  Three of the members of this girl band are only half Korean
4  This band has identical twins
5  This band lost their leader and now continues as a six member band
6  This band is named after a dog and has a very sexy 30 year old
7  Thirteen member boy band
10  This band has a blond, beautiful boy with a metrosexual charm
12  This band was produced by MNET Mydol (My Idol)
14  The leader of this band choreographed Super Junior’s “Don’t Don”
16  This seven-member band is known for their in sync dancing
17  Fly to the Sky’s HwanHee produced this band
18  The name of this band symbolizes the members blood types

1  HyunA debuted in this band but left for medical reasons
3  SeoHyun is the maknae of this band
4  All six member of this band were blond at debut
8  This band has released 20+ teasers
9  Block buster
11  This band had a member who spoke 7 languages, and currently has two members from the States
13  UKISS’s Kevin and KiBum, all of The Boss (D.NA) and B2ST’s JunHyung were a part of this band
15  GDragon is the leader of this band
17  Sandara Park’s little brother is in this band

Random KPop Facts Crossword

4 Founder of the ’91 line
7 Lead Singer of FT Island
8 Band named after a dog
10 Band member in both U-KISS and ZE:A
11 The prince from Rancho Cucamonga
13 DBSK’s first song (2003)
16 Double A’s unofficial magnae
17 The month JYJ JaeJoong was born in
19 CNBLUE member starring in the drama “You’re Beautiful”
20 Korean word for someone with a pretty face

1 Girl’s Generation member born in San Francisco
2 What does the “U” in U-KISS stand for
3 Referred to as the “Diva magnae”
5 2 SM entertainers share this name
6 Loses testosterone every time he winks
9 B.A.P’s extreme jailbait
12 Super Junior EunHyuk’s real name
14 Has a dragonball tattoo
15 Block B’s leader
18 Dating a member of B2ST