F.Cuz is determined to be the No. 1!

I’m so excited that F.Cuz is back again this time with “No. 1.”  I was worried because they were in Japan for so long but they’re back now with a change in the member line up.  First off they lost LeeU and added two new members, RaeHyun and DaeGun.



Tightly clad thighs = me doing my happy dance.

I am in love with glowy suits.  They are totally boss.

I love this BAMF girl, she goes in and saves all the guys from being beat up.  The best part of this MV by far is the chains and ropes.  Hot Korean men in chains, what more could I ask for?

RaeHyun is just dumb.  He’s holding himself in that shackle.  He could easily get out but stays put.

YeJun is looking mighty fine as a blond.  He seems to like being blond and I like him that way too!

DaeGun is new but worked his way up my bias list right quck.  He’s so pretty and hot!!!

Last but certainly not least: Kan.  This man is a dark angel in chains.  He’s just so friggin’ hot!!!

Kan is a bastard.  That lip wipe blows up my ovaries in a way that I have not felt in a while.  Thank you, Kan, I needed that.

As for the dance there are two that come to mind.  One is great for car dancers.  Fold your arms over your chest and turn your head to the right, back to center then to the left and back to center.  It’s really fun to do!  The other one I just noticed, so watch the gif and happy dancing!

Is F.Cuz your No. 1?

F.Cuz has brought out the Midnight Sun

F.Cuz is back and they are awesome as usual!  “Midnight Sun” is a great song that splices a ballad and an upbeat song.  Let’s start with the Jinon’s abs, me gusta, and Kan’s sinfully delicious happy trail.

Happy happy trail trail!!!!

YeJun really stuck out in this MV.  Other than being my second bias, he just looks friggin’ hot!  His hair looks recently sexed and his thighs are gorgeous in those pants.  I am so happy he’s legal.


Last thing about YeJun, I promise.  I would kill myself if my hair was like that.  It’s cut so it’s right at his eyeline, my hair would be poking my eyes out.  There us no way I could have that haircut.

A few comments on LeeU, one, he looks like lizard when he grits his teeth and two, leopard print, really?  No please.  No leopard print.  I have to make myself like it on a girl, I don’t think I can forgive it on a guy.

Kan!  That man needs to be inside me now.  Sorry, let me tone that down, Kan is really hot and he makes my ovaries explode… often.

Unf unf unf

The dance is really easy.  When the chorus starts just extend your arms one after the other, the gif shows it.  Happy dancing!

Did you see the Midnight Sun with F.Cuz?

No One does it like F.Cuz

“No One” is here and F.Cuz is back!!!  I love this song, it’s catchy as all F.Cuz songs are.  I will start with LeeU and his lizard looks.  Like I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of LeeU and anytime he grits his teeth, he looks like a lizard.

I will say, this is F.Cuz’s derp song.  This song is to F.Cuz as B.A.P. is to an MV.  They’re trying to be intense so any screencap I tried to get ended up in a derp.  There’s your fair warning.

I am in love with Kan’s guyliner and his jawline.  You guys should know what nice, strong jaws do to me by now, if you don’t, we’ll just leave at that.

Okay, YeJun won my bias over this time around.  The blond hair, the guyliner and the hat… Overload.  Just…. Overload.

I just heard that Mortal Kombat voice that says “Finish him” and then YeJun did this.  Yep, I’ve been finished….. Let me rock in a corner in pieces.

As for the dance, it’s kind of just swinging your hands back and forth with your index fingers up when they sing the “no one” part.  Here’s the gif, happy dancing!

Did you like F.Cuz’s No One?

F.Cuz gets Jiggy!

F.Cuz!!!!  I love this band so much and they debuted with this extremely hyper, bright and catchy song, “Jiggy.”  Let’s start with who I thought my bais was from the beginning, YeJun and those adorable poodle curls.

A few things I don’t like about this MV would have to be those vests.  They killed something fluffy to get them.  I also don’t like the onepiece suit thing that YeJun wears.  Not a fan of jumpsuits, sorry.

No jumpsuits please

I was honestly never a fan of LeeU, but I’ll admit to his sexiness in all that guyliner.  Jinon didn’t look too bad with guyliner on either.  Guyliner, a fangirl’s best friend.

I really thought YeJun was my bias because he was so cute, that hat makes him look so adorable!!!  Also, the fluffy hat looks great on him too.

My real bias is Kan.  He is one sexy piece of man meat.  I also really like Kan in his dork glasses.  He looks like a hot nerd.  Nerds can be hot, see?


A common coupling in the band was KanU (LeeU and Kan) so for those you who ship them (which does not include myself) here’s some KanU.

They’re on the left there

The dance is really fun.  I have fun doing the entire thing in my car, though it might be a little difficult for car dancers and I certainly won’t try to explain it all.  Sorry guys, it took me a while to learn it and it would take too long to explain, please just watch the gifs and try to learn it.  Happy dancing!

Did you get Jiggy with F.Cuz?