Summary: SS501, pronounced Double S Oh Kong Il (Double S 501), debuted on June 8, 2005.  Their name stands for Superstar Singer Five Members United as One.  The members consist of HyunJoong, JungMin, KyuJong, YoungSaeng, and HyungJoon.  In 2010, their contract expired from DSP Entertainment and the members have moved on to other management companies, but HyunJoong, the leader, stated they have not disbanded.  Since their disbandment separation in 2010, the members have been pursuing solo careers.

It’s hard to remember exactly what our first impressions were, as we got into SS501 very soon after DBSK and Super Junior in 2006.  I can say I added in the pronunciation so you don’t do what we did, and call them “S-S-5-0-1” instead of “Double S 501.”  I, for some reason, really loved YoungSaeng, and Velexa loved JungMin (for good reason).  I’ve since shifted my bias from YoungSaeng to HyungJoon/JungMin.  HyungJoon because I love his brother (Kim KiBum, a former member of U-KISS), and JungMin because well… It’s JungMin.  He’s damn sexy.  We used to think JungMin was the gayest thing on this side of the universe (In a completely good way), but have come to realize Charisma Horse JungMin has been over-charisma’d by newer idols such as Jo Kwon and Diva Key.  This does not make us love JungMin any less, because it’s damn impossible not to love JungMin.  To make this less JungMin-centered, we do like all their solos, and we both agree HyunJoong is not a good actor.

Member Profile


Birth Name: Kim HyunJoong
Birth Date: June 6, 1986
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Brother, parents
Solo Discography

  • Dropped out of school to pursue music, but returned after debut and in 2011 began attending college
  • His favorite snack is spicy ramen
  • He doesn’t have a twitter because he thinks it’s too difficult to figure out
  • His first kiss was in sixth grade
  • He is not a morning person, he also only gets about four hours of sleep a night
  • Loves apple juice and dislikes tomato juice
  • Questions if aliens will come in 2012
  • He can play drums, guitar, piano, bass, castanets, and triangle
  • Started to walk at nine months old
  • Likes going fishing
  • Finds the word “미쳐 (crazy)” to be very funny
  • Likes to eat samgyupsal (three layered meat) by eating the rice and meat first, then eating the lettuce.


Birth Name: Heo YoungSaeng
Birth Date: November 3, 1986
Birth Place: Jeollabuk, South Korea
Family: Parents
Solo Discography

  • Was originally a trainee in SM Entertainment
  • Gets an average of four-six hours of sleep a night
  • His favorite vegetable is cabbage
  • The first album he ever purchased was H.O.T.
  • Likes fried chicken, dislikes seafood
  • He frequently thinks of aliens


Birth Name: Kim KyuJong
Birth Date: February 24, 1987
Birth Place: Jeollabuk, South Korea
Family: Younger sister, parents
Solo Discography

  • All he seems to think about is food.
  • Is a very light sleeper
  • Doesn’t like carbonated drinks
  • One of the biggest HyunJoong fans
  • When he debuted for SS501, he had already decided it was going to be his last audition
  • His favorite artist is Bi (Rain)
  • He’s always the first to wake up
  • He is afraid of dogs
  • His parent’s married without his grandparents approval; KyuJong wants to marry a girl his parents agree with
  • His favorite vegetable is onion
  • Can cook Korean Chicken Soup and barbeque well. He’s also good at cooking curry
  • His dad was a national archer


Birth Name: Park JungMin
Birth Date: April 3, 1987
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Older brother, Older sister, parents
Solo Discography

  • When SS501 was sharing a dorm, he would sleep alone because he had the messiest room
  • Is fast in learning foreign languages
  • His favorite vegetable is cucumbers
  • Can play drums, bamboo flute,  castanet, triangle, clarinet
  • His best subjects were science, social studies, and Hanja.  His worst subject is math.
  • Cannot be without his hand cream, accessories, and socks
  • Self-proclaimed himself as the “sexy charisma” of SS501
  • Absolutely loves carrots
  • He hits people who try to wake him up.


Birth Name: Kim HyungJoon
Birth Date: August 3, 1987
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Younger brother, parents (divorced)
Solo Discography

  • The most immature according to the other members
  • Is bullied by the other members, especially JungMin
  • Will insert random English words into conversations
  • His younger brother is Kim KiBum, a former member of U-KISS
  • Often quarrels with JungMin, they’re compared to Tom and Jerry
  • Lived in Melborne, Australia for two years
  • Considered the baby of SS501 because of his age and character
  • Runs a business with his brother called HnB Company