Dal Shabet wants to introduce you to Mr. BangBang

Dal Shabet is back with “Mr. BangBang” and my love for them is slowly rising.  You guys should know that I don’t like girl bands that much, but slowly and surely I’m beginning to love them.  The plot of this MV: these girl’s becoming bank robbers, the police show up and they throw money around to make their getaway.

I love the cowboy boots, which is a throwback to American westerns, and then to top it all off, the money they steal from the bank is US dollars, not Korean Won.

WooHee is Dal Shabet’s new member, replacing Viki.  She’s wearing this dress with a bra-like top, and I do not like it.  She’s a pretty girl, but that’s not the dress for her.

I love GaEun’s new haircut and color, red suits her.

Ribbons!!!!!  I like that outfit; I think I’d just hold my arms out and spin around in really fast circles.


Insert my SuBin love here.  She was always the one who could sing, and I appreciate talent and beauty.

Let me get out my Serri bias, I’ve always thought she was beautiful and amazing.  Her two toned hair reminds me of TaeYeon’s but really it just looks damaged.  I also love her Charlie’s Angels pose with that gun.

Want to talk about damaged ends?

Lastly, here’s my absolute bias: JiYul.  She is so pretty, and cute, I honestly think she should have “Bbuing bbuinged.”

Bbuing Bbuing!!

The dance is possible even without a fake gun, you just use your fingers.  Watch the gif, it’s pretty easy for car dancers.  Happy dancing.

Have you met Dal Shabet’s Mr. BangBang?

Enter the Supa Dupa Divas, Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet’s “Supa Dupa Diva” is not my favorite, again I don’t really like them that much but I do like the song a little bit.  My main issue is how do you mention Diva without Key anywhere near it?  Let me fix that.

Bright ass colors guys.  My eyes are bleeding!  Why would you do that!?

SuBin is so cute!  She tried to wink but it didn’t work very well…

JiYul, I love you.  You’re so pretty and that hat is so cute on you.

I think it is GaEun’s hair but she just looks bitchy in this MV.  Fierce and bitchy, like, watch your back or she’ll put knives in it.

The fake mirrors are too much.  They’re cute, but too much.

They look like Peeps in those yellow dresses.

Hopefully you know this is the Peep and not Dal Shabet

Are Dal Shabet Supa Dupa Divas?

Dal Shabet is Bling Bling

Can I be completely honest; I hated Dal Shabet until “Hit U” so I really don’t like this song.  I’ll try to be nice but I can’t promise that this review will be very long.

First impression, why does it sound like Ghost Busters?  Seriously, go find your old Ghost Busters movie or your old Halloween CD and listen to the song, they sound alike!

Who you gonna call?

The lyrics are a little insane, like many lyrics are, but my best guess is they’re saying that they’re pretty and hot.

More look alikes.  In “Hit U” Serri looked like Wonder Girls’ SunYe, now she looks like SNSD’s Jessica.


They are wearing entirely TOO MUCH eye makeup.  They look like ghosts.  Maybe there is a reason this song sounds like Ghost Busters.

THOSE PANTS HURT!!!! Enough said.

Welcome to the crazy crown set.  I’m waiting for an “Off with his head!”

I found out something in this song.  I said I was annoyed with this song and that was because the same people kept singing the same parts, but then I realized that the guy bands do the same thing…. Mind blown… But guy bands have more yummy eye candy for me to stare at!!!

How Bling Bling is Dal Shabet?

Dal Shabet will Hit U

I don’t actually watch many girl group music videos and I never really liked Dal Shabet but I can honestly say these girls did a great job!  I love “Hit U.”  The lyrics are about how a boyfriend broke up with them and wants them back now.  But these girls want revenge for how bad he hurt them and they want to show him what he’ll be missing for the rest of his life.  As for the MV plot, she gets revenge by killing the guy.

Firstly, Serri looks a lot like SunYe from Wonder Girls.  They’re both beautiful, so that’s a compliment.



Secondly, SuBin looks like Sulli from f(x).  They’re both adorable, plus SuBin has a very strong voice, I was very impressed.



JiYul kicks ass in this MV.  First off, she’s beautiful and plays the lead role well, second, that smirk is so worth it.  I love it when girls can smirk.  No ovary explosion, but that keeps with the woman code.  Thank you for a smirk that satisfies my soul.

JiYul is beautiful

Smirk on my friend!

We get some lip service from GaEun.  I know she doesn’t actually touch her lips but it’s close enough the be sexy.

Lastly, WTF is with the pink blood!  It looks so fake I had to stop from laughing.  Still a great MV though, pink blood and all.

All the blood I've ever seen was red, not pink.

Did Dal Shabet’s song Hit U?