Ailee Wants to Send You to Heaven

Ailee is here and she is stunningly beautiful and immensely talented.   “Heaven” is an amazing song that showcases Ailee’s wonderful talents.

I can’t really say much for the MV because it’s all plot.  Basically, we open up with Ailee spending all this time with her boyfriend.

Then we find out that she already has a boyfriend, who happens to be B2ST’s KiKwang.

Put your lips together like this, and kiss

So who is this guy?  Well, he seems to really approve of KiKwang.

Turns out he was the boyfriend and now he’s dead.  He’s a ghost.  So everything they were doing together at the beginning of the MV, she didn’t even know he was there, that’s why they weren’t really interacting.  I cried so hard during this MV.  It was so sad it killed me.

Does Ailee’s voice send you to Heaven?

Hands Up for 2PM!!!

2PM is back with “Hands Up” and this song will get stuck into your head.  Kills me every time.  The song is a get hyped song and it’s just an all around fun song.  Let me start with guyliner, because Junsu wears it well.

I love the introductions.  Nichkhun it looking great after playing golf.  Korean men are hot when they’re all done up in makeup, but they’re also hot when they’re all natural.  Nichkhun and JunHo are looking fantastic.

That horse mask is just hilarious.  I don’t even know who’s wearing it, but it’s just funny.

I think I’m beginning to understand why people call Chansung, Chansunf.  Because you see him and then you just have to say “unf.”

This MV is like an appreciation of Nichkhun and Taecyeon’s arms, and I will oblige by appreciating.  Taecyeon’s arms make me go weak in the knees, and I’m sitting, that shouldn’t even matter.


Unf unf unf

Last would have to be Taecyeon’s lip wipe.  That man is undoubtedly my 2PM bias.  Thank you for the lip wipe, my ovaries are grateful.

As for the dance, the chorus is the easiest.  Just take your hand, open your palm and pretend like you’re bouncing a basketball; over exaggerate the movements.  The gif is here.

The dance I love in the MV is WooYoung leading the sexy wave thing.  It’s hot, and WooYoung definitely knows how to move his body.  Happy dancing!

Did 2PM make you put your Hands Up?

2PM and the Terminator, I’ll Be Back

“I’ll Be Back” is here and 2PM is as fierce as ever.  I love the pounds of guyliner and eyeshadow these guys wear.  Okay, well I love it sometimes, other times it’s just overkill.  Taecyeon and Junsu are proof of that, then again, it suits Junsu much better than Taecyeon.

Though I may not approve of the eye shadow, I am in love with Junsu’s neck; it is sinfully gorgeous.  Even though his neck is gorgeous I was wondering how annoying that thing on his face is.  I would tear it off; it looks so annoying.



I love the Chansunf, I mean Chansung, skin.  I’m pretty sure that this man has bigger boobs than me.  He needs a bra.

Can you say moobs?

Then we have the stunningly beautiful Nichkhun.  His hair, his face~  I am so in love with this man right now.

This song also has a running dance to it (also a kicking dance), nothing a car dancer could really do, but here are some fun gifs.  My favorite dance in this song is the one they do when Chansung’s singing.  For car dancers, just put your thumb up in the air when they start singing the chorus.  Happy dancing!

Will you Be Back for 2PM?

Can you feel 2PM’s Heartbeat?

2PM and “Heartbeat” equals me very happy.

Fuzzy picture, yes.  Sexy Junsu, hell yes.  Fap worthy, damn straight, but alas, all I have are ovaries.

Monytail time.  Nichkhun, JunHo and Taecyeon all sport monytails for this MV, and that’s just hot.  For those of you who don’t know what a monytail is; man + ponytail = monytail.

As I’ve mentioned before, Taecyeon is my 2PM bias and he just looks sexy as fuck with that monytail and in that black shirt.  Mm mm mm, yum.  I just love his intense look.

Car dancers, you guys probably want to do the chorus dance. Put your right fist over your heart, bump your chest, then put your hand down by your side.  Next, put your left hand over your chest and bump your chest a few times.  Watch the gif and happy dancing.

They do have a dance segment at the end of the MV, there is some cool running dance and then they do a cheerleading pyramid thing.  Anyway, check out the gifs.

Does your Heart beat for 2PM?

2PM is at it Again & Again

2PM is back with “Again & Again” and this is their staple song.  If you are thinking about old 2PM, you’re probably thinking of this song.  Basically the plot of this MV is these guys singing to this girl who doesn’t seem to give a damn about them.  Rude.

Though the screen caps are a little fuzzy, I am enjoying JunHo and JaeBum’s arms.  Why are their arms so gorgeous?  I don’t know what to do!!! Can’t contain feels~

Everyone is just using their own abilities to stalk, and no one is very good.  Junsu on the stairs, Jaebum at the door, Nichkhun and Chansung staring through the glass, all of them are horrible stalkers.

Yet somehow she’s oblivious

Taecyeon is by far the worst.  He’s laying on her legs, I’m pretty sure she’d notice that.

As for the dance, the easiest one is the main dance.  Just ball your hands into fists and push them forward at head level one at a time (if that doesn’t make sense, watch the gif).  Happy dancing!

Have you listened to this 2PM song Again & Again?

F.Cuz is determined to be the No. 1!

I’m so excited that F.Cuz is back again this time with “No. 1.”  I was worried because they were in Japan for so long but they’re back now with a change in the member line up.  First off they lost LeeU and added two new members, RaeHyun and DaeGun.



Tightly clad thighs = me doing my happy dance.

I am in love with glowy suits.  They are totally boss.

I love this BAMF girl, she goes in and saves all the guys from being beat up.  The best part of this MV by far is the chains and ropes.  Hot Korean men in chains, what more could I ask for?

RaeHyun is just dumb.  He’s holding himself in that shackle.  He could easily get out but stays put.

YeJun is looking mighty fine as a blond.  He seems to like being blond and I like him that way too!

DaeGun is new but worked his way up my bias list right quck.  He’s so pretty and hot!!!

Last but certainly not least: Kan.  This man is a dark angel in chains.  He’s just so friggin’ hot!!!

Kan is a bastard.  That lip wipe blows up my ovaries in a way that I have not felt in a while.  Thank you, Kan, I needed that.

As for the dance there are two that come to mind.  One is great for car dancers.  Fold your arms over your chest and turn your head to the right, back to center then to the left and back to center.  It’s really fun to do!  The other one I just noticed, so watch the gif and happy dancing!

Is F.Cuz your No. 1?

F.Cuz has brought out the Midnight Sun

F.Cuz is back and they are awesome as usual!  “Midnight Sun” is a great song that splices a ballad and an upbeat song.  Let’s start with the Jinon’s abs, me gusta, and Kan’s sinfully delicious happy trail.

Happy happy trail trail!!!!

YeJun really stuck out in this MV.  Other than being my second bias, he just looks friggin’ hot!  His hair looks recently sexed and his thighs are gorgeous in those pants.  I am so happy he’s legal.


Last thing about YeJun, I promise.  I would kill myself if my hair was like that.  It’s cut so it’s right at his eyeline, my hair would be poking my eyes out.  There us no way I could have that haircut.

A few comments on LeeU, one, he looks like lizard when he grits his teeth and two, leopard print, really?  No please.  No leopard print.  I have to make myself like it on a girl, I don’t think I can forgive it on a guy.

Kan!  That man needs to be inside me now.  Sorry, let me tone that down, Kan is really hot and he makes my ovaries explode… often.

Unf unf unf

The dance is really easy.  When the chorus starts just extend your arms one after the other, the gif shows it.  Happy dancing!

Did you see the Midnight Sun with F.Cuz?